Daily Planet Tracker for Dec. 7: Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio: Intense, Passionate, Committed

Now – January 7, 2019

The black widow. The mistress. Skeletons in your romantic closet. Secretive about money and love. A sexy, magnetic, deliciously irresistible intimate encounter. A healing and transforming bonding experience. Venus in Scorpio has the power to elicit all of this … and more.

Astrology considers Scorpio to be a tough placement for beautiful and sweet Venus. Scorpio isn’t concerned with superficiality, and prefers chasing after a transcendental kind of love. The Scorpion likes to get below the surface to examine issues of power, fear, sex, and desire. When Venus is in Scorpio, Venus trades in social niceties for digging deeply and sparking needed change.

When Venus is in Scorpio

Venus is about relationships, and is sociable, friendly, and affectionate. Scorpio is about passion, and likes to dive headfirst into love. This means we’ll crave meaningful and intense experiences when Venus is in Scorpio. Depth and intimacy become more important, urging us to trade in frivolous flings for long-lasting romance. Love can border on obsessive when Venus is in this sign, compelling us to go all-in when it comes to matters of the heart.

Venus in Scorpio is a time when we’ll want to shine a light on the shadows of our relationships. Those nagging thoughts that we’ve been pushing aside to make peace? Well, they become impossible to ignore when Venus and Scorpio get together. It’s a time to go beneath the surface, find the truth, and hold it up to the light of day. We’ll try to figure out what we can do to make it work — or if it’s time to let go. This transit gives our relationships a major reality check, whether we want one or not!

Venus in Scorpio can also bring power struggles and money concerns out into the open. Subtle issues become more obvious than they were before. How money is spent becomes a focus in partnerships where financial resources are shared. This could also be a time when we have a stronger interest in making financial investments or decisions about loans, insurance, or other areas of our lives having to do with money.

Yes, Venus in Scorpio can be pretty heavy, but it can also be truly amazing. All of this intensity leads to a stronger bond, so if you’re up for the challenge both emotionally and physically, this could end up being a transformative and sexy time that ends up bringing you and your partner much closer together.


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Your Karmic Number of the Day for Dec. 7 is 22

Your Karmic Number of the Day for Dec. 7 is 22

You were caught doing or saying something you weren’t supposed to. It is now coming back to haunt you. The number 22 highlights consideration and selflessness, but you have been working against this energy. You seem to have something to say about everything and everyone, but are not thinking enough about the consequences. You are only thinking of yourself because others have hurt you. This may be a time to start singing – literally. There are sad songs articulating your feelings. Let them be your therapy. Once you start getting tired of those songs – and you will – start singing songs that celebrate life.

Your Daily Tarot Cards, Runes & Ogham Reading for December 7th

The Daily Tarot Card for December 7 is The Empress

The Empress

Keywords: ideas, creative impulses, intellect!

Astrological Correspondence: Venus

The Empress signifies the queen of life, the ideal woman, the archetypal mother. She represents the matriarchal goddess, being part of nature, fertility, sexuality, and the generative forces. As the life-giving mother she is connected to the Earth and the natural rhythms, the appreciation of the senses. As a card of good fortune she signifies that if we are gentle and caring, as well as patient, we can bring anything to fruition; we have to be able to wait until the time is right for action so that we can reap the rewards; as a result, hard work pays off and relationships become satisfying. The Empress can, in negative situations, also depict vanity, undeveloped creativity, stagnation, and apathy.


The Daily Tarot Love Card for December 7 is Justice


If single, you attract attention today. Be social when you and others are so relaxed. Today scores of people amuse and interest you. You link up with people who need to be in your life. Be aware that they may not be your soul mates, but they know them or know someone who knows them. You expand the boundaries of love in your Significant other union when you clear up emotional debris.






Your Daily Erotic Tarot Card for December 7 is Temperance


The Temperance card represents erotic fairness and compromise, and perhaps even the necessity to calm passions in order to build up another part of your relationship. Have you been concentrating so much on the physical aspect of love that you’ve forgotten to nurture the mental, emotional, or spiritual side of things? Put a temporary hold on sex so that you can explore other aspects of a partnership. When the moratorium is over, prepare for some mind-blowing passion that will help make up for lost time!






