Elixir Recipes

Meditation Elixir

You will need-

1 pint of spring water

1 Amethyst

1 Clear Quartz

Decanter made from glass

Let it sit overnight in the moonlight. Place in fridge until use.




Energy Elixir

You will need-

1 pint of spring water

1 agate

1 tiger’s eye

1 Decanter made of glass

Place in fridge until use




Moon Goddess Elixir

You will need-

1 pint white wine

1 moonstone

Decanter made from glass

Let it sit in the light of the full moon overnight. Place in fridge until use.



Meditation Elixir

You will need

1 pint of spring water

1 Amethyst

1 Clear Quartz

Decanter made from glass

Let it sit overnight in the moonlight. Place in fridge until use.




Aphrodite Elixir

What you will need

1/2 pint of brandy or rum

1/2 pint of spring water

1 Carnelian

Let it sit for 24 hours in sunlight then in moonlight. Place in fridge until use.



Energy Elixir

You will need

1 pint of spring water

1 agate

1 tiger’s eye

1 Decanter made of glass

Place in fridge until use



Moon Goddess Elixir

You will need

1 pint white wine

1 moonstone

Decanter made from glass

Let it sit in the light of the full moon overnight. Place in fridge until use.




Gem Elixir for Pain

You will need

1/2 pint of spring water

1/2 pint of vodka

1 adventurine

1 lapis lazuli

Decanter made from glass

Put all the ingredients in the decanter, let is sit outside in full sunlight for at least twelve hours. Place elixir into fridge until use. Drinking a cup should help the pain

Tea Recipes

Tranquility Tea

2 tablespoons nettle

4 1/2 teaspoons oat straw

4 1/2 teaspoons chamomile flowers

1 1/2 teaspoons St. John’s wort

1 1/2 teaspoons skullcap

1 1/2 teaspoons passionflower

Combine the ingredients thoroughly and place three tablespoons of the mixture in the filter cup of the coffee maker. Add a full pot of water. As the tea brews and drips into the pot, chant:

Herbs, mix your energies

And flow now into harmony

To soothe and calm and bring new peace

With every sip I take of thee.

Drink the tea hot or over ice. Sweeten with honey.




Sleep Inducing Tea

Add one tablespoon of chamomile flowers to a cup of boiling water. As the tea steeps, chant:

Soothing flowers, bring to me

The sleep that I so sorely need.

Sweeten with honey if desired.



Psychic Tea

Drink this tea during psychic and divination works.

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon rose petals

3 teaspoons mugwort

1 teaspoon yarrow

Combine all ingredients. Use one tablespoon of mixture for every cup of boiling water. As it steeps, chant over the tea:

Tea of richest psychic power

Enhanced awareness on me shower.

Bring the visions I should see.

As I will, so mote it be!




Seven Flower Tea

You can make this fragrant tea with herbs from your garden or dried herbs that you buy. Seven Flower Tea cools you down on a warm summer’s day, helping to keep you calm and soothe your digestion.

1 quart boiling water

2 teaspoons chamomile flower

1 teaspoon linden flower

1 teaspoon calendula flower

1 teaspoon lavender flower

1 teaspoon honeysuckle flower

1 1/2 teaspoon passion flower

1 1/2 teaspoon orange flower or orange peel

Pour boiling water over the flowers. Allow to steep for 20 minutes. Strain. Drink.


The Elixir of Love

The Elixir of Love

This loving cup includes an ingredient known in some magickal circles as “elixir.”
Times this elixir is most effective:
During the Waxing Moon
When the sun or moon is in Taurus, Libra or Scorpio
On Tuesdays or Fridays

What you will need:
A chalice or goblet
Wine or apple cider
Male and female sexual fluids
1. Engage in sexual intercourse.
2. Pour some wine or apple cider in a ritual chalice or goblet.
3. Add a few drops of “elixir”–the mixture of male and female sexual fluids–to the chalice.
4. Focus on each other and your love while you drink the “potentized” wine (or cider) together.

