Daily Motivator for March 11th – Live your life

Live your life

Actual problems are problem enough. Don’t let yourself be stopped by the mere  possibility of problems.

Go ahead and live your life in the way you choose. Though the challenges and  setbacks will come along, you have what it takes to deal with them as they  appear.

Instead of being intimidated by what might go wrong, let yourself be inspired  by all that can go right. Make the choice to live the best life you can imagine,  and make the commitment to put forth whatever effort is required for that.

Let the resistance you encounter serve as confirmation that you’re moving  forward. Let the problems keep you motivated to fulfill your most treasured  dreams.

Live your life, today, right now, with the passion, attention and love it  deserves. Embrace the abundance and add your own special meaning to it all.

Remind yourself of what a truly great opportunity you have with the dawning  of every single day. You have the miraculous gift of life, with its limitless  possibilities, so live it with purpose, courage, richness and joy.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator