Spells with Sun Water: Solar Magick and Sun Energy

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As the sun rises each morning, it offers us a newfound sense of hope that carries us through our day. But what if we could capture the energy and vibrancy of the sun every single minute? What if there were a way to access its healing properties wherever life takes us? That’s where sun water comes into play!

Solar Water

Solar magick harnesses the power of the sun to bring about positive change in one’s life. This could involve anything from casting spells to meditating in the rays of the sun and focusing on your desired outcome. Whether asking for protection or blessings, developing confidence, or encouraging growth, solar magick can bring peace and harmony into your life. Creating solar water is an easy way to incorporate sun magick into your craft.

What Is Sun Water?

Solar water is precisely what you’d expect: water that harnesses the energy and power of the sun! Solar water can then be used in other spells, workings, and magickal practices.

How To Make Solar Water

Much like moon water, solar water can be easily created by leaving a clear glass jar or container of water out in the sunlight in order to infuse the water with the Sun’s properties. You can use spring, bottled, or tap water – any kind will do! Just make sure the water is safe to drink if you intend on doing so.

Once you have collected the water, you can add herbs, oils, or other ingredients that are associated with your intention. For example, if you are doing a spell for prosperity, you might add some money-drawing herbs such as basil or mint.

After you have added your ingredients, you will need to charge the water. This can be done by simply speaking your intention over the water, or by using a charged crystal such as amethyst or citrine.

When To Collect Sun Water

What time of day is best for creating solar water? Well, that depends on your intention! The Sun goes through several phases throughout the day, and each of these phases brings a very different energy to your magickal workings.


This water is best utilized for new beginnings, manifestation, and drawing in blessings such as wealth, abundance, and fertility.


This water is often used to bring good health and vitality, physical prowess, courage, and wisdom. The Sun’s energy is at its peak during this time, making it perfect for charging crystals or other magick implements.


This water is used for releasing unwanted energies, letting go, or revealing truths. Appropriate for shadow work and banishing negativity.

Your sun water can be further customized by working with the sign that the sun is currently in to help you focus your intention. At the time of writing this, the sun is in Aquarius, blessing us with joy, creativity, and a strong spirit of individuality. Next, we’ll explore how to incorporate the aspects of the Sun into your practice.

Uses For Sun Water

Now that you have your Sun water created and charged, it’s time to use it! Here are a few different ideas for you to get started with.

Use the water in your spell or ritual.

Once the water is charged, you can use it in your spell or ritual in any way that you see fit. This may include spell jars, adding it to bath rituals, or for any situation in which you may resort to using water in your practice.

Use solar water for cleansing or blessing.

If you work with a god, goddess, or spirit of the sun, you can also have your deity bless your solar water. This water can then be used to cleanse your tools or space, adding it to baths or floor washes. Use it to wash your hands before working magick.

Water your plants with solar water!

If you work with plants in your practice, use your solar water to show a little extra love to your garden or houseplant collection! Does solar water seem to have a positive influence on your plants over time?

Add sun water to your beverages and recipes.

As a solar witch, you may enjoy using your water to make sun tea! You can infuse your tea with honey or herbs that correspond with your intention for the day.

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Tips For Creating Solar Water

Be sure to collect your sun water before the moon rises, as this may cancel out the gathered energy depending on your beliefs.

You can further enhance the energetic effects by creating solar water at the time of a special event like a solar eclipse or the Summer solstice.

Don’t use water in spell jars with ingredients that may mold over time, as this will spoil your jar and potentially ruin your spell.

If you intend on drinking your water, make sure it’s safe by boiling it first or charging already drinkable water!