Let’s Talk Witch – House Cleansing & Ghost

Halloween Magic...♥♥♥.Original by Oº°‘¨ ዠippվርዠiርk33 ¨‘°ºO.House Cleansing and Ghosts

For those of you who want to know the basic lowdown on ghosts, here you go. Keep in mind that often when folks are convinced they have a haunting, what they are actually experiencing is old, stale energy and trapped memories in the home. Read over this information with an open mind, and see what you can discover.

To begin with, often a house that seems haunted is simply a home filled with negativity or discordant energy. If you think you are dealing with a haunted location, your first order of business is to have the homeowners clean the house. Seriously. Stale energy is trapped energy. Dust, dirt, neglect, and clutter create a residual energy and give all that old emotional residue nooks and crannies to hide in. Bless the home with salt, water, and sunlight. Fill the home with love and laughter. These simple yet powerful ingredients often banish any lingering negativity. They are simple fixes, true, and they work very well indeed.

Discordant Energy.
Easy definition: “bad vibes.” This occurs when unbalanced or negative energy builds up in a location. Simple cures include cleaning house, utilizing feng shui, and family counseling. Encourage the home’s occupants to clear the air— to calmly discuss their feelings and work together to change the atmosphere of their home to a positive and healthy one. Now, discordant energy can be triggered by hoarding and unbalanced emotions. The buildup of discordant or negative energy hangs heavy in the air and creates a sense of being watched. Also, if the occupants have any psychic talent and are suppressing their anger, it may cause manifestations of minor violence such as objects falling and breaking.

A “haunting” where objects move about violently. Traditionally these events focus on a teenager or pre-teen with latent psychic talent. The manifestation is not truly a spirit; instead, it is a combination of the youngster’s burgeoning, uncontrolled energy and psychic talents.

Etheric imprints.
These are like faint echoes of the past. When strong experiences occur, the energy gets “imprinted” on the vibes of a place; these can be positive or negative vibrations. They are usually minor, but the imprint may be noticeable to a sensitive person.

Etheric recordings (also called residual hauntings).
Sometimes the etheric imprints go deeper and are not only the emotions and feelings of a time but are actual events that are recorded. For example, hearing footsteps walking down the stairs or seeing a figure in the same spot doing the same thing over and over are residual hauntings. Though they appear to be “ghosts,” there is no consciousness, personality, or individuality in the experience. These are merely echoes of the past, aka etheric recordings, that have been recorded and are stuck on the playback here on our plane, or physical reality, for all to see.

Disembodied dead (or a traditional haunting).
This occurs when the spirit of the departed does not cross over for some reason. Some spirits are shy, quiet, and confused— and some are royally pissed off and do not understand what has happened. Their own intense emotions keep them bound to the physical world.

The two most impressive styles of haunts would be a residual-style haunt and an intelligent, or interactive, haunt. A residual haunt is believed to be activity of reoccurring or traumaticactions from past events that leave an imprint on the environment. This type is probably the most common type of haunting. Because its characteristics are similar to the intelligent haunting, people often mistake it for an intelligent, or traditional, haunting.

Like intelligent haunts, some examples of activity are phantom footsteps, sounds, images, and scents. Major differences between this haunting and the intelligent/ traditional haunting are that this type of haunting is not considered to be that of a ghost and there is no interaction with the living. One theory as to why this occurs is that the energy is stored or absorbed by the site due to repetitive or traumatic events of the energy expended while such actions were performed. Similar to a tape player, the energy is stuck in the current environment. Over time, that energy builds up and is discharged, showing a replay of the event, and then the cycle starts again. Some suggest that atmospheric conditions such as storms may initiate the ghostly playback.

Secondly, we have the intelligent, or interactive-style, hauntings. This type of haunting is what most people think of when they hear the word ghost. An intelligent or traditional ghost may interact with people. The most common belief is that the ghost is connected to the place or its people in some way. Here are the traditional reasons that a ghost may be tied to the location or to the folks who inhabit the site:

The spirit may have died suddenly and not realized that he or she died.

The living loved ones are so emotionally distraught that they can’t let go.

The spirit is emotionally connected to or very protective of their living loved ones.

The ghost may have some unfinished business.

The ghost’s death was a result of a traumatic event (murder, car accident, etc.).

They cannot rest due to an injustice done to them such as disturbing their graves or remains.

Fear of the other side or judgment.

These ghostly reasons are generally associated with voices, sounds, and physical activity such as slamming, opening, closing, or unlocking doors and windows. A strong presence, a scent, or a touch may also be experienced. People sometimes see a manifestation of the ghost in the form of an apparition or a mist. In my case, I see a person just standing there smiling at me—who then disappears in front of your eyes.


