(Spell for Today) Wiccan Love Spells to Find a Lover c. 2011

Wiccan Love Spells to Find a Lover

Find Love and Happiness with Wicca

Joanne E. Brannan

Magic spells to attract true love. Seek a soul mate for romance and passion with Wicca.

Wiccans believe that a clear request to the universe for a new lover can set in motion countless events and blessings that may result in true love. Use these spells to clear the path to find the perfect partner.

A Rose Scented Magic Spell for Love

Roses have long been associated with the wonder and excitement of new love. Use rose water, incense and fresh flowers to attract love.

  • Take a relaxing bath, dry off with a fluffy soft towel and apply rose water generously to the skin.
  • Place fresh red roses on the Wiccan Altar in a beautiful vase.
  • Burn Wiccan incense containing rose petals, or burn rose-scented joss sticks
  • Light a single red candle on the Wiccan Altar.
  • Enjoy the warm rose fragrance, and visualize the happiness of sharing life with a true soul mate.
  • Express, out loud, a heartfelt wish to be with a caring lover in words that feel natural and sincere.
  • Visualize this request being carried upwards into the air by the smoke of the incense and the heat of the candle flame.

Enjoy the warm assurance that the longed for lover is waiting for the right moment to be together.

Love Magic Spell with Spices, Blossoms and Berries

Certain spices, blossoms and berries all have powerful magical properties that may be harnessed to create magical intent in spells. For best effect perform this spell to attract new love on the night of a full moon:

  • Decorate the Wiccan Altar with apple blossom in spring, pink flowered geraniums in summer, lavender in the fall or mistletoe in the winter.
  • Burn loose incense containing the warm-scented spices cinnamon and cloves, or burn quality spice-scented joss sticks.
  • Light a single silver colored candle in honor of the moon.
  • Cup a small magnet in both hands, caring for it as if it were the seed of a new love. Visualize all sincere desire for a loving relationship being concentrated in that little magnet; it shall be the safe keeper of these wishes.
  • Place the magnet on the Wiccan Altar, and sit in meditation for a few minutes as the incense and candle burn.

The effects of these spells may be very swift, or if more appropriate for the well-being of all concerned, they may take a little longer. If no results have manifested after a month, repeat the spell of choice, performing it with as much trust and sincerity as the first time.

Be sure to extinguish all candles and incense safely before leaving them.