Indications of What Type of Magic You Should Practice

Indications of What Type of Magic You Should Practice

Indications of White Magic:

  • Your practice uses White Light energies.
  • There is a tendency for self-purification before and/or during a spell.
  • You have an affinity to cleanse your area, target, and self.

Indications of Black Magic:

  • Dark essences are being used, primarily.
  • You find power in the emotional negativity of yourself and others.

Indications of Magecraft:

  • Your primary concern is in social politics or what people think.
  • You are constantly trying to understand what people think and feel.

Indications of Nature Magic:

  • Your practice tends to beckon you to nature and the use of natural forces.
  • You can feel a higher presence in things that most would call inanimate.
  • Your magic is an extension of the natural world, not a conflict with it.
  • You feel a different kind of power in nature and feel prone to harness it.

Indications of Necromancy:

  • Your practice centres around degrading health and physical well-being.
  • You find power in the physical suffering of yourself or others.
  • You use servitors but totally control all of their actions at all times.
  • You can sense if a person will die or if they are becoming ill/diseased.

Indications of Healing:

  • You can feel your own internal energies.
  • You can realign your internal energies if injured.
  • You can feel the aura of others and can realign it as well.

Indications of Celestial Magic:

  • You put your situations in the hands of a higher being.
  • You believe in a god or gods and want to, or know how to, communicate with them.
  • Your mystic practices incorporate the use of higher intelligences.

Indications of Satanic Magic:

  • Your power comes from yourself.
  • You are not interested in ever letting power out of your own control.
  • Your methods often include blessing/enchanting yourself.

Indications of Elemental Magic:

  • You are primarily concerned with physical manifestations.
  • Your art works heavily with controlling the environment.
  • It seems natural to you if you change the weather through mystic exertion.

Indications of Enchanting:

  • You are interested in the mystic potential of items.
  • You can sense mana in items that have been handled by another magician.
  • You try to magnify or nullify the powers put into objects.
  • You have skill in imbuing normal things with special powers.

Indications of Summoning:

  • You do not want to use higher powers to control summoned spirits.
  • Your power focusses on calling out to spirits, but not gods.
  • You see or work with demons, yet do not feel afraid.
  • You want servitors but also want to let them think on their own.
  • You can talk to spirits of the dead by feeling their thoughts.

Indications of Divination:

  • You frequently experience Deja Vu.
  • You see hidden meanings in atypical events.
  • You can predict events spontaneously with a high degree of accuracy.

Indications of Wizardry:

  • You tend to see “the big picture” where everyone else is worried about trifles.
  • You have the ability to move outside your body.
  • You use magic to change small things which drastically effect larger things by “domino effect”.
  • Your can project yourself or thoughts of your own design to manifest on this level.
  • Your art seems like a “pure” sorcery.

Indications of Sorcery:

  • You tend to see even mundane things from a mystic standpoint.
  • Your practices are fervent and full of emotion.
  • You step into a dark plane to practice your most potent skills.
  • Your art seems like a “dark” wizardry, or some form of “shadow magic”.


  • You rely on a variety of mystic abilities.
  • You do not have a desire to commit to one path.
  • You feel confined rather than empowered by using a single discipline.
  • You see no need for devotion to extreme mystic abilities.

Note: This is not necessarily a reason to panic. There are times when the practitioner is legitimately not prepared to take on the discipline strains of studying through a single caste. At first, in fact, it is recommended that things be taken slowly and that all paths are given a fair trial to ensure that there is no reminiscing or regret in the future. This is not a problem, nor a sign of weakness. It is a reality that many casters face. Using whatever seems appropriate for a situation and recording it in a journal (Book of Shadows) will eventually reveal trends in your casting that will allow you to see where your talent or need lies.


  • There is a physical solution to your problems.
  • You couldn’t be bothered to study if there’s no immediately achievable results.
  • You already know of a few normal solutions to a problem without resorting to the occult.