This article is written by Ellen Dugan, from her book,
Every Witch Way: Spells and Advice from Two Very Different Witches
Ellen Dugan; Tess Whitehurst

Witches Magick for August 22 – Holding The Perfect Seance


How To Hold a Seance

By Patti Wigingon, About. com Guide


A séance is an event that can either be fantastic, or a real mess. Which one it is will depend on how much preparation goes into it. With a little bit of planning and thought ahead of time, you can pave the way for your séance to go smoothly. Certainly, it’s a good idea to expect the unexpected — after all, the dead are hardly predictable — but by setting yourself a few guidelines in advance, you can make sure that everyone has the best experience possible.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: Varied

Here’s How:

Plan your guest list: Figure out how many people you’re going to have — and make sure the space you’re using will allow them all. If your living room only seats eight people comfortably, don’t invite fifteen! Also, be sure that everyone attending is open-minded to the spirit world. People who are adamantly “non-believers” bring a certain amount of negative energy, and this can be disruptive. You may also find that it adversely effects your communication with the spirits during your séance.

Create a Spirit-Friendly Atmosphere: Most people like to conduct a séance at a round or oval table, but if neither is available, don’t worry. Drape the table with fabric or sheets — some people prefer light colors to attract “friendly” spirits, but it’s a matter or personal preference. If you use incense, be sure that no one in your group is allergic to it. Place incense somewhere away from the table, rather than on the table itself. Candles are a nice addition as well — not only do they provide some visibility, but there’s a school of thought that believes spirits are attracted to heat and light sources.

Common Sense: Help everyone get comfortable by offering refreshments before you begin. Make sure that guests will be respectful of the spirits, and of other guests. Turn off all cell phones. If anyone needs to go to the bathroom or have a smoke, do so before you begin. Set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature — remember that spirit activity can cause some fluctuation in levels of cold or heat. Once everyone is seated, you can help everyone relax by doing a short guided mediation, offering a prayer, or casting a protective circle, if your tradition requires you to do so.

During the Seance: Although many people like to do this, you don’t have to hold hands to raise energy. In fact, if a séance goes on too long, it can get downright uncomfortable. Whoever is acting as the leader of the séance — the medium — should ask the spirits to join the group. If there is a specific spirit you are trying to contact, ask for them by name. For example, now would be the time to say, “Dear Auntie Gertrude, we respectfully ask that you honor us with your presence this evening.” In some séances, spirits are summoned by chanting — this will be up to your medium to decide on.

As long as the spirits seem willing to reply, you can carry on a question and answer session with them. Bear in mind that spirits respond in many different ways. Sometimes there will be a tangible reaction — a tap, a thump, a soft breeze. Other times — particularly if you have a room full of very psychically gifted people — the spirit may choose to respond through another person. This may be the medium, or any other guest. The individual may simply “get a message” to pass along, which they would then share, such as, “Your Auntie Gertrude wants you to know she isn’t in pain any more.”

Party Time: Sometimes, particularly if you have a group of psychically gifted individuals as guests, you may get several spirits arriving all at once, chattering away. This is not cause for alarm, but it does take some managing, because they’ve all got something to say. Treat it like you would any other conversation with a large group of people — let each spirit get their turn to deliver the message they came with, and then move on to the next one. Also, bear in mind that not all spirits are from departed humans — deceased pets may also have a message to pass along.

Unwanted Entities: Just like at any other party, sometimes a séance will bring an uninvited guest. In this case, when you have a spirit that seems malevolent or mischievous, someone needs to let them know they’re unwelcome. Typically, this will be the medium who is leading the séance, who will usually say something like, “You are not wanted here, but we thank you for your presence. Now it is time for you to move on.”

If an entity arrives that seems angry or hostile and will not leave, no matter what you do, end the séance. Chances are good that it’s been attracted to someone in your group who is dysfunctional.

Closing the Door: When you’re done with the séance, it’s important that guests thank the spirits for coming to visit. After all, you would do so if you had living guests drop in!

If one of your attendees seems to have slipped into a trance or a sleep-like state during the séance, allow them to return gradually, on their own. Do NOT shake them awake. Chances are they’ll have a message for someone once they’re back among the group.

Close the séance by telling the spirits farewell, thanking them, and asking them to move along. You may want to offer a small blessing or prayer as a way of ending the formal séance, but bear in mind that some spirits like to hang around after the séance has officially finished. If they do, it’s okay. They’re probably just curious, and they may return to visit you later in the evening during a dream sequence.