Your Weekend Influences for Dec. 7th


Tarot Influence:

Five of Wands

There may be obstacles on your path. Courage will be required to overcome them.










Astrological Influence


Creativity and a love of home are the key elements of Cancer.










Element Influence


Air denotes freedom and the ability to transcend the mundane. You may be, or may soon experience a spiritual or secular.










Your Daily Rune for Friday, December 7



“Log-uhz” – Literally: “Water” or Ocean – Esoteric: Unconscious, Collective Memory

Rune of the unconscious context of becoming or the evolutionary process. Rune of Life’s longing for itself.

Psi: emotion, psychic powers, unconscious mental processes, love, dreaming

Energy: life energy, ocean spirit, origins of life, collective unconscious, the astral plane, love as unity, evolution

Mundane: water, imagination, occultism, dreams

Divinations: Life, passing a test, sea of vitality and of the unconscious growth, memory, dreams; or fear, circular motion, avoidance, withering, depression, manipulations, emotional blackmail, lack of moral fiber, fantasy, poison, toxicity


Transpersonal powers
Mastery of emotion in order to shape wyrd
Guidance through difficult initiatory tests, ie. initiation into life
Increase in vitality and life force
Communication between your conscious mind to another’s unconscious mind
Development of ‘second sight’ or prophetic wisdom
All powers of dreaming (lucid dreams, astral projection)


Daily Witches Runes for December 7th is The Rings


The Rings

Keywords: Love, relationships.

Meanings: The Rings is the rune of love and when it is the leading stone, it is a positive answer to your question. It is very much a rune of relationship and can indicate engagement, marriage or a new/renewed relationship. It can also indicate the need for a fresh approach to an existing relationship.


Your Ogham Reading for December 7 is Ura-Heather


The beauty of heather flowers is one reason it is associated with the Irish Goddess of love, fertility, and new growth. Be happy when you draw this letter because it denotes love, companionship, and passion. Whether it will be a new love or an old love rekindled, Ura is a powerful symbol and one that may bring great luck in your love life.

Fortune – This Ogham deals in matters of Love. Whether it is new love or rekindling of old love, enjoy the peace and love that comes with Ura!

“Walk barefoot, listen to the wind, drink in the moon…. BE MAGICK”









Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, December 8

Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, December 8

by Jennifer Angel –  What will 2019 bring for you? Book a year ahead psychic astrology reading with Jennifer

Moon enters Capricorn, and encourages you to get a grip on your emotional baggage.


AriesMARCH 21-APRIL 19
The Moon and Pluto are both in your career zone, and the combined energy can give you clear insight as to what you need to do to move forward at work. Armed with a new awareness and certainty, there will be no stopping you, and perfect energy to get ready for the New Year.

TaurusAPRIL 20-MAY 20
You’re stressed when you don’t meet your deadlines, but maybe you’re just trying to do too much. Face the fact that some things can’t be finished in the allotted time. Being dependable, you keep plugging away, but it’s important to make time to enjoy life!

GeminiMAY 21-JUNE 20
If a past hurt comes up for discussion this weekend, don’t ignore it, or pretend it didn’t happen. You can’t change what happened, but you can change your feelings about it. There are many good things happening in your life now so, you have plenty of positivity to focus on.

CancerJUNE 21-JULY 22
This weekend, astral interactions between the Moon and Pluto in your love zone can provide you with a few realizations as to how you really feel. Be prepared to change your mind on a certain matter, situation or person. And keep your schedule flexible.

LeoJULY 23-AUG. 22
Discussing work with a colleague can be somewhat enlightening, but with the Moon connecting with Pluto, there is an indication that not all details may yet be available. To get the right answers, ask specific questions of those who know.

VirgoAUG. 23-SEPT. 22
It’s quite normal not to want to profess your love until you’re sure it’ll be reciprocated but someone has to make the first move. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a risk and showing your vulnerability; it can be better than sitting on the sidelines.

LibraSEPT. 23-OCT. 22
Love is not the only thing that makes the world go ’round, money also does and, as you’re ruled by Venus, both are important to you. Venus in your solar second house can present monetary opportunities, but she is the temptress so don’t spend the check before its banked.

