Spell -Enabler Chant: Good Luck and Prosperity Cinnamon Spell

Why this Spell Works

Wood is an insulator of bad fortune and is naturally charged with the constructive and positive vibrations of trees.

Cinnamon is a purifier used to clean the home and body from bad luck. Burning cinnamon sends subtle messages that invite friendly spiritual beings.

Enabler Chant: Good Luck & Prosperity Cinnamon Spell

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Easy Wiccan Good Luck chant and spell using just a cinnamon incense stick and your voice. Attract luck and prosperity to your home and yourself with some real Magic!


Cinnamon incense

Wooden incense holder


Place the cinnamon incense stick on the wooden incense holder and light it.

Say the following chant as many times as you want:Good Luck Prosperity Chant Spell

Let the smoke that comes from the cinnamon fill every corner of your house as you visualize its purifying properties cleansing and warding off bad luck.

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