Before you begin your seance, smudge the area with sage or sweetgrass for ritual cleansing.

Make sure you’ve eliminated potential distractions, such as children or ringing telephones. Interestingly, many pets seem to come and go through spirit activity without causing any disruption. Cats in particular tend to be very curious about what’s going on.

Your guests may wish to bring an object that belonged to a deceased person, as a way of strengthening the connection. Photographs are also good links to the dead.

Yule: Fertility and Ghosts

Yule: Fertility and Ghosts

At the winter solstice, Scandinavians worshipped Frey, god of fertility; further south, the Angli celebrated

December 24 as New Year’s Eve, called Modranecht (mother night), a vigil also connected with fertility rites.

In general, the traditional Yule (from the Norse Iul, meaning wheel) was a feast devoted to fertility and the

ancestors, which passed on to Christmas fecund and ghostly traditions. The Christmas roast pig is kissing cousin
to julgalti, the pig offered to Frey for fertility in the coming year, according to Funk and Wagnall’s. Hence the apple

in its mouth. Similarly, Yule was a time to charm grain and fruit to grow thick. Traditional Scots kept the

Corn Maiden from harvest till Yule and then distributed her to the cattle, according to the Farrars. The Germans

scattered the ashes of the Yule log on the fields for fertility, or kept its last charred pieces to bind in the last

sheaf of the coming harvest. The French retained apiece of Yule log through the year to protect the house

against fire and lightning, to ensure bountiful crops and the easy birth of calves. The solstice was also a weather

predictor, according to Funk and Wagnall’s. In more recent tradition, a white Christmas is said to mean a prosperous
New Year, while a green, cloudy or hot Christmas fills the churchyard.


Yule is a time for spirits. European tradition, transferred to the Christian holiday, held that each house should

be clean and prepared for Christmas before the household went to church, so the spirits could inspect it.

Spirits likewise stayed for Christmas dinner. In Sweden, householders set a special table for them. European

folk beliefs say that someone who sits under a pine tree on Christmas Eve can hear the sound of angels —

but death will soon follow. Death also awaits one who hears farm animals converse in the barn that night.

A person born on Christmas can see spirits. Dreams on the Northern Modranecht were believed to foretell
the coming year, according to Nigel Pennick in The Pagan Book of Days.



 Excerpted From Reclaiming the Winter Solstice by Melanie Fire Salamander

Prose Of The Season

Prose Of The Season


Druids would not know this night
And Witches would in wonder gaze
To see the festive costumed souls
That dash about the night in play
Where ancient magick ruled the land
Children’s laughter fills the soul
Yet in this way the night is honored
Much like the ancients long ago.

by David O. Norris, copyright 1999


Velinda held the flickering light
And cast grim shadows on the wall
While whispering stories in my ear
On Halloween so long ago.


The ghosts she conjured howled then
To match the winds that moaned outside,
Her Witches crossed the golden moon
On brooms above the clouds they’d ride.


That night I’d try my best to sleep
With thoughts of graveyards in my mind
I’d pull the covers o’er my head
To leave those visions far behind.


Now she’s living in New Hampshire,
Over forty years have passed us by
Still, on Halloween, I hear her whisper
And once again the Witches fly!

by David O. Norris, “Halloween 1953” copyright 1998

Witches’ hats and harvest moon
Ghosts that dance to haunted tune.
Apples, goodies, food galore.
Halloween has this and more.


Fairies, gnomes, and funny clowns
Mom and I go ’round the town.
Cats and pumpkins, friends to meet
Everyone says “trick or treat!”

~Author unknown

Just a little witch
on high
She’ll tell you that
your love is nigh
Your fortune on Halloween
when told
My secret will the witch unfold.

~from an Early Nineteenth-Century Halloween postcard


From Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf

Lady A’s Spell of the Day for June 10: Scottish Necromantic Spell

Scottish Necromantic Spell

In order to perform this Scottish Necromantic spell, one must arrange to have a room with total and complete privacy.
1. Spiritually cleanse the room and oneself prior to beginning the spell at nightfall.
2. Using a compass, cast a circle in the middle of the room, large enough for you, a table and chair.
3. Place objections of protection on the table. The traditional spell calls for a Bible and/or a crucifix. Substitute as needed. If the Bible doesn’t work for you substitute another lengthy spiritual work, both for protection and to occupy you until the ghost shows up.
4. Light a white candle: this is your only source of light.
5. Sit down and concentrate on your desires. Call the specific ghost you need. Read the book. Wait for the ghost to show up, perhaps in person. Should you fall asleep, be prepared to speak with the ghost in your dreams and remember and record the conversation.