WOTC Extra – Casting the Circle

Casting A Circle


A circle is cast before you perform spell-work. The circle forms two purposes – it protects you from negative energy and it provides energy for the spell being cast.

Face the north quarter and point at it, either with you finger or your athame, while saying, “Hail and welcome.” Light the candle that represents that quarter, if applicable. Repeat this for each other quarter, moving in a clockwise direction to form a complete circle.

When you get back to the beginning again, ask the God or Goddess for their blessing and ask them to seal the circle and protect those working within it.

After you have finished the spell-casting, you will need to close off the circle properly. This is done by the same person who originally cast the circle. Thank the God and Goddess and face each quarter again – this time pointing towards the ground. This will safely disperse the energy.



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Justin Kase