Psychic Power Necklace

Psychic Power Necklace

Pierce cloves, star anise, and nutmeg. (Nutmeg may require a drill.) String them onto a necklace. Concentrate on your goals while piercing and stringing. Murmur your desires and intentions over the spice beads. Wear as a necklace or hang over your head when you desire optimal psychic power.

Money Pentacles

Money Pentacles

4 tbsp. ground Cloves
4 tbsp. ground Cinnamon
4 tbsp. ground Nutmeg
4 tbsp. ground Ginger
a few drops Cinnamon oil
a few drops Clove oil
a few drops Nutmeg oil
2 tbsp. ground Gum Tragacanth (or Gum Arabic)
4 tbsp. Water
Combine the spices. Add the oils to them and mix well. Empower. Add the gum tragacanth to the water and mix thoroughly. Let it sit until it has absorbed the water. Add the ground, empowered spices to the gum/water mixture and blend well with your fingers. This should produce a stiff, dough-like mixture. If the mixture is too mushy, add a bit more of the ground spices. With your hands, form into flat, one-inch circular shapes. Using a sharp knife, trace a pentagram (five-pointed star ) onto each flat circle. Let sit in a warm place out of the Sun to dry. When dried to a rock-hard consistency, carry in the pocket or purse to attract money. Or, place on the altar between two green, flaming candles that have anointed with patchouly or cinnamon oil. If you wish make a large pentacle of the spices and ring with green candles to speed money your way. After four weeks bury the pentacle in the Earth with thanks and use a new one.

Horehound Strength

Horehound Strength

Studying? Engaged in an activity that strains your brain? Try this infusion as a brain pick-me-up.
Place 2 teaspoons of Horehound into boiling water. Let it seep for for 5 min. Strain the liquid and enjoy.
Unless you are a black coffee drinker who likes a STRONG cup of coffee, it would be a good idea to sweeten this with some honey and milk.
The extra powers of clearing the mind, quick thinking and mental strength lasts approx. 4 hours.
Repeat as needed.

Mullein Compress

Mullein Compress


2 quarts cider or malt vinegar

4 oz. Mullein

1/2 oz Lobelia herb

1/4 ounce cayenne powder


Gently simmer well covered for 20-30 min. Strain and pour over 1/4 ounce cayenne powder. Foment affected area as hot as possible for at least 1 hour. I usually place a soaked cloth on the area and cover with plastic wrap and place a heating pad over it all.


This is wonderful for glandular swellings, painful joints and muscles, edema and other swellings. Mullein encourages the absorption of fluids thus reducing swelling and inflammation. Lobelia is very relaxing and anti-spasmodic. Using a stimulant like Cayenne makes the other ingredients more effective and it also can help allay pain and staunch bleeding both on the surface and under (e.g. good for bruising). Cayenne is also somewhat antiseptic. This fomentation may be stored in a cool place and used within a 3 month period.

Just a couple of notes:

1. If it is too “hot”, use less capsicum. Adjust to the needs of the patient.

2. Don’t foment overnight. It may cause skin irritation. Use moderation. Don’t forget vinegar is an acid. My daughter had peeling skin for several days after falling asleep with a compress on her arm.

3. If the vinegar is too irritating, substitute olive oil, in which case you can foment longer.

4. An interesting variation is to use 2 oz Mullein and 2 oz Comfrey with the other ingredients. Comfrey tends to hasten healing of tissues so might be helpful in wounds etc.

5. Do NOT use this compress on cancerous tumors since it encourages dispersion and absorption of fluids, etc.

Frankincense Protective Necklet

Frankincense Protective Necklet

Several ounces of Frankincense “tears”
(small, rounded lumps)
Empower the frankincense tears with protective energies. Thread a short, thin needle with yellow cotton thread. Heat the needle in a gas flame, in hot water or in a candle flame. (If using a candle flame, quickly wipe off the lampblack – if any – that forms on the needle.) Push the hot needle through the center of a frankincense tear and move it down onto the thread. Repeat the heating and threading process until you’ve created a necklet of frankincense “beads” that you can slip over your head. Knot the ends well and wear for protection or during magickal rituals.

