WOTC Extra – Casting the Circle

Casting A Circle


A circle is cast before you perform spell-work. The circle forms two purposes – it protects you from negative energy and it provides energy for the spell being cast.

Face the north quarter and point at it, either with you finger or your athame, while saying, “Hail and welcome.” Light the candle that represents that quarter, if applicable. Repeat this for each other quarter, moving in a clockwise direction to form a complete circle.

When you get back to the beginning again, ask the God or Goddess for their blessing and ask them to seal the circle and protect those working within it.

After you have finished the spell-casting, you will need to close off the circle properly. This is done by the same person who originally cast the circle. Thank the God and Goddess and face each quarter again – this time pointing towards the ground. This will safely disperse the energy.



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The Witches Magick for June 21, Summer Solstice – Midsummer Ritual

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The Witches Magick for June 21, Summer Solstice – Midsummer Ritual

Begin by casting a circle. Now stand before your altar and say the following or similar:

“Great God of the sun, I have come here this day to honor you in your strength, for I know that now is the time of your greatest power.”

Raise your wand or Athame towards the sun and say the following or similar:

“Great father God, Great mother Goddess, come into my heart, and purify me. Smite the evil in my soul, just as your magickal love purges the evil from all things.”

Visualize the energy of the sun flowing into your athame, and into you. See it clean any impurities that exist in you. Feel it as it cleans you.

Once you have finished reflecting on the God and Goddess’ purification of you, move to the south side of you circle (the direction of fire) and light a (small) ritual fire.

Now say the following or similar:

“Great horned father, may this fire burn in representation of your greatness.”

Meditate for a while (while staring into the flames) on the sun, and all it does for us. Once you have meditated, you should allow yourself some time to commune with the gods. Just open your mind to them and let them speak to you. If you like you can thank them and tell them what midsummer means to you. Or you can just lay there in silence and know that they are watching. Once you are done, thank the gods for watching over you.

The ritual part of this rite is over, however, midsummer & midsummer’s night are probably the best times to perform magick. Any spells cast during this time are likely to be vastly more powerful than when cast at other times. If you do not have any particular thing to cast a spell for, then perhaps now would be the best time to cast a spell that ensures happiness for you over the coming winter months. Think hard about it, because this opportunity comes but once a year.

WOTC Extra (a) – Circle Casting

WitchCircle Casting

An incredibly simple yet amazing protection spell is accomplished by casting a circle. Just as children play tag and they have designated zone( s) the other playmates cannot enter, so is like casting a circle. The circle is designated as “safe”. No malevolent spiritual force can touch or harm your while within the circle.

In addition to personal protective magic circles, circles are traditionally cast to contain threshold experiences as well as whatever is perceive as potentially vulnerable

*Circles are drawn around rituals
* Circles are drawn around sickbeds
* Circles are drawn around woman in childbirth
* Circles are drawn around sleeping children and infants.

Jane’s Pocketbook of Spell: Cleansing, Banishing, Protection and other various Remedies

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