Luna’s Grimoire

Necromancy for Today

Necromancy for Today
Author: Bluethorn

A truth of this divination can be found in many paths of the world, yet for myself I have discovered a way of bringing forth what lies in this realm from within. Although perhaps thought of when the implication of ‘within’ is stated as solely useable by the writer, in this case as in all cases of truth writing, this is not so and can be easily learned by anyone with patience and a true will for all things magick.

I state divination as magick because I feel that it is a power to be learned through true faith in its ideology, and because this power does not belong in the hands of the common mundane person.

Necromancy as a practice of spirit divination is something I will be explaining from my own personal account and of events that have taken place within one or more of my past incarnate lives.

As with all things magick in my life, I bring forth the spirit I seek from within myself, or I simply go to it, for I feel that although these methods perhaps do not follow what society tells us of necromancy, they are safe and practical.

First we must destroy within our minds this ridiculous idea that society has given us of what this divination is all about, there is no secret knowledge of an afterlife, no spirit knows more than you, no luck or special power can be called to serve you, and no spirit can be conjured up to do your bidding.

All beings of this world and beyond are contained within the same set of rules which apply to us as living entities and are with us at all times as we are all one with the world.

True necromancy is a divination of empowering the spirit of others into ourselves, of traveling in astral form through space and time to visit the carnate life of the spirit we take within. Indeed this power can be used in the same fashion to take our own spirit to this level, and reawaken the dormant past of our own previous lives, if we may wish so.

In most cases we find that the only things we can learn from within this magick are of lessons of pain, suffering and death, for all spiritual beings, which have died, have felt all of these things and more.

A great reason through for learning of these things is to prevent them from becoming our fate; for all beings of this world endure the most tragic of lessons in one or more of their lives, but to die and learn that lesson can bring forth a salvation of reliving that lesson ever again, in any of our reincarnations.

In the end; when all lessons of pain and suffering have been learned we are free to live a good life, far from any of these horrific things; yet to learn them is to experience them completely as they were learned by the spirit we take into us, that alone can be far too much for an unprepared person to conceive.

As an initiator of necromancy the preceding path is given solely as a construct for us to build upon, thankfully there are vast more pleasurable and positive aspects of life to be learned than there are of darker things. At the time when we have learnt of all that death can teach us, the spirit world no longer holds the barring darkness of pain out for us, and we can now be taught the rest, if we may so wish it.

A problem I see with taking this beyond where we are is that if a lesson of peace or love for instance is learned then we will not spend a lifetime enjoying and learning of it, as many of the goodly lessons take entire lifetimes (sometimes more) to learn.

If one was to say ‘what occurs when all lessons have been learned?’ a simple answer is that they truthfully have not, for in the end, the final lesson is to dissipate and be reborn as a new spirit, and simply to begin learning once again from scratch.

At this time I suppose that all sounds quite theoretical, yet you will see and begin to understand the reasoning I have for writing all of this soon enough if you can continue to read on under your own free will to the following sections.

Beyond the Theoretical 1 –

History tells us of many people who have delved within the realm of Necromancy, written of conjuration and selfish gain from such a thing, yet just like all history it is written solely with lies and hardly ever sparks any remote truth. A truth is that these people spoken of in most cases were very close to death, they believed this to be an ending extreme of magick, all looked inward on them selves as if it would be a bad or evil thing to work this divination.

In a world of manifesting reality such a thing became so for them, and perhaps a spirit did manifest and carry them away, yet it was not due to the divinatory aspects of what they did, it was due to their fear which manifested for them.

No great demon or throng of demonic spirit will appear if you can understand the reality and truth of nature, that being that these things do not exist unless we give them power to do so.

A great magick user could create such a reality if bent on doing so a lot easier than a thousand weak folk believing in a Hell, for this reason it is safe to practice such a thing if taken from the self if we follow the truth of it.

Not to say that magick of within is weaker, simply that when we learn it properly there no longer exists anything to protect ourselves from, as it is entirely from us, and not ‘borrowed’ from elsewhere.