Thor’s Nettles

Thor’s Nettles

Odin maybe the All-Father, leader of the Norse and Teutonic spirits, but for centuries the most beloved spirit of that pantheon was Thor, embodiment of courage and strength.


Nettles are sacred to Thor: wear nettle to banish fear and absorb a little of his courageous essence. This is most powerful if done on Thor’s days, Thursdays.


Various Teas



Truth Awareness Tea!

Sometimes it’s nice to give yourself a boast of psychic power before you tackle a problem! This is great to use just before you want to see if someone is telling you the truth or not!

Place a few tablespoons of Mugwort & a small Crystal in a Tea Ball & put the Tea Ball into your Mug/Cup.

Pour Boiling Water into the Mug/Cup and let the Mugwort/Crystal seep for 3 – 4 minutes.

Remove the Tea Ball and sweeten to taste (is a good idea to do as Mugwort is not very tasty). Drink the Tea and pose your question — but be ready to “hear” the truth!



Headache or Insomnia Tea

Put a pinch of Willow bark, Chamomile, Wild Clover, and a Catnip in a coffee filter in your coffee maker, (or a teaball in a mug) with enough water for one serving.

Brew. (For insomnia, Willow bark can be excluded because it acts more as a pain inhibitor.) Within about 15 minutes to half and hour of drinking the mixture, you should feel quite tired and less sore. Be sure to have a comfortable place to sleep.



Dream Tea

2 parts Rose petals

1 part Mugwort

1 part Peppermint

1 part Jasmine flowers

1/2 part Cinnamon

Mix. Add one teaspoon to a cup. Pour boiling water over this and let steep, covered, for a few minutes. Drink before going to bed to produce psychic dreams.



Anti-Anxiety Tea

Add two teaspoons of valerian root to one cup of boiling water. As it steeps, chant:

Nervous anxiety, you are dead.

Roots and water, soothe my head.

Bring to me your calming peace.

As I will, so mote it be!

Though very effective, this tea has a strong flavor that some people find unpleasant. To cut the taste, you might want to heavily sweeten it with honey.




Anger Relief Tea

This tea works equally well for soothing anger and the antsiness associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). The mixture lasts indefinitely when stored in a jar with a screw-on lid.

2 tablespoons catnip

5 tablespoons chamomile

3 tablespoons rose petals

2 tablespoons lemon balm

4 tablespoons lavender

1 1/2 tablespoons vervain

Mix the ingredients thoroughly. Use two tablespoons of tea for every cup of water. As the tea steeps, chant.

Fiery anger, go away,

Calmness come, and with me stay.

Soothe my mind so I can think,

Steep peace of mind within this drink.

Sweeten your tea with honey, if desired




Centaur’s Tea

Chiron the centaur served as spiritual teacher and mentor to many Greek heroes. Centaury, the herb name in honor of centaurs, a favorite of medieval witches’ brews, is said to serve as a magickal teacher, inducing psychic power. Like mugwort and wormwood, plants with similar power, centaury has a bitter taste.

Create centaury tea: play and experiment by adding herbs whose flavor you like so as to create a palatable brew.




Cup of Psychic Courage Tea

Chamomile replenishes and reinforces courage as well as psychic power. Have a cup of chamomile tea as a cup of courage.




Apathy Relief Tea

Use two tablespoons of dried peppermint leaves to one cup of boiling water. As the tea steeps, chant:

Add excitement, herb of spice,

Restore my interest in this life.

Indifference, please, now chase away,

Remove this villain now, I say.

Drink the tea hot. Sweeten with honey if you like.

Various Brews




Moon Brew

Set a silver container filled with water out on the night of the Full Moon just as it rises (which will be at sunset). Allow the water to soak up Lunar rays all night. Just before dawn, rise and retrieve the water. Place in an earthen jug and cork tightly. (Never expose to the rays of the Sun). Add to the bath for love; anoint money to increase wealth; touch to the brow to promote psychic awareness; place in the bath to attune with the spiritual planes or prior to Lunar rituals




Money Brew

3 parts Sassafras

2 parts Cedar

1 part Allspice

1 part Clove

1 part Dill

1 part Vetivert

1 part Calamus

Half fill a green glass bottle with fresh water. Add about a handful or so of the mixed, empowered herbs. Cap tightly and leave in full sunlight all day. At dusk, sniff the water. If the scent is strong, strain and add to baths, wash hands, anoint money charms and so on. If it isn’t strong enough, chill overnight and return to the Sun the following day.




