Current Planetary Information for December 7

Current Planetary Positions

December 07, 2018
Tropical Zodiac

Sun: 15 Sagittarius 31
Moon: 19 Sagittarius 58
Mercury: 27 Scorpio 20
Venus: 03 Scorpio 00
Mars: 13 Pisces 48
Jupiter: 06 Sagittarius 29
Saturn: 08 Capricorn 33
Uranus: 28 Aries 59 Rx
Neptune: 13 Pisces 44
Pluto: 19 Capricorn 50


Planetary Aspects for the month of December

The planetary aspects listed below are for New York time.

December 07, 02:20 am – New Moon at 15 07
December 07, 09:11 am – Mars conjunct Neptune 13 44
December 15, 06:49 am – 1st Quarter Moon 23 26
December 16, 09:26 am – Venus sextile Saturn
December 17, 01:57 am – Mars sextile Pluto
December 20, 11:21 am – Sun trine Uranus
December 21, 12:11 pm – Venus trine Neptune
December 21, 12:36 pm – Mercury conjunct Jupiter 09 34
December 22, 12:48 pm – Full Moon at 00 49
December 24, 07:31 pm – Mercury square Neptune
December 28, 04:30 pm – Venus sextile Pluto
December 29, 04:34 am – 3rd Quarter Moon 07 36


Your Daily Astronomy for Friday, December 7

Mars and Neptune come together for the first half of the December horoscope. This can be a pleasant conjunction but not so when square the Sun. The December 7 full moon amplifies this challenging configuration and is easily the most significant influence this monthly horoscope.

Friday December 7

The New Moon at 15° Sagittarius is square the Mars Neptune conjunction at 13° Pisces. So the new moon has a sinister influence. Major themes of the December 7 new moon include anger, fear, deception, confusion, immorality and perversion. At 16° Sagittarius, a fixed star in Hercules Constellation will cause irritation from women and a ruthless drive to gain power. You may experience tests of character from your competitors or enemies. Events or other people may cause confusion and disappointment, which may force you to battle against the odds. This may have a weakening effect on your vitality, making you feel paranoid and delusional.

A tendency to over idealize others can leave you open to deception and scandal. Seeing only the best in people increased the likelihood of coming disillusioned. Your good intentions to help others can easily be taken advantage of. If you are very sensitive and scare easily then you need to take precautions. Keep yourself grounded in the real world as much as possible. Stay above-board in all of your dealings. Avoid negative environments where violence, crime and drugs are prevalent. Take a defensive approach. It might be safer to submit to authority, seek a compromise or retreat. The keys to avoiding loss and disappointment from the December 2018 horoscope are honesty and integrity.

–Astro King

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