Goofer Dust

Goofer Dust

Goofer is a Kikongo word (kufwa) that means ‘to die’ or ‘to kill’ – this stuff ain’t for the faint hearted. Goofer dust is used to cause harm and illness, but can also be used to create domination over a loved one. Be under no illusions, as far as I am aware goofer dust is only ever used to cause harm.

Some of the ingredients you can use in goofer dust are graveyard dirt, dried ground snakeskin, sulphur, salt, ash, ground bones, powdered insects, herbs (mullein works well), spices, black or red pepper, magnetic sand and dried manure.

Goofer dust is used in much the same way as hot foot powder; it is foot track magick. Sprinkle the powder in the path of an enemy. The goofer dus is then taken up through their feet to do its work. Again, as with all powders, it can also be utilized by sprinkling on the victim’s clothing or bedding or added to a mojo bag or bottle and burried on their property.

Laying a trick with this powder is referred to as having ‘goofered’ someone i.e. cursed.

Using goofer dust in a love spell will cause the intended people pain and suffering in order to force them to submit to the will of the person laying the trick on them. This interferes with the free will of any person.

To counteract or reverse a goofering you can use spiritual washes, candle spells and uncrossing rituals.

Witch To Witch – Goofer Dust Questions?


We have had a few questions in regards to Goofer Dust. Mainly, how do you make it and then what do you use it for.  I have attempted to answer some of these concerns below. If you have any further question, drop us a note.

Goofer Dust

Traditionally this powder is put wherever the person has to walk through it. It causes extreme discomfort and is used to drive people away. So, if you want to get your spouse out of the house, put Goofer Dust where he or she must walk through it. So you don’t get into the stuff yourself, carefully sprinkle a small amount in and around his or her shoes. Sprinkle a little under his or her pillow.

This powder can be used in other spells to rid yourself of any unwanted person. An alternative to using it the traditional way is to place some Goofer Dust in a box. Then, place a picture of your victim alone in the box and bury it.

Goofer Dust recipes vary. Here is one of my favorite:

Goofer Dust Recipe

1 part Graveyard dust (taken from the grave of a murderer at midnight)

1 part Sulphur

1 part Ashes from a fire

1 part powdered Bones (Bone Meal)

1 part powdered Snake Skin

1 part Iron filings

In short the ingredients are thing designed to poison and kill the victim by means of magick. When it is blessed and carried in a bag with you, it becomes a protective agent.

Goofer Dust Spell


Take the graveyard dirt and mix with a little mullein, patchouli and a touch of brimspell (sulfur).
This powder will burn. Shape into a human figure and ignite. As it burns it is supposed to hex
whoever the figure represented with the result that the individual allegedly became ill.
Another common usage is to sprinkle it on the doorstep of the one to be conjured, or to
place some in a bag that is hidden on the intended victim’s property or hidden in the dwelling.