Kernunnos Protection Brew

1 part Pine needles

1 part Caraway

1 part Bay

1 part Basil

1 part Anise

In a red glass bottle half-filled with water, steep the herbs in the Sun for a day. Strain and add to bath water, or anoint your body for personal protection. Also, anoint protective amulets and talismans.




Isis Healing Brew

1 part Rosemary

1 part Sage

1 part Thyme

1 part Cinnamon

Half fill a blue glass bottle with fresh water. Add the ground, empowered herbs to it and let this sit in the Sun all day. If by sunset the water has been colored by the herbs, it is ready for use. If not, store in the refrigerator overnight and steep in the Sun the following day. Strain. Anoint the body or add to bath water while visualizing yourself as being in perfect health.




Headache Brew

Ingredients: A pinch of: White Willow bark, Blue Vervain, Feverfew leaves, Rosemary leaves, Skullcap.

Directions: Brew and drink half a teaspoons of dry tea daily. Can be used daily. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR LACTATING.

Indications: The herbs in this blend can help relieve pain and fix the underlying cause. Chronic pain is often a signal of an underlying problem, so please get diagnosed by a doctor. Do not take this tea if you are pregnant or lactating. Always ask your doctor before taking any herbs




Exorcism Brew


3 parts Rosemary

1 part Bay

1 pinch Cayenne*

Mix, add one teaspoon mixture to a cup, pour boiling over the herbs and let steep for nine minutes, covered. Drink a few teaspoons a day, or add to the bath. (Cayenne pepper is marked here with a caution because it is a strong herb. Use with care and respect)




Cauldron of Cerridwen Brew








Boil water in a cauldron over an open fire. Place all ingredients into the cauldron. Sit before it and entrance yourself by watching the flames. Smell its mystic scent and receive wisdom. (Do not drink. Why? It’s poisonous, that’s why)




Cauldron of Cerridwen Brew (nontoxic)

1 part Bay

1 part Tobacco

1 part Damiana

1 part Mormon Tea

1 part Broom

Boil water in a cauldron over an open fire. Place all ingredients into the cauldron. Sit before it and entrance yourself by watching the flames. Smell its mystic scent and receive wisdom




Clairvoyance Brew

3 parts Rose petals

1 part Cinnamon

1 part Nutmeg

1 part Bay

1 part Mugwort

Place in teapot, fill with boiling water, let steep, covered, for a few minutes. Remove cover, sniff steam (not so that you burn your nose) for a few moments, visualize the mystic scent opening your psychic awareness, then lie down and prophesize. If you wish, drink a bit of the brew as well, and let the steam continue to rise as you stretch your psychic awareness.


Various Tinctures



Money Tincture





Anoint money before spending; anoint money amulets, your purse or wallet, cash register and so on.




Sacred Tincture




Anoint yourself to increase your involvement with spiritual activities, especially prior to meditation and religious rituals of all kinds.





Third Eye Tincture

Star Anise




Anoint your pillow for psychic dreams(careful though; this will probably stain–use one pillowcase just for this purpose). Also anoint the wrists and forehead before using your natural psychic abilities.



Guardian Tincture




Anoint yourself or objects for protection.



Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Tincture




Anoint your body, healing amulets(sachets), blue candles and so on to speed healing or to retain good health.




Love Tincture




Anoint your body or love sachets to attract a love and to expand your ability to give and to receive love.

Just a long note to explain a few things……..

It is getting late in the day and we are stopping the rest of the daily divination we do. I apologize for this but it is due to circumstances beyond our control (or at least mine). There is something that occurred that I did not tell any of you and I guess I should have. I know it has caused interruptions in getting the daily info out because WordPress occasionally has issues. When that happens everything stops. None of the others know how to go into the coding and straighten it out, only I do. So when I am tied up and a computer error pops up, everything stops till I am free again.

