Good Monday Morning, My Sweets! I am one lucky Witch today, NOT!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday morning so far. As far me, don’t ask. We are getting ready to drive three hours to Nashville. It is time for my six month check up with the doctors down there. In case you don’t know, I came down with a rare blood condition and also a problem with my pancreas. They figured out the rare blood condition and got it under control. The pancreas wasn’t so easy. I had the option to remove it or try a experimental drug to control it. After my sons looked up it on the internet, everyone decided that you could not live without your pancreas. Funny, I thought I saw an article the other day about a boy’s pancreas being removed and he was alive and well. But anyway, I decided to go with what my sons wanted me to do, I signed up for the experimental drug. I was having to go every three months for a check up to make sure the drug was not reacting to my body and make sure it was controlling my pancreas. Plus they keep an eye on the blood condition as well.

After they decided that the medicines were working, they have changed my appointments to every six months. So today is my lucky day, I get to go to the doctor who is three hours away from here, lucky witch. The biggest part of the women here and Lord M are going with me, plus one of my sons. They are going to make a field day out of it, while I get stuck and probed. I am sure the medicine is still doing its job, I feel fine. But the doctors don’t take your word at it, they have to see for themselves. So off to the doctor, we go.

I did manage to get some work done last night since I knew I was going to the doctor today. I have a few scheduled posts coming up over at The Commentary Gazette. Why over there? Well it doesn’t take eight people to gather the info and then publish it. Over there, I can do everything by myself and it is much easier on me. So if you want your daily horoscopes and a few other goodies that I post over there, then hop on over (around 9:30). I know the gentleman that runs the Gazette would be delighted to have you visit.

Now I have got to run or else I will be late for my appointment. If you are late down there, you have to wait till they have an opportunity to work you in. Hopefully, I will get a good check up report and a clean bill of health. Ha, that is a pipe dream, I have been told I will stuck with this the rest of my life.

Anyway, we will see you tomorrow. Have a great Monday, my sweets.

Love ya,

Lady A


7 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning, My Sweets! I am one lucky Witch today, NOT!

  1. Heya Darling Sister.. you’re surrounded by a very strong entourage of love (((hugs))) .. I hope your doctor’s visit was successful and that your 3 hour tour ( x’s 2 ) was at least in some ways fun 🙂
    Love you … celtie


    1. Ha, Ha, Ha, you are so funny, dear sweet sister. I will send my entourage with you the next time you need to go some place. This bunch is worse than the three stooges. If they had seven stooges in those old cartoons, that would be this bunch. I had to go down there to have them check the experimental drug I am on for my pancreas. They have to monitor it to make sure it is not having some odd reaction with my body. The strange thing about it, they have never told me what “odd” effects this medicine might have on me. Going crazy, losing my hair, teeth falling out, kidneys stop working, nothing, it is a secret. I guess it won’t be a secret when something does happen, huh? I don’t know what happened but the first tests got lost or something. They had to re-do the tests so we were there longer than we expected to be. It was late when we were through at the hospital so we decided to spend the night. Hell, they thought they were having a slumber party. I finally went and got in the bathtub and got a few hours sleep. I don’t know what they did if they had to use the bathroom because I locked the damn door. But the tests showed everything is still going good so all’s well for now. When we finally did get home the next day, I was so tired, I couldn’t hold my eyes open. I think I went to bed and slept for about 6 hours. I told them before I went to bed, if I heard a peep I was going to give them all the mentality of a jackass. I know they mean well but there is no reason for all of them to go. Just Jacob and me would have been fine. He is old enough to drive but he told me driving in Nashville makes him nervous. They have been doing roadwork down there now for at least 10 years. Every time I go down there, they are working on the roads and have lanes backed up and the traffic is horrible. So I can understand it making him nervous. That just hit me “3 hour tour?” HA, I wouldn’t want to be stranded on an island with this bunch, heck no!

