Good Monday Morning, My Sweets! I am one lucky Witch today, NOT!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday morning so far. As far me, don’t ask. We are getting ready to drive three hours to Nashville. It is time for my six month check up with the doctors down there. In case you don’t know, I came down with a rare blood condition and also a problem with my pancreas. They figured out the rare blood condition and got it under control. The pancreas wasn’t so easy. I had the option to remove it or try a experimental drug to control it. After my sons looked up it on the internet, everyone decided that you could not live without your pancreas. Funny, I thought I saw an article the other day about a boy’s pancreas being removed and he was alive and well. But anyway, I decided to go with what my sons wanted me to do, I signed up for the experimental drug. I was having to go every three months for a check up to make sure the drug was not reacting to my body and make sure it was controlling my pancreas. Plus they keep an eye on the blood condition as well.

After they decided that the medicines were working, they have changed my appointments to every six months. So today is my lucky day, I get to go to the doctor who is three hours away from here, lucky witch. The biggest part of the women here and Lord M are going with me, plus one of my sons. They are going to make a field day out of it, while I get stuck and probed. I am sure the medicine is still doing its job, I feel fine. But the doctors don’t take your word at it, they have to see for themselves. So off to the doctor, we go.

I did manage to get some work done last night since I knew I was going to the doctor today. I have a few scheduled posts coming up over at The Commentary Gazette. Why over there? Well it doesn’t take eight people to gather the info and then publish it. Over there, I can do everything by myself and it is much easier on me. So if you want your daily horoscopes and a few other goodies that I post over there, then hop on over (around 9:30). I know the gentleman that runs the Gazette would be delighted to have you visit.

Now I have got to run or else I will be late for my appointment. If you are late down there, you have to wait till they have an opportunity to work you in. Hopefully, I will get a good check up report and a clean bill of health. Ha, that is a pipe dream, I have been told I will stuck with this the rest of my life.

Anyway, we will see you tomorrow. Have a great Monday, my sweets.

Love ya,

Lady A