ScorpioOCT. 23-NOV. 21
The Moon and Pluto connect and can make you feel uneasy but not know why. Being busy all the time, your mind is always on the go and you have no time to think. Once you allow time to contemplate life, you can get to the bottom on an uneasy feeling and come up with a plan of action.

SagittariusNOV. 22-DEC. 21
When you need financial advice, make sure you get it from an expert. Asking family, even though they mean well, could steer you in the wrong direction. As the Moon and Pluto connect in your money zone, your instincts are strong now, pay attention to them.

CapricornDEC. 22-JAN. 19
If you feel you’re not moving forward fast enough, with the Moon and Pluto connecting in your sign, you can get in touch with how you feel and gain some perspective. If you are disappointed with the progress you’ve made this year, it shows that you have big dreams. Stay the course.

AquariusJAN. 20-FEB. 18
A connection between the Moon and Pluto can have your mind working overtime to sort out how you feel about a friend’s actions. But don’t go into hibernation for too long; there are people in your life that may feel you are shutting them out.

PiscesFEB. 19-MARCH 20
Do not wait too long for the perfect moment to tell someone special how you feel; it may never come. Sometimes you have to choose your own time and place, or you’ll miss the chance to say what you want, and then live with the regrets.


—Jennifer Angel

Best and Worst Drivers of the Zodiac

Best and Worst Drivers of the Zodiac

Reveal what happens behind the wheel

Have you ever wondered if your horoscope sign has anything to do with your driving skills? We got the scoop on the best and worst drivers by zodiac sign, as detailed in this article by San Diego astrologer Nancy R. Fenn. Fenn details a study done by Suncorp Metway, Ltd., a financial service based in Australia, which ranked car accident claimants by their horoscope sign in a study of 160,000 accident claims over a three-year period.

Here are the best and worst drivers according to the Suncorp study…



Due to their general restlessness and tendency to become easily bored in slow-paced environments, the number one worst drivers were Geminis, who were involved in more car accidents than any other.


Taurus and Pisces

Second and third place holders for this questionable honor are Taurus and Pisces. Taureans nab the second-place slot due to their tendency to think only about their own immediate needs. When it comes to the fast-paced flow of traffic, Taureans often cannot look far enough past themselves to adapt smoothly and safely to the ever-changing environment around them. And with Pisceans lost in the recesses of their minds, detached from the surrounding world, their reactions to quick and dangerous situations can be slow and irrational.



Capricorns, on the other hand, rank as the best drivers of the zodiac. Patient, responsible and sensible is the Mountain Goat’s way — never known as one to take risks, Capricorns stick to the rules of safety and consideration on their mission from point A to point B.

And so we come to the vast middle ground of this survey. With Gemini ranking as the worst driver on the list, Taurus at 2, Pisces at 3 and Capricorn reigning over all others as the best driver of the zodiac, the remaining Sun signs fall in this order: 4) Virgo 5) Cancer 6) Aquarius 7) Aries 8) Leo 9) Libra 10) Sagittarius 11) Scorpio.


Sagittarians may play it safe behind the wheel thanks to their superbly developed minds, or, intuition. A highly developed sense of flow and timing allows Sagittarius to smoothly deal with traffic patterns and spatial relations. And Scorpios — intimately involved with the inner lives of others and highly sensitive to changing energies — in many ways can see right through the rest of us. This sense of foresight and instinct is exactly what is needed to let a drunk driver simply pass on by, or to steer clear of that soccer mom wrangling a brood of children in the back seat while balancing four coffees in her lap and maintaining a phone conversation with her best friend, all at once.

No matter your Sun sign (even the most responsible Capricorns), we’d all be wise to become more aware of our driving patterns and realize that we’re not alone out there. While this survey offers entertaining answers to the age-old question of who makes the best driver, the root of the discussion is quite a serious matter: when we are responsible for the lives and the safety of ourselves, our passengers and the lives and families of every other individual on the road, it’s time to put down the phone, wake up and focus on our responsibilities behind the wheel!