      So how have you been doing? Haven’t heard from you in a while, wondered what you were up too. Getting ready for Yule? I must be a Krampus this year. I started ordering the grandkids their presents and just quit. I don’t know I just can’t get in the spirit this year. I think it is the weather. We had been having 60 and 70 degree days around here. We are now having 20 degree days and a winter storm coming this weekend. Maybe that will put me in the Yuletide spirit, I hope. All of you doing ok? How’s your mother and hubby doing? Hubby still cozing up to you? Did you ever figure out what he was up too? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps he was trying to make up for all the years he ignored you. You know he could be trying to make up to you for a lot of lost years. Give him a chance and see what happens. It can’t hurt anything. I hope your mother is doing fine, Keep her in this winter and make sure she don’t get sick. We have the flu going around down here and it is putting people in the hospital for 3 weeks. I got a flu shot and it will be the only flu shot I ever get. I have had something ever since I got it.

      Well I guess I better run for now. I hope you are well, my dear sister. It is great hearing from you.
      Love ya,

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      1. Oh Kit.. where do I even begin.. it feels like there’s really no beginning to begin anything with.. I feel drained.. run down.. so worn out.. mentally, emotionally, physically.. so many around me have been sucking the life and soul out of me for so many years.. SO many.. my heart hurts right deep into my soul.. but I’ll start with mum cuz she’s about the only one in my life that’s sweet and innocent.. right now she’s doing ok.. has a nastie cough but I’m staying on top of it.. making sure she has stuff to take and if she needs to see the doc.. I’ll take her.. but right now she’s back in her own house. My daughter and grands.. last weekend they moved out.. after 5 very long years of raising her kids with her.. taking care of her AND the kids.. helping her after the split with her husband.. listening to her worries and woes with him.. and then with the new boyfriend that she took up with before she left said husband.. helping her when she was sick, struggling.. when she had her accident.. helping her with assignments when she decided to go back to school AND watching the kids (all while I myself was working) .. seeing her through the breakup with the boyfriend.. I was on suicide watch with both breakups.. 5 years of helping them.. and this past july she met a fella.. and long story short I have EXCELLENT reason to distrust him.. she’s declared that HE is the ONLY person in her ENTIRE life that has helped her.. and she’s moved in with him.. and hubby and I are both on her shyte list.. since meeting him, and getting closer to getting her accident claim, she’s revealing a side to her that I’ve never seen before.. so, my family is majorly fractured.. since July, she’s been pulling the children away from me.. and I’m heart broken.. hubby has been extraordinarly and most un-characteristicly kind and caring toward me.. it’s been a week since the kids moved out and I’m just waiting now to see if hubby returns to his cold, distant, treating me like I’m invisible self again.. I’m cautious Kit.. I’m tired of being used up and hurt.. and after what’s happened now with my daughter.. well, how many times must I be knocked down and kicked.. I feel like that’s how I”m always being treated by nearly everyone.. so yes.. I’ll always try to be a good wife.. and I engage in conversations with him when he gets all chatty .. we laugh.. joke a bit.. he’s invited me out in public (which is really rare for him), but if he returns to being cold and distant, I won’t be surprised either.. my son is still talking to me.. he’s very upset with Becky.. he knows the dude that she’s shacking up with and he says the guy is bad news.. we’ve all tried talking to Becky but she’s defending this jerk and has pretty much cut us ALL out of her life. And then there’s my one and only real life friend.. a woman that I’ve known since the early 90’s.. since 2001 she’s battled cancer.. and has continued to suffer one illness and condition after another.. and just over a week ago she suffered a stroke.. the one and only real life friend who has loved me unconditionally, stood by me.. been there for me .. and she’s dying.. I expect to get that phone call any time now.. her husband is trying to get her moved to the hospital here in town.. where she is now, I can’t get there.. but if she lives long enough to get moved here, nobody will get me out of her room.. I’ll hold her hand until her last breath.. this has been a very cruel year.. losing my daughter, my grandchildren, wondering if my husband is being sincere or playing me.. the one and only person in my entire life who ever gave a shyte slipping away forever.. just got a phone call.. so I’ll pop in later.. love you to bits sweet sister.. (((hugs)))