In its entirely, the self is never ending and borderless with no limitation or barring rules to hold us back, it is the elements united, the path of the Stars, the day and the night, and all things great or small of all realms, for within us is a mirroring of all the great patterns and strengths of the world.

Drawing of power from within yields us the same result as without (or from some object or tool), except that since it is from within we have absolute control and understanding of it, and so in actuality our results are far more potent and can be indefinitely more powerful if we wish them to be.

I believe that a wondrous aspect of self magick is that we require no preparation, circle, candle, wand, or anything of that sort for there is no conduit beyond us, and no fear of failure, resulting in absolute dominance of our minds and magick with no doubt available whatsoever.

What doubt could arrive if we remove all tools and variables that could hinder anything from occurring? Without a doubt or deterrence we are free to live however we may wish, if this path draws us into learning then Necromancy is a tool which we can utilize for such self education.

Although self education may seem pointless in a world where a piece of paper is more substantial than an intellectual mind, when we see the true knowledge and begin to learn of it, there is no longer a cause to worry about such papers, as you become empowered with what it takes to succeed on your own terms.

No one educated by society is ever remembered as unique or as an innovator, it is when they tear away from society and grasp reality that they become great and empowered with what it really takes to shine in this world. Perhaps it may sound illogical to state that self knowledge can be learnt through a method of empowering the self with the spirit of others, but in actuality this path is self knowledge because the spirit world around us is one with us, unlike what people write in books with the idea of making money.

Arguably as the idea of learning or writing text books to actually teach goes, from those who write such things it may seem that their intent is to teach and they are rewarded with money, yet the reality of it is that these people would not write them if no one would read their work. No publisher would pay anyone to write anything that no one would read or buy, and so textbooks for classroom education would not be written.

With this idea in mind we can now see that all modern written learning instruments of our society exist solely to make money, and therefore self education is far more pure and enlightening path to follow. Self-education is a path of learning what we must know for ourselves, as we only learn what we care about and what is meaningful to us, as opposed to a bunch of useless facts to ‘plump up’ a book for publication, solely to meet page quotas.

Learn of this magick for yourself and you will be rewarded with the confidence and power to change the entire world around you for the better, and the prosperity of your life will easily become evident.

Beyond the Theoretical 2 –

True Necromancy begins as any form of divination, with a unification of the source you are working with, to drive a shade of that medium upon yourself. Although when many think of Necromancy they automatically think of graveyards, cemeteries and crypts, yet in reality death is all around us, most evidential in the Fall when crops die and trees go to sleep.

In the Spring or Summer it is difficult to utilize a Necromantic approach as the world is being reborn and living, yet it is not impossible to attain a shroud of death upon yourself. Essentially death is the reformation of the body to the Earth construct to which it began, by the removal of the Water, Fire, and eventually Air from the body, leaving only the Earth to rest, or to begin again.

It is essential to note that places of earthly magnificence are empowered by the initiating construct and prime to necromantic endeavor, since they contain little to none of the empowering elements.

Perhaps interesting to note that most spiritual seekers in the world find their answers in places most devoid of light (Fire), motion (Water) and of a sort of dank or stagnant Air formation, for in these places there is no great spiritual presence over any other except for that of the Earth.

In Necromancy there are many approaches that work successfully and I will explain a few of them briefly, including a few negative or positive aspects of each.

1. To become as the dead and take upon yourself this shroud is to remove much of the elements from yourself as possible. By not eating we remove energy and become weak (no Fire), by not drinking we move the Water, eventually we will find shortness of breath and lose the Air as well. A bad part of this is that it may be difficult to recover if we have not worked with elemental empowerment in the past, and by becoming so close to the Earthly construct we could die.

