Simple & Quick Divinations

Simple & Quick Divinations

Hair Divination

Throw some hair into a fire. It is said to be a sign of long life if the hair flames up vigorously. It is an omen of ill health if it simply smolders away.

Rosemary Divination

Take a sprig of rosemary and ask a yes or no question seven times. Then pluck a leaf from the sprig and say YES. Pluck another leaf and say NO. Continue alternating yes and no with each leaf you pick until the sprig is base. The last leaf you pick reveals the answer.

Water Divination

Holding a stone, sit in front of a bowl of water and ask a question, one that can be answered with either a yes or no. Drop the stone into the water and carefully count the ripples it creates. An even number of ripples means yes and an odd number means no.