      2. After all that, I don’t know what to say. I am so very sorry, sis. If I didn’t know better I would think we are living a carbon copy of each other’s life. I know it is hard on you when your kids turn on you but from my own experience give it time. Give it time. I had one of mine go through the same thing that you are going through with your daughter. It was also due to the jerk she married. It lasted for about 4 years and I admit it, I had some very bitter feelings during that time. We never helped her do a damn thing. She went to work at an early age and paid for everything she got. She continuously through it in our faces we never did a damn thing for her. I finally got fed up and told her, “If I didn’t do a damn thing for you, then why do you think I went to work in that damn, nasty garage for years. I’ll tell you why? To give you ever damn thing you and your brother wanted, that’s why?” Well she shut up to me but I later found out what all she told her ex. I forgot to mention she married a doctor so she thought she was rich and didn’t need us anymore. He told me things she had told him and I wanted to strangle her. Come to find out he was a liar from the get go. Things with her are now back to normal. We have a normal relationship which took about 5 years to achieve but we finally made it. So don’t give up on her. She will come around to her senses when the old boy she is living with has spent every dime she has. She will come running back to Momma, it never fails. That’s what happened with mine after she divorced the doc. The other one doesn’t bring the grandkids around me at all. Because of my religious beliefs, I know they have told the kids not to have anything to do with me. Those kids are getting big enough to tell me things their parents say. One of them ran up and hugged my neck and told me she loved me. Then she whispered that momma and daddy told them not to have a thing to do with me. Now ain’t that something? It will come back to bite them in the ass I guarantee you that. You and I both have a bond with our grandkids. Their parents knows it and it eats them up. That is why they don’t want us around them. As far as my bunch goes, it is too late the bond is there. As long as the grandkids lived with you, I can guarantee you that your bond is with them and well-established. Keep heart, sis. It will blow up in their face, I assure you. I would imagine your mother moved back home for some sanity and peace and quiet. With all that going on, I am surprised you all are not crazy by now. The last time we talked about your husband, I had a strange vision come into my mind I might piss you off but I am going to tell you what it was. I saw him fooling around with another woman. He was being extra nice to you so you would not catch on. Goddess knows I hope I am wrong. But have you thought about that. Or else he had a girlfriend and she has dumped him. I got that lesson handed to me on a silver platter. Frank was distant for the longest time. Then all of a sudden he started paying attention to me, loving all over me and then I found out he had been seeing another woman. The other woman dropped him so he came home to the old hen. This old hen don’t play those games. I told him he could go find another chicken coup to play in. He denied it and denied it till I found out the old bitch’s name and told him the motels they had been using. Come to find out he finally set her up in a motel in Illinois so no one I knew would see them. I told him I knew exactly where she was, won’t to go see her? I finally knocked the hell out of him and told him to get out. Nobody needs that shit. I probably shouldn’t ever said anything but you never know. It is something to be on the look-out for, at least you won’t be as stupid as I was.

