WOTC Extra – Casting the Circle

Casting A Circle


A circle is cast before you perform spell-work. The circle forms two purposes – it protects you from negative energy and it provides energy for the spell being cast.

Face the north quarter and point at it, either with you finger or your athame, while saying, “Hail and welcome.” Light the candle that represents that quarter, if applicable. Repeat this for each other quarter, moving in a clockwise direction to form a complete circle.

When you get back to the beginning again, ask the God or Goddess for their blessing and ask them to seal the circle and protect those working within it.

After you have finished the spell-casting, you will need to close off the circle properly. This is done by the same person who originally cast the circle. Thank the God and Goddess and face each quarter again – this time pointing towards the ground. This will safely disperse the energy.



Witchcraft: The Ultimate Bible: The Definitive Guide on the Practice of Witchcraft, Spells, Rituals and Wicca

Justin Kase


Let’s Talk Witch – Preparing Yourself for Ritual: Cleansing Yourself & Your Sacred Space

Cleansing Yourself and Your Sacred Space



Before any ritual, you need to make sure that the space set aside for it is clean. Try to keep the space uncluttered and get rid of any dirt. Cleanliness is a sign that you respect the sacredness of the space.

The next thing to do is to prepare the space for the cleansing of any negative energy. In witchcraft, drawing on the power of the elements is a good way to increase the potency of your spell. Having items that represent the various elements is how you will incorporate the power of these elements.

First divide the space into quarters that correspond with the four cardinal points.

Air can be represented by a feather and the color yellow – these are normally set up in the east quarter.

Water can be represented by a shell or sea glass and the color blue – these are normally set up in the west quarter.

Fire can be represented by a candle and the color red – these are normally set up in the south quarter.

Earth can be represented by a stone or piece of natural rock and the color green – these are normally set up in the north quarter.

Although not an element as such, spirit is also considered important and is represented by a figure of a person and the color purple – these are normally placed in the center of the room.

Now that you have all the items in place, you are able to start the cleansing ritual.

Burning sage – either the dried herb or incense – is a really good way to purify the space of negative energy. You can also use a solution of water and salt to cleanse the space.

The following spell employs a combination of the two:

Hold the water in one hand and the salt in the other and say – “In the name of the Lord and Lady, I cast out all impurities.”

Mix the salt with the water and put it down.

Light the sage and pass it over the water and repeat,

“In the name of the Lord and Lady, I cast out all impurities.”

Now that the water is cleansed, sprinkle it around the room and onto the people present. Be sure to also sprinkle the salt water in the doorways and on the windowsills.

Pick up the burning sage and cleanse the air with it – paying particular attention to the corners of the room.

The space is now ready to be used.



Witchcraft: The Ultimate Bible: The Definitive Guide on the Practice of Witchcraft, Spells, Rituals and Wicca

Justin Kase


Let’s Talk Witch – House Cleansing & Ghost

Halloween Magic...♥♥♥.Original by Oº°‘¨ ዠippվርዠiርk33 ¨‘°ºO.House Cleansing and Ghosts

For those of you who want to know the basic lowdown on ghosts, here you go. Keep in mind that often when folks are convinced they have a haunting, what they are actually experiencing is old, stale energy and trapped memories in the home. Read over this information with an open mind, and see what you can discover.

To begin with, often a house that seems haunted is simply a home filled with negativity or discordant energy. If you think you are dealing with a haunted location, your first order of business is to have the homeowners clean the house. Seriously. Stale energy is trapped energy. Dust, dirt, neglect, and clutter create a residual energy and give all that old emotional residue nooks and crannies to hide in. Bless the home with salt, water, and sunlight. Fill the home with love and laughter. These simple yet powerful ingredients often banish any lingering negativity. They are simple fixes, true, and they work very well indeed.

Discordant Energy.
Easy definition: “bad vibes.” This occurs when unbalanced or negative energy builds up in a location. Simple cures include cleaning house, utilizing feng shui, and family counseling. Encourage the home’s occupants to clear the air— to calmly discuss their feelings and work together to change the atmosphere of their home to a positive and healthy one. Now, discordant energy can be triggered by hoarding and unbalanced emotions. The buildup of discordant or negative energy hangs heavy in the air and creates a sense of being watched. Also, if the occupants have any psychic talent and are suppressing their anger, it may cause manifestations of minor violence such as objects falling and breaking.

