To All Those Down Under Still Celebrating Litha, May the Goddess Bless You & Yours During The Beautiful Time of Litha!

Summer Solstice


Life giving power surrounds us
The Goddess will soon give life
Our earth is filled with the promise of growth
It is a time of joy and celebration
Yet, there is a whisper that dark will soon come
Light has reached its power
The Sun power begins to wane
Our Oak King is rich in abundance
But soon his brother will reign
The decent begins with the Holly King
Bonfires are alight
We find each other and prepare for the night
None will sleep
We wait for the sunrise
We dance with abundant
Leaping high through flames
The smells of healing herbs fill the air
We prepare for what will come
Our homes prepared for the darkness
As we make our bread we pray that the Goddess
fills our homes
Wheat from our fields changed to grain
Mixed by loving hands
Placed in the fire to cook
Ale, honey cakes and bread fill the pantry
Sprigs of rosemary hand from the rafters
The wheel of life continues


May the Goddess Bless You & Yours During The Beautiful Season Of Litha!

We Love You,

Lady A & The WOTC Staff


A Witch’s Prayerbook
JoAnne Spiese

Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed & Joyous Yuletide This Year! May The Joy Of The Season Be With You Throughout The Year!

Blessed Yule



On the thirteenth day of Solstice,

my Gods They gave to me,

Thirteen candles burning,

Twelve cauldrons boiling,

Eleven herbs a-drying,

Ten flowers blooming,

Nine drummers drumming,

Eight Tantric lessons,

Seven Books of Shadows,

Six Goddess statues,

Five oaken staves!

Four elements,

Three money spells,

Two pentacles

And a raven in a birch tree.


Let us rejoice in the return of The Sun during this glorious season!

We love you,

Lady A & The WOTC Staff

Good Thursday Morning To All Our Dear Brothers & Sisters of The Craft!

Yuletide Happiness...
Good morning to all our brothers & sisters of The Craft! I wanted to let you know that due to the weather, our plans have changed. I have been watching the weather due to our plans on leaving today to go back home. After watching the storm that is getting ready to move through here and the one that is coming up the East Coast, I know we are getting ready to be hit by a severe storm here that is suppose to drop a lot of rain on us today and tomorrow. I picked the phone up and called our relatives and asked them about their forecast. They are due to start getting heavy rain with a possibility of it turning to light snow. It is suppose to hit them this afternoon. Due to this fact, we have decided to leave earlier than originally planned.

I have been up for two nights in a row with an elderly aunt and a sick dog. I don’t feel like driving. Lord M will be doing the driving. The way he drives, we will be lucky if we get there tomorrow. I plan on taking a nap on the way up there and then I can drive the rest of the way. The roads up through the mountains are treacherous after dusk. When we stay and do all the postings of the day, we generally arrived at dusk or a little after dark.

Now that I know what their weather is suppose to be like, we have decided to leave as soon as I get through making this post and two others. I hate that we will not be able to at least celebrate Yule with you today but the weather has dictated our plans. It seems we will be leaving one storm only to run right into another. If we get up there and see that the weather is going to turn worse than what is forecasted, we might be home earlier than we originally planned. It might piss my aunt off but I am not getting snowed in up there. If we do get snowed in, you won’t see us till Spring thaw.

I am terribly sorry about having to cut and run. Everybody is packing to get ready to go, so I must too. I wish all of you a very beautiful and joyous Yule. For our dear brothers & sisters down-under who are still celebrating Litha, move over I am coming to visit, lol! We will see you in a few days, till then….

Love ya,

Lady A