        I am sincerely sorry about your good friend. I know you said she had a stroke, is there no hope for recovery for her? As long as she has a breath left in her, there is always hope. People can be on their deathbed and make a miraculous recovery. I know how it is to lose someone who has meant the world to you. I was thinking this morning about the one man in my life I ever truly loved. I was remembering the accident that killed him and how I blamed myself for it. I still haven’t gotten over that and I probably never will. I think of him daily and wish to Goddess I could go back in time and change things but that will never happen. I watched my mother and my sister, linger and suffer. It is something that the human heart can hardly bear. If you are sure she is ready to pass and there is no hope for recovery, the only thing I can tell you is to pray that she goes peaceful. I have seen the agony of death way to often and it rips your heart to pieces. It is better she goes peaceful than laying in agony and pain. My mother suffered and there was nothing that could be done for her. I know how instead of being selfish and wanting her to live just one more day, I would have prayed for death to come quickly and peacefully. She was in so much agony. My poor sister, didn’t even recognize me or anyone else. The cancer ate her brain up. Can you imagine that? She was in terrible pain as well and at home. It might sound cruel, sis, but if there is no hope for your friend’s recovery, pray that she pass quickly. You and I both know she is going to a better place. No more pain, no more suffering. It will hurt to lose her and I ain’t going to lie, you won’t never get over it. But you will always have her memory in your heart. All the good times as well as the bad times you shared with her. You also know that she might pass on this plane but you will meet her again in the next. You need to be strong and rely on the Goddess for She knows best. Death is part of life. It would be wonderful if it wasn’t but it wasn’t designed that way. It is something we have to accept and it hurts like hell. You have to be strong not only for yourself but for her husband, you will both need each other. I am so very sorry, sis. You have my phone number if you need to talk to someone. You can talk all you want and I will just listen. I don’t like to feel you in such pain. You have seen enough pain in your lifetime. I don’t believe it ever stops. Maybe it is not meant to be, I grew up with the old saying,”everything that happens to us, is suppose to make us stronger.” Do I believe it, no. I will pray for your dear friend and you. Also remember you have my phone number, if you need me.
        May the Goddess bless you, dear sweet sister,
        Love ya to bits,

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      3. I guess I sorta just dumped it all out at once.. I’m very tired.. but I have to keep going.. we all have our problems and mine are no worse than anyone else’s, and I know that there are others that DO have it far worse. I also realize that death is a part of life.. my mum suggested that maybe Jean my suddenly improve.. but weeks ago Jean made comments to me that told me that she doesn’t want to go on. She doesn’t want any heroic life prolonging actions taken.. when it’s her time, let her go.. she’s fought for a lot of years and she’s done.. she’s been preparing me for a while now.. so no.. I don’t see her improving. And as much as this is tearing me apart.. I don’t want her to suffer.. it’s just that in my non online world, she’s the only friend I have.. I don’t have any other friends.. but I love her dearly and it hurts me to think of her suffering.. so I can’t be selfish. Jean’s the only one who accepts me and loves me and has never judged me.. the other day I was meandering about the house and I suddenly had this .. thought.. feeling.. some sort of intuitive thing that I’d never felt before.. in my mind I was thinking.. first off, I need to explain that the day that Jean and I met.. the very instant that I laid eyes on her.. I had a fluttering within my rib cage.. a knowing.. I instantly felt that I already knew her.. I felt such a joy.. that we were being reunited.. but I’d never met the woman before in my life.. I didn’t say anything at the time.. she was actually a friend of my mean ex’s.. they met while taking a computer class.. she had come over to get some help from him.. and Jean is also a good nearly 20 years older than me.. so anyway.. they went on about their business.. during the week I wrote her a letter telling her about my experience when meeting her and that I didn’t want her to think I was nuts.. she phoned me and said she had the same experience.. sooo getting back to my earlier thing.. the other day it came to me that when Jean passes.. I have this feeling that she isn’t really.. that we’ll be connected but in a different way.. and be closer spiritually.. and as for my daughter.. this particular situation is brutal.. my husband is very hurt.. and angry.. as controlling and opinionated as he is, he’s very affected by this whole mess.. I wish I knew if he was being sincere and real in the way that he’s now treating me.. I absolutely believed that before, he was looking for a fling, I don’t know if he ever actually cheated.. I worked with my pendulum and it kept telling me no.. he’s not cheated.. my emotions have been on the roller coaster from hell.. I know longer say, how much more can I take.. that seems to send out a challenge to the Universe and THAT is not my intention.. I want and need some freggin peace.. I am so tired.. I hope my dialing is finished.. soon.. like getting an email this weekend saying we’re done for the season would be great.. or on Monday even.. I’d love to have a chat with you (((hugs))) and thank you for the prayers.. I love you to bits to Sweet Sister (((Hugs))) may you be lovingly blessed (((hugs)))


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