A “haunting” where objects move about violently. Traditionally these events focus on a teenager or pre-teen with latent psychic talent. The manifestation is not truly a spirit; instead, it is a combination of the youngster’s burgeoning, uncontrolled energy and psychic talents.

Etheric imprints.
These are like faint echoes of the past. When strong experiences occur, the energy gets “imprinted” on the vibes of a place; these can be positive or negative vibrations. They are usually minor, but the imprint may be noticeable to a sensitive person.

Etheric recordings (also called residual hauntings).
Sometimes the etheric imprints go deeper and are not only the emotions and feelings of a time but are actual events that are recorded. For example, hearing footsteps walking down the stairs or seeing a figure in the same spot doing the same thing over and over are residual hauntings. Though they appear to be “ghosts,” there is no consciousness, personality, or individuality in the experience. These are merely echoes of the past, aka etheric recordings, that have been recorded and are stuck on the playback here on our plane, or physical reality, for all to see.

Disembodied dead (or a traditional haunting).
This occurs when the spirit of the departed does not cross over for some reason. Some spirits are shy, quiet, and confused— and some are royally pissed off and do not understand what has happened. Their own intense emotions keep them bound to the physical world.

The two most impressive styles of haunts would be a residual-style haunt and an intelligent, or interactive, haunt. A residual haunt is believed to be activity of reoccurring or traumaticactions from past events that leave an imprint on the environment. This type is probably the most common type of haunting. Because its characteristics are similar to the intelligent haunting, people often mistake it for an intelligent, or traditional, haunting.

Like intelligent haunts, some examples of activity are phantom footsteps, sounds, images, and scents. Major differences between this haunting and the intelligent/ traditional haunting are that this type of haunting is not considered to be that of a ghost and there is no interaction with the living. One theory as to why this occurs is that the energy is stored or absorbed by the site due to repetitive or traumatic events of the energy expended while such actions were performed. Similar to a tape player, the energy is stuck in the current environment. Over time, that energy builds up and is discharged, showing a replay of the event, and then the cycle starts again. Some suggest that atmospheric conditions such as storms may initiate the ghostly playback.

Secondly, we have the intelligent, or interactive-style, hauntings. This type of haunting is what most people think of when they hear the word ghost. An intelligent or traditional ghost may interact with people. The most common belief is that the ghost is connected to the place or its people in some way. Here are the traditional reasons that a ghost may be tied to the location or to the folks who inhabit the site:

The spirit may have died suddenly and not realized that he or she died.

The living loved ones are so emotionally distraught that they can’t let go.

The spirit is emotionally connected to or very protective of their living loved ones.

The ghost may have some unfinished business.

The ghost’s death was a result of a traumatic event (murder, car accident, etc.).

They cannot rest due to an injustice done to them such as disturbing their graves or remains.

Fear of the other side or judgment.

These ghostly reasons are generally associated with voices, sounds, and physical activity such as slamming, opening, closing, or unlocking doors and windows. A strong presence, a scent, or a touch may also be experienced. People sometimes see a manifestation of the ghost in the form of an apparition or a mist. In my case, I see a person just standing there smiling at me—who then disappears in front of your eyes.


This article is written by Ellen Dugan, from her book,
Every Witch Way: Spells and Advice from Two Very Different Witches
Ellen Dugan; Tess Whitehurst




Although today many of us don’t think about the power of words, sound or touch, those who have gone before us knew that all these things carried an energy of their own, and to give that positive energy to another was a gift more precious than gold. To bless is to remove any negative energy around a person, animal, place, or thing and instill them with positive energy. To bless another is to empower them. By sound, touch, and thought, we can help the sick, lighten the heart of the troubled, or open a pathway for a better life by removing negative blockages. The mere utterance of a blessing can change  the course of a person’s life. In our modern world, people often scoff at this idea, not believing that such power could be contained in anything so simple.  Many of us are independent individuals and to think that someone else (by mere word or physical proximity) could alter our pattern of living many seem unthinkable.