When I was stuck in Tennessee, you know just hanging out, enjoying the sites, NOT! Some how my water in my bathroom at the cabin came on and stayed on the whole time I was away. It was a slow trickling stream of water but it destroyed my bathroom and half of my living area. If Mystie hadn’t took Razzy and Kiki to her place, she would have found it. And there wouldn’t have been that much damage done. But anyway, I called a contractor out and he totaled the bathroom. Took out the tile, put the toilet in the bathtub, cut a hole in the wall, you name it, he did it. Then he took his little moisture meter to the living area. Water was detected in there, so he had to cut a piece of carpet about ten foot long by four foot wide out from there. You ought to see it. I have a living area that is all jammed up into one little tiny spot. I use to like to lay in the floor to watch TV. Now you do good just to find the floor to walk on. But the contractor brought in his dryers, they stayed for three days. Next, I had the adjuster to deal with, not to mention the insurance company. Today, I finally got the report from the insurance company, they are going to pay for the damages. I had to give them a recorded statement that is what screwed us up today. The insurance company needed the statement so everything stopped. I think they do that out of courtesy to me. I believe everyone knows I am about at my wits end. There is no way I could handle an insurance agent and a computer problem at the same time.

I called the contractor and he is suppose to be out Monday to start work. He would have been here sooner but our area flooded really bad. Our phone system is so screwed up that we have to watch the TV to see if anyone is calling. The hicks invented caller ID for your television, I ain’t bitching now it sure has come in handy. If not, we wouldn’t have known when anybody had called today.

But for the next few days, I can take a breather and hopefully we can get back to normal for a few days or least until Monday. I am hoping this home improvement job don’t take too long. You really don’t know how much you take your toilet for granted until you don’t have one, lol! Hey, might as well laugh as cry.

I just wanted to take this moment to let you know what was going on. I feel we owe that to all of you. You are our family, friends and loved ones. I didn’t want you thinking the worse. What could be worse than this, oops, never say that, sorry! But now you know, I am having toilet issues and it seems that has effected the entire staff. It really hasn’t bothered me, just a big inconvenience because I know I have to get it fixed. I have another bathroom, so the one tore all to hell I just shut the door on. The sprayed that entire area to keep mold and mildew from growing. Apparently they didn’t do that great of job, Kiki has been having breathing problems. I have went back to giving her medicine every 4 hours. The vet said it was because of the crap in the air. Be nice if the insurance would pay for a hotel suite, a witch can dream can’t she?

So for the rest of the day, I am going to breath a short sigh of relief. We have decided we are actually going to put on some useful information, formulas, recipes and the such. I was digging around in our old site and I unearth some old formulas that are still over there. We are going to try to put as many as possible on the same page. There are at least seven pages left over there and Yuku is writing me nasty notes again. Except this time, they got a nasty one back. All I can say is “Don’t mess with a toilet-less witch?”

Now that you know the situation, all I ask is just have a little patience with us. I am not fixing to say, “things will get back to normal eventually.” Hell, I wouldn’t know normal if it walked up and bite me on the rump. With that, we are off….

We love everyone of you very much, don’t ever forget that.

Lady A & The WOTC Staff


Daily I Ching Hexagram for July 9th is 28: Great Test

Daily I Ching Hexagram

July 9th, 2015


28: Great Test


You may be in a compromised position. Relations and projects may be on the verge of collapsing. It is time to look toward different opportunities.

Line One of Your Hexagram is a 6:
Gain the support and trust of others by demonstrating your good intentions. Humility is your ally.

Line Two of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Be courageous in the face of adversity. You will overcome any obstacles.

Line Three of Your Hexagram is a 9:
The times may be chaotic and dangerous. If so, be careful.

Line Four of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Your problems are not as big as they seem. However, to avoid trouble in the future, handle them carefully.

Line Five of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Taking advantage of the unworthy is not noble.

Line Six of Your Hexagram is a 6:
Rely on your intuition, diligence and courage to help you through difficult times.