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Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, December 7

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, December 7

by Jennifer Angel – What will 2019 bring for you? Book a year ahead psychic astrology reading with Jennifer

Mercury out of retrograde – a chance to see things more clearly. 


AriesMARCH 21-APRIL 19
At times, it can be difficult to keep everything in your life in control and, sometimes, you just have to let go of some things, people and situations in order to focus on what is really important. If you need to discuss a monetary matter with someone, make sure you have their full attention.

TaurusAPRIL 20-MAY 20
With Mercury coming out of retrograde, the energy can help you get involved in situations that allow you to help others. When you openly reach out to those who are less fortunate it not only helps them but also gives you a sense of purpose.

GeminiMAY 21-JUNE 20
To gain success, solo time is crucial to formulate a concept, but teamwork will bring it together. Plan and research first and then share with like-minded people. With new Moon energy opposite your sign, realizing your work and love goals, could be closer than you think.

CancerJUNE 21-JULY 22
New Moon energy can send a lucky break for work your way, but don’t expect someone to just offer it to you gift-wrapped. When there is an opportunity that has your name on it, it’s up to you to step up and take charge; otherwise, it can quickly pass you by.

LeoJULY 23-AUG. 22
Everyone has competitors; it’s what keeps you on your toes. You are good at what you do, Leo, but with the energy of the new Moon, teamwork is better than working alone. And Venus focuses your attention on family, so as usual life is about balance.

VirgoAUG. 23-SEPT. 22
With action planet Mars in your opposite sign, you are likely to be more hectic than usual, but it is important that you follow through on opportunities, especially those that can provide a good income. You may be inspired to put in extra hours, but try not to neglect loved ones.

LibraSEPT. 23-OCT. 22
Sometimes, you can expect way too much of yourself and believe you can accomplish the impossible in the given time frame. As much as you’d like to think you’re a super hero with unworldly powers, you can only squeeze a certain number of tasks into every day.

ScorpioOCT. 23-NOV. 21
You are not afraid of a challenge in life, Scorpio, and if you want something badly enough, you will go after it. Venus in your sign and new Moon close, the energy focuses your attention on money-making ideas.

SagittariusNOV. 22-DEC. 21
New Moon energy in your sign makes this a perfect time to get your goals in order. Once you sift through and consider the different options life invariable has to offer, you can get some firm plans in place. But in the meantime, be sure to put some of your attention on family affairs.

CapricornDEC. 22-JAN. 19
When you are dealing with business, don’t even think about agreeing to an arrangement that does not look after all parties, especially with money. Your contacts and friends of friends can come through for you now, on a business level particularly, so keep the communication channels open.

AquariusJAN. 20-FEB. 18
Associates come and go throughout life, but good friends can stay forever. It’s the true friends you have who can make all the difference to your very existence. And with the energy of the new Moon in the friends and social area of your star-chart, you could increase your circle of nearest and dearest.

PiscesFEB. 19-MARCH 20
This is a perfect time to get your thoughts in order so as to figure out what you want to achieve over the next year. With the combined influence of the new Moon and Mercury coming out of retrograde, you can rewrite your script for life. You are the director of your own life and can walk any path your heart desires.

Your Love Horoscopes for Dec. 7 – Dec. 8

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 7th of December 2018

A loved one or someone close might not be getting the memo or taking your hint in some way. This could cause you to wonder what else you should do to make yourself clear. Your best bet at this time involves refraining from pushing for anything new to be tried or explored and choose instead to see what healing or small improvements a bit of time can bring. You and someone close could still be reeling from a tense or unpleasant development. Be there for each other.

Pisces tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

Romantic distractions might be rife, but you’re right to believe something exciting is on offer if you follow one or two to see where they lead you. This is a time to indulge your passionate reverie and move away from strict or tired routines. You have a chance to bring a bit more romance to your world, as long as you remember that your emotional world shouldn’t be given attention when you can fit it into your schedule.


Capricorn today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

You might feel you couldn’t be more consistent or straightforward with how you’re projecting or conveying yourself to someone close, but they could draw your attention to mixed or confusing signals you’re sending. To be fair, your moods and attention levels could fluctuate at this time, and you might not feel it’s necessary to keep a loved one in the loop every minute of the day about what you think, feel or are doing. If you’re told you’re a bit erratic, then don’t take it to heart.