But they can.

In many cultures, past and present, it is customary to leave a blessing at an individual’s home when saying farewell. It was believe that a magickal person could make words turn into flesh, meaning by uttering worlds with one’s magickal voice you could create a physical manifestation. To have your house blessed  in such a way by a magickal/religious person ensured health and prosperity for the occupants for months to come. You too can give such a gift. Don’t be shy about it. If you believe you can do it, so shall it be. Sometimes the mere presence of magickal individuals can change the course of one’s fate. The more spiritual the person, the more pure the environment. I’ve also noticed that if  a magickal person is involved in a particular type of study, that study can affect those around him or her. One Witch who steadfastly worked on building her prosperity realized after a few months that every time she walked into a store, especially a deserted one, her energy attracted paying customers off the street. Another Witch who worked on protection experienced the same phenomenon. He could walk into any establishment and if there were negative people around, they would quickly disperse. What you work on in the magickal world will affect the world around you.

The mechanism of a blessing is very easy:

  • Think of a white light so powerful that it encompasses your mind, body and spirit
  • Move the white light into a mental pictures of the person, place, or think
  • In your mind, allow the white light to burst through the object (no, this won’t hurt anyone).
  • Intone words of blessing or touch the person, animal or thing
  • Seal the blessing with a hand motion of your choice while pronouncing aloud “It is done.”

The Daily Motivator for March 24th – Empowering positive energy

Empowering positive energy

Negative thoughts affect more than just your mind. Those thoughts create negative energy that flows destructively throughout your entire life.

If you are extremely negative about one thing, that negativity seeps into everything. That’s why it is so important to transform the negative influences into positive thoughts and endeavors.

There will always be people, events and circumstances that have the potential to get you down. However, you don’t have to let them keep you down for long.

Much of what comes to you, and happens beyond you, is out of your control. Yet you always can precisely and dependably control what you do with it.

The best thing to do with whatever happens is to find a positive, purposeful way to respond. If something threatens to get you down, choose to do something even more consequential that lifts your world up.

Instead of letting the negativity drain you, create your own empowering positive energy. A positive response is always there, so find it and choose it every time.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

The Witches Magick for December 30th – Lemon Uncrossing Spell

Lemon Uncrossing Spell

Purpose: To get rid of negative energy.

Items You Will Need:

A cup of salt
A fresh lemon

Light white candles and protection incense. Anoint brow, heart and throat with oil. Put the lemon in the center of your altar and cut it into 4 slices (round).

“All spells against me congregate in this lemon, that’s your fate.
Sour spell to sour fruit, you must go there cause it’s your suit.
Bound to this lemon evermore. Each spell against me that’s your store.
All in this lemon, now I see, and as my will so mote it be!”

When you feel that the chant has captured the negative thought forms in the lemon, begin to sprinkle the salt on the lemon.

“Uncrossed! Uncrossed!
This salt for me breaks up the attacking energy.
As lemon dries in salt and air,
I’m freed from harm and all despair.
Uncrossed and happy now, you see!
And as my will so mote it be!!!”

Use lots of salt and when you are finished, thank all the elements.
Leave the lemon near your altar where you can watch it.
If it dries out, your work is done. If it should mildew, repeat the ritual.

Understanding Negative Energy: Choose Your Words Wisely!

Understanding Negative Energy: Choose Your Words Wisely!

Author:   Ryan Hatcher   

How often, as energy workers, are we told that negative energy is ‘bad’? “Cleanse it of all negative energy!” “It’s been tainted by negative energy.” “I can feel a lot of negativity here” and so on. Personally I feel this use of the word ‘negative’ to be wrong.

Let’s look at the word negative, and then you might see what I’m getting at. The word negative is the opposite of the word positive. In terms of physics, negativity is a description of a charge, such as positively charged particles and negatively charged particles (protons and electrons respectively) . The poles of a battery are labeled + and – or positive and negative. However, as energy workers we generally consider ‘negative’ to mean ‘bad’, ‘harmful’ and, in an extreme, ‘evil’.

