Astronomy Picture of the Day – Pluto Resolved

Astronomy Picture of the Day

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2015 July 15

Pluto Resolved
Image Credit & Copyright: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Inst.


Explanation: New Horizons has survived its close encounter with Pluto and has resumed sending back images and data. The robotic spacecraft reported back on time, with all systems working, and with the expected volume of data stored. Featured here is the highest resolution image of Pluto taken before closest approach, an image that really brings Pluto into a satisfying focus. At first glance, Pluto is reddish and has several craters. Toward the image bottom is a surprisingly featureless light-covered region that resembles an iconic heart, and mountainous terrain appears on the lower right. This image, however, is only the beginning. As more images and data pour in today, during the coming week, and over the next year, humanity’s understanding of Pluto and its moons will likely become revolutionized.

Daily Planet Tracker: Moon In Cancer, July 13 – 15




Planet Tracker

Moon in Cancer

Jul 13, 2015 to Jul 16, 2015

You might be a little sensitive during this Moon. Unfortunately, everyone else is too. If you find yourself in deep water now, look to your intuition to get you out. The real issues are often hidden on Cancer Moon days, or dealt with sideways. People tend to circle the emotional wagons, reach for their antacids, and privately nurse their wounds. The collective unconscious is four years old and wants its mommy. Go ahead, seek nurture today. It’s like that children’s story where the baby bird, tumbled from its nest, quizzes all comers, “Are you my mother?” Only you’re looking for the World Mother. You’ll find her in a cozy place where you feel safe and loved; in a cup of tea, a mid-day retreat to your bed or a smile from a friend. Whether or not you have issues, it’s a good Moontime for sharpening your emotional intelligence. Distinguish foods that nourish (both real and symbolic) from those that bring heartburn.

Your Daily Influences for July 15th

Your Daily Influences
July 15th, 2015



The Empress Reversed
This card represents infertility, instability and the loss of material possessions.










Jera denotes positive, recurring cycles, fertility and a time to harvest rewards from your hard work.





The Menat
You will find focusing on this aspect difficult, because truths will be obscured by dreaminess and illusion. You will not accomplish much here in the next several weeks, and therefore should focus your attention elsewhere






Your Daily Influences represent events and challenges the current day will present for you. They may represent opportunities you should be ready to seize. Or they may forewarn you of problems you may be able to avoid or lessen. Generally it is best to use them as tips to help you manage your day and nothing more.




Your Daily Charm for July 15th is The Caduceus

Your Daily Charm for Today

The Caduceus

Today’s Meaning:
You will find you have within you the ability to resolve all conflicts and disagreements with regard to this aspect. You will find an eloquence you did not realize before.

General Description:
The staff of Mercury was given to him by Apollo in exchange for the lyre. The rod was endowed with the remarkable power of deciding all quarrels and bestowing wonderful eloquence upon its possessor. Mercury proved this when he saw two serpents fighting. Placing the rod between them and using his eloquence he reconciled the serpents, who then embraced each other, and becoming attatched to the rod formed the caduceus. The pine cone is credited with health giving power, and the wings symbolize speed and the flight of thoughts between friends. This ancient talisman was supposed to be a charm fo prospetity, rendering its possessor healthy, wealthy and wise.



Your Animal Spirit for July 15th is The Cougar

Your Animal Spirit for Today
April 14, 2014



Cougar has long been associated with leadership. Cougars are powerful, agile, and unhesitating. When Cougar attacks, he throws one hundred percent of himself into the pursuit. Although cougar is strong, he is also elusive —hard to spot in the wild—until he decides to pounce. His lesson to you today is one of being a balanced leader—not rushing into the attack, not always lurking in the brush.


Your Ancient Symbol Card for July 15th is The Sword

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Sword


The Sword is a a call to action. It indicates challenges are before you and to attain your goals you will have to address them. The Sword does not suggest rash or underhanded behavior on your part. Indeed, while actions indicated by The Sword are decisive, they are based on the power of your wisdom and ethics. The strength of The Sword lies in the moral purity of your actions.

As a daily card, The Sword suggest a time in which you will face external challenges to attaining your goals. These trials are likely to come from a person or persons who stand to gain from your loss or delays in you moving forward. You can expect underhanded play and surprises. Fortunately your position is far stronger than those who scheme to usurp you. Address challenges as they arise and all will be well.

Your Daily Witches Rune for July 15th is The Scythe

Your Daily Witches Rune

The Scythe

Sudden changes and endings. Making a final decision. Completing something. Walking away from something or someone. Danger.