Capricorn tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

If you’re single and curious about someone’s romantic potential or if a real, long-term love connection might be possible, then this could be a time when you take overdue action. One small but confident step could open the door to a wonderful adventure. Be guided by your curiosity. It’s by wondering what might be possible in your emotional world and taking calculated action that you’re about to find out!

Sagittarius today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

Feeling a noticeable sense of ease and comfort in your emotional world or within a love relationship can help bring your focus back to enhancing and strengthening a special bond instead of keeping on top of any tension or uncertainty. If you’re attached, then others could see you and someone close as an inseparable team, so be willing to seize social opportunities coming your way together.

Sagittarius tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

Romance could take on a much more lighthearted and playful vibe at this time. Being upfront about your frivolous intentions will help a loved one or potential partner respond to your emotionally vivacious energy positively instead of being overwhelmed by it. Your emotional world or one special connection will undoubtedly benefit from your unique brand of frivolity now.

Scorpio today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

Your ability to apply your innate intuition is legendary, and you can connect with those you’re closest to or anticipate their thoughts or actions with remarkable ease now. Try to apply your intuitive talents to sweeten someone’s world. You could offer a solution to a loved one’s problem or dilemma by putting yourself in their shoes briefly and seeing what they see or feel what they feel. You could also be surprised at what you discover by doing so, too.

Scorpio tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

Rules and promises were made to be broken and so too are strict schedules and agendas. Be willing to alter your tightly structured day if necessary because the potential for enjoyable romantic reverie with someone special could be on offer. Don’t nurture feelings of guilt for indulging in spontaneous sexiness. If it has been some time since your spontaneous side guided you, then now’s a perfect time to let it loose.

Libra today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

There appears to be plenty of comradery and cooperation on offer to you and teaming up with a loved one or potential partner could provide a perfect chance for a bond to strengthen or deepen. You and a special person will enjoy being part of a collaborative effort or feeling as if you have important roles to play and contributions to make. It might not be only your lives than the two of you can make a significant difference to.

Libra tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

You can take comfort from the fact that romantic or relationship progress is clearly visible, even if you’re dealing with a challenging love life situation currently. Your innate ability to remain positive and patient will pay off, especially if both help you to understand your feelings and certain thoughts now. A new wave of confidence will permeate your romantic world once you connect with what you know you want and need. You’re evolving and are right to expect your emotional world to do similarly.

Virgo today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

What might seem a straightforward, humdrum way of doing something to you could make you very appealing in a certain person’s eyes. The way you make something appear easy or your knowledge of a particular topic could bring you closer. Although they might be genuinely keen for you to share your knowledge or expertise, it’s probably you they’re more interested in. A meeting of hearts starts with a meeting of minds.

Virgo tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

Allow your imagination to help you ponder matters of love and romance. It could reveal that certain romantic aspirations aren’t as important as they were in the past. However, you can continue to lay the foundations for how you want your emotional world or one special connection to be, even in the light of changing current circumstances. Remaining stuck where you are is an option, but you’ll do yourself a disservice if you don’t accept the changes manifesting in your love life now.

Leo today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

Come on, Leo! Do you know of anyone able to bring more imagination and creativity to their love life than you? This is a time to connect with your deeply romantic side. A loved one or potential partner could be surprised at and delighted by your ability to express romantic ideas, thoughts or plans in ways that truly touch their heart. It’s the way you make someone close smile or, better still, laugh by applying your unique brand of imagination that can make you appear even sexier in their eyes.

Leo tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

Romantic circumstances are unfolding as they intend to, and there might not be much you can do to steer them in ways you’d like to. Seeking advice from close friends could be helpful to a point with shedding light on one confusing issue. Have faith in the fact that you’ll get through the other side of any confusion or uncertainty even if your heart feels heavy now. There’s plenty of light in your life to keep you warm if you need it.

Cancer today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

You want to remove tediousness from your emotional world, and the cosmos appears to have listened. One unexpected development or surprise activity pushes you to embrace the thrill of spontaneity. If you’re attached, then a loved one could reveal a plan made in secret that could thrill you. If you’re single, then an out of the blue message from a certain person could give you plenty to consider.