2. We could remove the elements from our surroundings and create within our rooms an aura of stagnant death that could then open up a greater presence of spiritual awareness. Doing so may include things like closing the blinds to your room, not touching anything for a long time or visiting it at all, closing all air vents and removing the production of any circulation in the air, creating a sense of how it would be like to visit a crypt type environment. A drawback of this is that it might take weeks to prepare, and leave lasting effects within your home such as odors or terrible air conditions.

3. You could visit a crypt at a cemetery, or a place that has been undisturbed for many months or years to work your Necromantic practice. A major set back I see of this is that divination goes hand in hand with meditation or trance work of this level, and may render you motionless for hours straight. The deeper you go the easier it becomes to get engrossed in its power and lose connection with your physical self for great periods of time. When experienced with this work however it becomes easier to regain your stature and return to your physical manifestation if the needs arise, however to begin with this is highly difficult.

4. A practice, which I utilize, is the containment of an aura of Earth within me through the elemental world, in this we awaken our senses to feel and see the aura around us, and replace our current aura wit hone of the Earth. I have written much of this in other guides however and do not feel it to be a necessity to go far beyond the scope of this topic. If you wish to draw upon the power of the elemental auras then I would insist that you explore those sections on the rest of my website.

Beyond the Theoretical 3 –

The bonding of the self towards a necromantic approach can be seen in each of these, some can be combined with others, as can easily be seen by reading them over. Basically the idea is to become at a point where the spirit world of the dead (or construct of the Earth), can enter our bodies through an astral or elemental channel. If we succeed in the attainment of this connection we will become as the spirit is, free from the physical and elevated beyond the ethereal plane, in a form of trance we will have attained the connection we require.

After this connection has been established it will be quite easy to travel or call upon elements of the spirit world for we will be quite similar to how it manifests upon the astral plane we are now part of. Although theoretics yield us the fundamentals we require there is an aspect of divine magick, which we must utilize, for it is not simply enough to walk within a place of spiritual awareness and become part of it, and so I will write of the steps I take.

The following however is my personal account of such a thing and as a personal path of self empowerment, it works for me because I have brought it forth from within myself and so it may perhaps not work for many others, yet the fundamentals are there to learn of.

The Drawing of Power –

From within the Earth a power of the spirit lingers, drawn by the will to contend with the people of magick to unite its ways with those of the living. As one with us all it is in a sense already with us, yet to draw on its power for an awakening to its nature we must empower ourselves with its manifestation. In the ways to which we would draw the power of the element of Earth within us, we will follow the path to this end as well, for as it is a unification with the Earth in a basic sense anyway.

The drawing of Earth power comes up and into us from our base just as the Earth to plant life occurs, beginning at our feet it travels up to our base and spread through us from there. At the time the power reaches our mind, it also reaches our hands and fingers, and so the unity of the mind to a conduit of physical transference is now reached.

If this is done in a place of death as prepared above, the spirit of the Earth will come within, instead of the element of Earth, and thus empowering us with the spirit. Assurance that it is a spirit of the dead comes by chanting something along the lines of:

“Bring forth a spirit whose death I haven’t known,
Empower me with a life to which I have yet been shown”

Of course this is a simple chant, yet it works all well for me, run it through your mind and voice as you begin, until you can no longer think of these words, as they are part of you.

These are my words and yet they may work for everyone, I’m not entirely sure, they rhyme solely because I find them easier to remember the deeper into this work I get, and just as this is, all things of this world will blur and eventually disappear the deeper you get into your trance.

There is of course more preparation, which must come into play to ensure true results beyond simply selecting a place, and calling some words, for most people’s minds are far too skeptical for this to work without some kind of persuasion.

We will create that persuasion through further drawing the shroud of death around us, in the end though this ‘buffer of persuasion” will no longer be required as we will never doubt it again.

Persuading the Mind 1 –

To persuade anything in our society into the minds of the skeptical we must create a manifestation of its attributes in a physical manner so that an understanding can occur. Many years ago this was not so, as people believed in many more things than today, nevertheless thought we can create a shroud of persuasion which will alter our perceptions into seeing and believing a truth of magick. Altered perception comes when we have enveloped all five primary senses to states where they can see, hear, smell, touch and taste a thing; in this case the spiritual manifestation of death.