Additional information about Today’s Witches Rune, The Scythe….

The Scythe

This symbol is very familiar to most of people, often associated with harvest and death. In the runes, it is no different. The Scythe is related to endings, sudden separations, final decisions, important changes and danger.

The appearance of this symbol show that there’s something in you life you need to bring to end now, before it snowballs into something worse. Usually, the decision that the Scythe forces you to make is one you’d rather escape from… it’s a painful and difficult choice. Even though you know (or feel) it’s for the best, you’ll mourn the fact that it has to happen.

Also, the Scythe is connected to sudden, swift changes that force you to alter completely your plans, strategies and sometimes the very way you see the world. The situation is no longer what it was, your modus operandi no longer works here. Your ideas no longer correspond to the reality. The information you have is no longer accurate, or useful. You need to strain those adaptation muscles and find a way to keep standing while the rug is pulled from under your feet.

Although this rune can represent physical danger, such as accidents or surgeries, many time it refers to sense of foreboding. Something just isn’t right… the fear of loss looms large. Trust these feeling and proceed with caution. This rune can also relate to actual death and all related to it: burials, graveyards, inheritances, heirlooms, legacies and things connected to your ancestry.

In relationship readings, the Scythe suggest caution too. It can represent sudden and irresistible attractions, the kind that inspire people to do crazy things. . Obviously, this rune also represent separations, divorce and conflicts, always leaving a sour aftertaste. The strong passion can quickly transform into strong resentment. In its most positive note, this rune can symbolize relationship that completely transform the people involved.

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for July 15th is 61: Mutually Trusting

Today’s I Ching Hexagram

July 15th, 2015


61: Mutually Trusting

Develop mutual trust amongst your group. Trust will hasten success.

Line One of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Learn to trust those around you. Give them the benifit of doubt.

Line Two of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Manage fairly and everyone will enjoy success.

Line Three of Your Hexagram is a 6:
You may be at a turning point. Think through any plan carefully.

Line Four of Your Hexagram is a 6:
Deal with problems swiftly.

Line Five of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Do what you must to gain the trust of those around you.

Line Six of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Now is a time for action.

Your Daily Rune for July 15th is Perthro


bw-perthroYour Rune For Today

Mysteries will become known to you. You should be able to see your life’s path clearly at this time. Pethro is often thought of as “Gambler’s Rune.” You are in a lucky period right now. Chance is your ally. Take advantage of it.


Additional information about Today’s Rune, Perthro


perþ: dice-cup? vulva?


Phonetic equivalent: p


DIVINATORY MEANINGS: rebirth, mystery, magic, divination, fertility, sexuality, new beginning, prophecy


MAGICAL USES: fertility, easing childbirth, to aid in divination and magic, enhancing psychic abilities




ANALYSIS: The actual interpretation of perþ has been the subject of much controversy among runic scholars. The problem lies in the fact that the initial P sound doesn’t occur anywhere else in the old Germanic language, leading to the belief that the word was imported from another language. The Old English rune poem seems to indicate that it had to do with some sort of game, leading many to interpret it as ‘chess pawn’ or ‘dice-cup’. The dice-cup meaning is particularly interesting as it not only fits the shape of rune, but also hints at such an object’s original use as a container for the runes themselves. An alternate interpretation of perþ is derived from the Slavic ‘pizda’, meaning ‘vulva’. This meaning (although obscure and somewhat unlikely) fits quite into the progression of runes up until this point, symbolizing the rebirth that follows death. Viewing it as a symbol of the womb of the Goddess, it represents the same element of the mysterious and hidden as ‘dice-cup’, but taken literally as ‘vulva’, it adds a powerful, feminine, sexual counterpart to uruz that would otherwise be missing from the fuþark.


However you choose to interpret the literal meaning of perþ (and again, nobody really knows what that is), the basic symbolism is that of a vessel, nurturing and giving ‘birth’, keeping hidden and secret all those mysteries, which can be uncovered only after the initiation of death. The rune is closely tied in with the idea of fate, that the road we travel, regardless of what we choose to do along the way, is predetermined from the moment of our birth. The very act of being born sets us along a course of cause and effect, action and reaction that we may choose to follow blindly, or try to divine through the runes or other means order that we may better understand the lessons we will learn. Perþ is the beginning of this process, as well as the tool for accomplishing it.
Additional Info:
By Jennifer Smith

Your Daily Tarot Card for July 15th is The Lovers

Your Personal Daily Tarot Card



Judgment embodies those forces which require us to be accountable for our actions. With Judgment truths are revealed, mysteries are unraveled and responsibility is assigned. Judgment unveils outcomes and marks the ends of things. While it is a time to properly place guilt, it is also a time for atonement and forgiveness. Ultimately the process of Judgment should lead to freedom from errors made in the past and a fresh start with a clean slate. To that end Judgment actually promises the start of a new journey on which we can apply what we have learned from our past.

Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Thursday, July 16th





Get a Jump on Tomorrow……

Your Horoscopes for Thursday, July 15th



Aries Horoscope

Due to last night’s New Moon, home and family matters are in high focus, and new energy is with you to make improvements to these areas of your life, dear Aries. You might immerse yourself in family projects or home improvement activities. Family is more inclusive or you are more interested in setting things right. Later today, you could have a vague feeling that something is not right. Your perceptions may not be as reliable as they usually are, and reading too much into a situation may even get you into trouble. Avoid, as much as possible, spiraling thoughts and wrestling with regrets or recent decisions. You can feel out of touch. Even so, the Moon begins supporting your sign later morning, and this helps you to feel more alert, capable, and confident.



There are likely to be busy days ahead of you with a New Moon in your solar third house, dear Taurus. New energy is with you for connecting, communicating, and learning. Ideas can fill your head, but so can too much information. Some of your ideas will take and others may not, but don’t worry about the difference between the two just yet. There’s no rush. Plan to make warm and interesting new connections with people, be open to the idea that you need more intellectual stimulation in your life, and look for ways you can improve your approachability. However, watch for taking on so many things that you feel overwhelmed. Later today, a mildly difficult aspect between the Sun and Neptune can point to a feeling that others are draining you of energy or confidence, which can be the result of their negativity or simply your expectations of them.



A New Moon in your second house occurred last night, dear Gemini, and you are receiving wonderful energy for improving your finances and tending to your personal possessions. The impulse to buy something can be sudden and should probably be tamed just for now, until you get a plan in place. Ideas, and especially money-making ones, come to you with force and passion. Receive and enjoy them, and sort them out patiently as you go along. This can be the start of something special. Even so, later today, you may need to get over a temporary hump in the form of lack of confidence, a mental disconnect, or illusions related to money and work. Enjoy your imagination, but go slowly.



The yearly New Moon in your sign has just occurred, dear Cancer, pointing to a time for personal new beginnings. What you’d like to change, improve, or initiate is in your hands. You’re suddenly more noticeable and “out there”, and it’s a good time to ride this energy. It’s also a time for personal re-invention. You are always in charge of your destiny, but times like now, you really feel it. Confidence comes across well; excessive preoccupation with yourself doesn’t! People believe in you, and this only serves to motivate you further to present the best version of yourself. However, later today, watch for some self-deception, as you may not be seeing yourself and others very clearly. You mean different things to different people and this can confuse true understanding of yourself, or you may be giving off mixed signals. Treat any hesitance you might feel now as a chance to slow down and make adjustments.



Last night’s New Moon occurred in your soul sector, dear Leo, launching a cycle in which you are strongly inclined to take charge of personal and private matters that need your attention, or give more time to a person in need or an important cause. Buried or neglected issues can demand your attention, but for some of you, you may need to take on a supportive role in which you sacrifice some of your personal plans and goals, at least temporarily, in order to take care of or help out other people. You might take the lead on such a matter, or if you are the one who needs extra rest, then you’ll push for that. If you’ve been neglecting your psychic, spiritual, and emotional needs, then this is a time that forces you to acknowledge and tend to them. Later today, a minor difficult aspect involving the Sun (your ruler) in this same sector can leave you yearning for more and especially sensitive psychically. Try not to over-think things. Stick to the simple now.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

Pay special attention to who you meet and ideas that come to you around now, dear Virgo. The New Moon that occurred last night energized your sector of friendships, networking, community involvement, new ideas, technology, and aspirations. What’s happening around the time of this lunation helps pave the way for personal changes and new beginnings. There can be new friends or associations with groups and people who share some similar interests or a common goal, or new beginnings with existing connections. A New Moon is about taking the lead and taking charge. Open yourself to the need for people in your life who offer you new perspectives, a change of pace, and some exciting variety to your daily life. Tonight, however, there can be some tendency to nurse an idealized image of someone or a plan. There can be a strong desire to believe in someone, but at the same time, fear that you’ll discover reasons not to. Try to avoid over-thinking.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