Cancer tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

You could feel extra keen to transform your love life from its current state to what’s inside your heart. You want more reassurance that your vision of the future is possible and if you’re in a long-term partnership, then you could be focused on the financial position of the relationship. You might see a connection between emotional stability and financial stability, but money or more of it can play only a small part in making you feel more fulfilled romantically. Perhaps, you and a loved one need to come up with other goals that fire both of you up?

Gemini today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

There’s likely much going on in the background of your emotional world or a love partnership. What gets agreed between you and someone close could take longer than you anticipated to come to fruition so don’t get antsy if progress feels slow. However, the need to take something slowly helps to create a new level of level of trust. If you’ve wanted to reveal thoughts, feelings or plans in new or more exciting ways, then you could have your chance to do so.

Gemini tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

Rather than instigate any heavy discussions with a loved one or love interest, try to keep things lighthearted. Your mind whirs like a computer at the best of times and your desire to offload one thought after another could take conversations into territory that is so deep it could be uncomfortable. If a loved one or potential partner appears bored or uninterested in matching your intellectual efforts, then take that as a cue that you’re coming on too strong.

Taurus today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

You could be busy making plans in every area of your world or have your eye fixed on what you want to make happen career-wise. However, don’t let your emotional world or love life suffer from lack of attention. You don’t have to create a lengthy and ambitious list of things to throw similar energy into, love-wise. Slow but heartfelt changes in your romantic world could transform it. You might need to adjust your priorities accordingly.

Taurus tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

This is a time to review your priorities because if affairs of the heart have been shunted down your list recently for any reason, then that needs to change, pronto! Where you might have seen only challenges recently, you can start to see solutions or at least steps you can take to bring more love, romance, and intimacy into your world. Make the slow and meaningful changes where they’re needed. Above all, trust that you deserve them.

Aries today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

Romantic energy could intensify, and you might be unsure how to handle or focus this delightful bodily buzz! Therefore, you might need to dial back your signature impulsiveness otherwise your fervent passion could be more than one person could handle. You’re not obliged to bottle anything up, just release what you feel slowly and measuredly. Making a concerted effort not to rush something between you and one special person can build anticipation wonderfully.

Aries tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

You might not feel like summoning diplomatic skills to improve a love life situation, but you’ll probably need to try. By listening with an open mind and an equally open heart, you can apply more kindness and compassion where both are needed. Be the bringer of peace in a love relationship that you can be. Trust your ability to take on this role. Nobody does it better!

Aquarius today’s love horoscope:

Friday 7th of December 2018

Whether or not you and someone close have given each other the ‘silent treatment’ recently, tension could be easing, and lines of communication could be improving. This can be helpful with getting plans underway that have been delayed due to uncertainty – or lethargy. Finding new places to explore can strengthen a bond, and the more unfamiliar, the better.

Aquarius tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 8th of December 2018

As keen as you might be to instigate conversations or deep discussions, you’d be better off listening to what a love interest has to say and keeping your opinions to yourself. Your keenness to encourage constant, open conversation could be too much for someone else. Being extra attentive to a loved one will keep things balanced nicely.

Daily Cosmic Calendar for Friday, December 7

Daily Cosmic Calendar for Friday, December 7

Following any new moon, there should be a burst of dynamic energy in a forward direction. However, it’s an illusion to think that because Mercury is no longer retrograde that it is actually moving ahead with great speed. In fact, Mercury has barely any motion for the next day or two. Therefore, rushing ahead with a lot of plans doesn’t make sense — particularly as Mars pummels humankind with a trio of celestial hassles led by a parallel and conjunction with Neptune at 14 degrees of Pisces (3:20am and 6:12am, respectively) and an abrasive, 45-degree tie to frequently rebellious-cantankerous Uranus (2:53pm). Adding to the potential misery index is a solar parallel to sometimes frustration-building Saturn (7:59am). The main cosmic support comes from a lunar parallel to providential Jupiter (9:52pm). Get set for Chiron’s change from reverse to direct tomorrow.

[Note to readers: All times are calculated as Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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