1. Sight is perhaps the easiest of senses to persuade and the most awakening for its power to convince us of a thing almost in its self draws what we need. I think it is humorous to note that society has blinded us so much to what reality actually is that all we have to do is remove that blindness and restore our natural sight, yet for now we will use what we already believe as truth to persuade our sense of sight.

To allow a room to go untouched for a long period of time usually draws a blanket of cover over the air to produce a sort of ‘fog’ by casting odd shadows and interrupting our sense of sight from crystal clarity is a good step in the proper direction. Such a thing produces a sense of reality, which our eyes cannot focus on, especially if we are tired or have overstrained our eyes, which is a thing we will work towards accomplishing.

Although many say that hallucination often yields things that are not true to be seen, for that is the definition of hallucination anyway, though if we attune ourselves to a state where such illusions would occur enough, they become reality.

Stating such a thing may be odd, yet once you experience it through your own eyes the shadow and lights will no longer play tricks on them and you will see past the foggy air and find your focus on the spirit world.

2. It may, to begin with, be difficult to hear what we must focus on to alter our perceptions of reality in a positive degree, yet if we learn to close off the worldly distractions of our hearing we will find a sense of peace. To open this sense in the proper degree we must concentrate on listening to the natural in the mundane world, for although it is difficult to understand, it does exist in such a way that if we listen, it will speak to us.

When we close our hearing to distraction we find that we can hear our heart beating and hear the air touching us, these things come naturally and are tools we can use to focus on. I believe that hearing and touch go hand in hand with one another, as most sound simply touches our inner ear to certain ways, and the product of such a thing is that we hear it.

If we concentrate in the proper ways we can elevate our sense of touch to magnify our hearing, in essence whatever we may touch, we will also hear. Beyond simply hearing what we touch, we can elevate the power of this unity to a state where we hear noth8ing with our ears, only with our touch, and through that we can further block the sound interference by going further and into a trance like state.

Within the deduction of touch and sound we find that the less we feel physically, the less we become within the physical world and the easier it becomes to leave our bodies towards the beyond. We are left now with how this is a persuasion, well to find the unity of touch and hearing is to bring forth what holds us back from our goal in two more of the five senses of persuasion, together with the reality we bring from our hallucinatory condition we will now be able to hear the spirit world calling to us, and since we can hear it, if we bring back our sense of touch in the same degree, we can touch or feel it as well.

3. I’ve always found a quite close relation between smell and taste, and so I will explain the persuasion of these together as well. In actuality I suppose that all five senses are closely related in many ways, yet to separate them as I have done here creates an easier sense of the persuasion we can use, opposed to trying them all at once. To persuade these two senses in the proper direction is as simple as entering a room of stagnant air with low circulation, it sort of catches us and lingers on our skin in a quite odd way.

Going beyond this if we go a day or two without washing our mouths then something eerie and stagnant is bound to elevate our senses automatically with no persuasion, if you so wish it. I’ve heard and read that the closer a person becomes to actual death, the better for this work, even to a point of wearing a dead person’s clothes, and laying down in their casket for a sleep (although even I wouldn’t go this far). I suppose a way of persuasion is what it takes in any degree, yet a stable mind, focused on the magick and path ahead is far more potent a path than many other dramatic forms of persuasion.

Persuading the Mind 2 –

Beyond these small amounts of tips and whatnot lies the actual atmosphere around you, if for instance you feel more empowered by this work on a night of great rain, thunder, and lightning; then use that night as well. All of these things however, center on the same ideas of awakening within yourself what society has taught for all of your days as being wrong and foolish to pursue.

The real problem I see with society is that it does not wish you to become your own person and actually succeed in the world if you are not of a certain minority group. Society cares nothing at all for the middleclass, white male who obeys ‘law’, pays his taxes, and who lives his life going to work or school everyday hoping to one day get a break.