Does this mean that half of a battery is evil? Or since electricity is a flow of electrons and so has a negative charge, does that mean electricity is inherently evil? Well…no, if we think about it, they’re not inherently bad, harmful or evil, although electricity can be harmful if it is misused, like any other energy.

If we look to the Far East, we can look at the ideas of positive and negative from a more spiritual perspective. What I refer to is the concept of Yin and Yang from Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine. Yang, roughly meaning Sun, is positive, masculine overt and open in Chinese. In the Taijitu (the typical Yin-Yang symbol) , Yang is represented by the white section. The concept of Yang energy is that of active, dynamic, masculine aspects, the sun and fire are forces associated with Yang as well as the God principle. Yang is the positive side of the polarity.

In Chinese medicine the Yang part of our body is the right side of our body. There are also Yang organs in the body, associated with active and energizing attributes. Yang is the energy within us that drives us forward, is our passion, and keeps us energized. But if we have too much Yang in our lives, we can end up feeling hyperactive, aggressive, suffer insomnia and eventually burn ourselves out.

Yin is roughly translated as shade, moon, feminine, negative, lunar and hidden in Chinese. In the Taijitu, the black section represents Yin. The concept of Yin energy is that of the passive, stillness and the feminine. The moon and water are forces associated with Yin, as well as emotions, intuition and the Goddess principle. Yin is the negative side of the polarity.

In Chinese medicine, the Yin part of our body is the left side of our body and, as with Yang, there are Yin organs in the body associated with passive, fluid attributes. It is the serenity within us that keeps us calm, allows us to sit and just observe the world around us, are the deep waters of our mind and keep us grounded. However, too much Yin in our lives leaves us feeling lethargic, depressed, lonely and alienated, suffering from hypersomnia and getting nowhere in life.

A balance between the two is imperative to be able to experience life to the fullest and to feel as present in the now as is possible for us as human beings at that moment. The Yin and Yang, together in the Taijitu, are inseparably linked, entwined together to form the whole, the perfect and infinite circle. One cannot exist without the other, just as a shadow cannot exist without a source of light. Also, if we look at the Taijitu we can see that the individual Yin and Yang parts contain a part of the opposite. This shows that opposites exist within everything and the importance of a balanced polarity.

There, polarity, that is the point I’m trying to aim for. Is it possible, looking at the Yin-Yang model to see negative as inherently bad as we have done for so long? If we did, it would mean that everything feminine, including the Goddess, would be bad, harmful and possibly inherently evil. I’m sure no one has any intention of doing that any time soon.

Positive and negative, light and dark. They are just opposites in the balance of polarity and have no sense of moral right or wrong, any more than do the poles of the aforementioned battery or the north and south poles of a compass, or even the earth. They’re just opposites of the same force.

So what do I propose we use instead of the word negative? Personally, I use the words ‘impure’, ‘unclean’ and ‘harmful’ when it comes to describing unwanted energy because that is really what we’re talking about isn’t it? Unwanted energy. Unwanted because it is harmful, impure and unclean. It is the energy that taints our work and our tools, whereas simply ‘negative’ energy could in fact be beneficial, providing a feminine aspect to our tools and working, and thus providing that balance of polarity which is what paganism and ‘the great work’ is supposed to be all about: unifying opposites to create a balanced whole.

Sometimes I feel that, though we understand thoughts and words have power, we still need to choose our thoughts and words more carefully when working directly with the energies of the universe. We need to make sure we know exactly what it is we are asking and that the words we use match our intention and directed will. The universe has a cruel, and sometimes ironic sense of humor (for a non-corporeal, non-specific entity anyway) , and sometimes you get what you’ve asked for, and if you’ve asked using the wrong words, then you’re likely to get a nasty surprise!

So from this moment I ask that we are all more mindful of the words we choose to use, both in our day-to-day lives as well as in our magical lives. Doing so we may just find things flow in the way we want them to and we can each live a happier, more peaceful existence.

Blessed be