Casting the Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for July 9th

Casting the Stones, 

Your Past, Present & Future Reading for July 9



bw-tiwazThe Past

Tiwaz is the Warrior Rune. It represents pure, masculine power and the ability to successfully fight to meet your goals. However, you must be careful that costs of attaining your goals overshadow their values.


bw-isaThe Present

The Ice Rune, represents stagnation and a passionless existence. Your life’s course may seem blurry at the moment, but if you persevere you will move onto better days.


bw-berkanoThe Future

Berkano is the Rune of birth and rebirth. This may symbolize a time when you are capable of great personal growth. Love may be in the air as well.

Your Rune for Thursday, June 9th is Jera


bw-jeraYour Rune For Today

Jera denotes positive, recurring cycles, fertility and a time to harvest rewards from your hard work.

Additional information about Today’s Rune, Jera

jera: year, harvest


Phonetic equivalent: y (but may be used in place of ‘j’)


DIVINATORY MEANINGS: change, cycle turning, reward, motion, productivity, inevitable development


MAGICAL USES: to bring change; for fertility and growth




ANALYSIS: In this modern age of central heating and oranges in February, it is difficult to imagine the close ties that people once had with the cycles of the year, particularly in the more Northern climes. The changing seasons affected not only the weather, but also the to day activities and even the diets ofancient peoples. Constant change was the norm, and the object was to become attuned those changes, not to fight against them. An ancient farmer (or even some modern ones) wouldn’t need to look at a calendar to tell him when to plant, or read a weather forecast to know when the snows were coming. The changing seasons were a part of his blood and bones, and his very existence depended on adapting to change.


Jera follows isa just as spring follows winter. The turning of the wheel breaks the frozen stagnancy of ice, and things are once again moving along, as they should. In fact, we have now broken out of the entire set ‘negative’ runes with which we began this aett. This has been accomplished not by fighting to escape the ice or railing against the unfairness of fate, but by learning from those experiences and simply waiting for the inevitable thaw. Jera is the communion wine – the product of the joining of opposites bringing life. Storms may come and go, but the sun is always there and life is generally pretty good. Enjoy it while you can


The Runic Journey (PDF)
by Jennifer Smith

Your Lucky Tarot Cards for July 9th

Your Lucky Tarot Cards for Today

This reading represents elements that favor you.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents the protector of a culture’s heritage and traditions. His purpose is to defend and teach the established ways and beliefs a group embraces. He is inherently conventional and a true believer in the power of the group. He loves the structure of the group and its values. It is the task of The Hierophant to bring new members into the group—to prepare the uninitiated to take their rightful place in his culture. In this sense he is very much like a teacher or a priest. He also acts as the repository of his group’s history. The Hierophant is certainly not one to buck proper authority. However, he is staunch and worthy defender of the tried and true. He represents the positive aspects of conformity.

When The Emperor is among your personal cards, the influence of The Hierophant may be increased. Having The Fool or The Lovers in your personal cards may diminish the influence of The Hierophant.




The Lovers

The Lovers indicates both the most powerful of unions and the most of challenging conflicts humans must face. On one side The Lover’s embodies love and union on a cosmic scale—a love so strong, so inherently good that it actually makes the lovers better, more than they really are. All of the elements are there for the perfect union. The Lovers represent all powerful unions in general, and the elements that create/sustain them. The problem The Lovers face is temptation and the decision to act morally or abandon their ethics to take advantage of other opportunities that would be defined as transgressions.

The Lovers’ influence is increased when The Empress is among your personal cards. Having The Hierophant or The Hermit in your personal cards may diminish the influence of the Lovers.

Your Daily Tarot Card for July 9th is The Chariot

Your Personal Daily Tarot Card

The Chariot

The Chariot is the representation of Victory and the personality traits required to attain victory. The Chariot indicates self-awareness and control. Courage—the ability to overcome fear and confront the unknown head on–is a primary ingredient of any victorious campaign and is denoted by the Chariot. So too is force of will. Often success is as much the product of will power and a refusal to surrender as it is anything else. The Chariot also represents the healthy personality of someone who believes in themselves; someone who can take control of the situation and bring events to a positive end. His successes come in competition with others.