Last night, a New Moon occurred in your profession and reputation sector, dear Libra. Even if you’re happy in your position as it stands, there are always some tweaks that can be made to improve your professional and public life. New projects and goals, and possibly even a new area of focus on the job, may emerge in the coming days and weeks. Enter these with healthy confidence, not over-confidence. Take the time to plan, and act rather than react. You have more impact on others than usual, so use this time in the spotlight well. Later today, however, when it comes to practical matters, you just aren’t seeing things realistically. In fact, you can swing from pie in the sky to negative thinking, making it a less than ideal time for making big purchases and business decisions. Daydream rather than make solid plans just for now.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

Your spirit to explore beyond the ordinary experiences in your life is powerful now and in the coming weeks, dear Scorpio. A New Moon occurred in your expansion sector last night, and this gives you extra energy and resolve to seek out new experiences on mental, physical, and spiritual planes. This can be a period for beginning new activities or projects that feed your thirst for mind-expanding experiences. This is a time of increased bravery and spontaneity. Later today, you may be dealing with mixed messages and minor irritations or delays. The tendency to act in conditioned rather than mindful ways is strong right now, and you would do well to identify these patterns so that you can step around them. Otherwise, it’s a decent day for daydreaming and fantasizing. Take things easy, and slowly right now.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

Last night’s New Moon energized your sector of intimacy and sharing – a sector of your chart that’s making a lot of headlines these days! Now and in the coming weeks, dear Sagittarius, there can be a feeling of revitalization on a deep, inner level. This can be experienced in your relationship with yourself and/or in a partnership. Inhibitions can drop and there is more acceptance of the deeper side of your personality. Alternatively, you might have had enough of a bad habit, addiction, or superstition, and you are suddenly motivated to end it. It’s a time for getting rid of burdens, or sharing their weight with trusted others. You might decide to rid yourself of clutter or debt. You may be saying goodbye to a bad attitude or habit, or getting closer to someone who makes you feel better about yourself. Later today, there is a tendency for people to be indirect, which can be especially annoying to Sagittarians! It’s not the best time for healthy relating patterns, but consider that you might need some personal space.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

Last night’s New Moon brings you good energy for starting a new partnership or committing to a new way of enhancing a current relationship, dear Capricorn. Someone in your life could need more support or attention and you may need to put your own plans on hold. It’s time to strengthen your relationships, negotiate, compromise, and strike up deals. It can be a strong period for communications in one-on-one setups. Take in now, and take action when it feels right. If you need to take charge of a relationship issue, you’ll feel the energy to do so. Later today, situations and people may leave you feeling drained or confused. There is a vacillating energy tonight that is best handled by imagining or enjoying entertainment and art than for serious thinking.



You can be tempted and motivated to totally rework your daily routines now with the New Moon having just occurred in your solar sixth house last night, dear Aquarius. A new health program or fitness routine could be implemented now, or you could be doing a top to bottom reorganization of your workspace or home. Whatever gets you more organized and feeling in charge of your daily life is favored. A new project, work task, or even line of work can be on the table. This is an important time for clearing clutter, both physical and mental. Take advantage, but take it easy. Tonight, dreamy or creative activities can be nice detours from pressures.



You’re receiving a nice boost of energy that jumpstarts a cycle in which taking charge of your life is appropriate, dear Pisces, particularly when it comes to romance, children, creativity, and entertainment. This is a time for making improvements to your life that help restore balance. You are in need of quality leisure time and channels for expressing yourself creatively. Ideas for enjoying life’s more playful moments can come to you in a rush, or opportunities can suddenly appear, ready to grab. Even if your life seems crammed with things to do, you need to learn to make the most of the time you do have for enjoying yourself. Later today, you may be giving off mixed signals, but who can really blame you? It’s hard to project confidence and clarity if you’re not feeling these things inside. If you feel out of the loop, which is quite possible tonight and early tomorrow, hold off. Be easy on yourself.

If You Were Born Today, July 15


If You Were Born Today, July 15

You are a very capable person with intense personal magnetism and a great love of home and family. You are detail-oriented and have a hard time letting something rest until you’re satisfied it’s complete and accurate. Others may not always know it, but you are very sensitive and often think about your childhood and how it affects you in the present. Learning to let go of things is something that will contribute greatly to your happiness and success in life. Famous people born today: Diane Kruger, Brian Austin Green, Iris Murdoch, Linda Ronstadt, Brigitte Nielsen, Forest Whitaker, Rembrandt.

Courtesy of Cafe Astrology