Although these people are invisible to the society of today by not oppressing themselves like minority groups solely for attention in one way or another, they still exist, and in the end no matter what a person believes or doesn’t believe, the fact is that these humans are born and die; when they die they all lose their life empowering elements, and decompose in the same way back to the Earth.

The body does such a thing as this, and as far as all religions go, they do not touch on that aspect of the worldly truth, the spirit may go on; but seeing as the body is always to the Earth, there is always a way to bring back some part of it, as the connection will exist for all eternity.

With this truth known, and the persuasion of magick achieved we are free to begin actual magick from the self, meaning that we are the guiding power of our magick, and the only tool we require is our own body. Within this work however there lies a certain fear perhaps of dying or being lost in the spirit world, we will create a buffer which ties our spirits to our bodies, and a warning system which will deny anything beyond what we want from happening, we can do this because we will be in total control of our fate. The buffer which will tie our spirit to our body comes by bringing with you objects which elevate your senses of taste, smell and hearing to levels which your body will sense as recognition and be glad to awaken to, of course these objects will lay around you yet the deeper you become immersed in this magick, the weaker your senses become to the physical world when traveling beyond ourselves.

By remembering and yearning for such tastes, smells, and sounds; our body will pull us back to our physical self. The denial of unwanted actions from occurring will come naturally to us when we have achieved a state where we leave our bodies, for in the same way this magick occurred we will go backwards from where we stand and the borders of where we go will always be evident, simply by stepping beyond our border permits us to step back in the same way.

A hardship of this is that it is addictive, and the further we go, the further we will want to go beyond that, and the longer it will take us to return; at some point if we are not smart enough to follow the correct path back, we may become lost; and our bodies may shut down after months or years if we take it to that degree.

Awakening the Spirit –

When we have succeeded at persuading our minds to believe what truth we seek, and have brought the shroud of death upon us we are ready for the next step. It is difficult to explain for certain of how this works as many times I’ve tried to teach of magick I’ve been met with blank, drooling faces, yet I will write of this and hope it is understood, by a logical person who thinks on their own I’m sure it will be no problem.

Drawing the spirit of others within is in essence a path we utilize to draw our own spirit to surface and be taught and empowered with the spirits around it. Though the previous writing of this guide tells of leaving the body, these things are as one; for to leave the body is to enter the spirit world, which is as well to be united and to learn from other spirits of the realm.

To draw upon the power to do so from ourselves we must first find the power in the physical world and become along the same wavelength as it; them we can draw it up from below us, in through our feet and into our minds.

An important thing to note before we begin is that we must bring some forms of healthy life with us to our magick, for upon the return from deaths surface, we must draw that power and life back into us or we will not succeed in returning.

To raise our arms above us as the mimicking perhaps of a great tree is the formation we will use to draw this power through us; just as the roots absorb the spirit of the Earth below, so shall we, yet in this case it will not be a nourishing spirit but one of decay and death for that is how the Earth spirit exists in our atmosphere and state of mind which we have created.

We will feel the spirit of death pulling our spirit from us the further it gets within, we will become weaker physically and be forced to either sit or lay down the further we go, if we do not sit or lay of our own will then we will be thrown to the floor.

The further still that we go, the further from our bodies will our spirit become, to a point of seeing it from just outside the body, to a ways away, and eventually we will no longer see or feel anything.

We will still be aware of our surroundings though as in the spirit world our senses work through our mind, and not our bodies; having no physical form permits no touch to be felt as would occur in the physical world, yet everything else will feel identical. The things will feel identical even to the point of walking upright on a solid ground (although this is simply how our minds perceive the spirit world).

The spirits we may come across in the spirit realm will be of a style towards which we would see ourselves, walking, interacting and speaking, just in the same fashion we would interact with one another. Having died perhaps in different ways, to speak with such spirits could create many quite unstable results.

Although it may seem as if we are merely speaking to them, the reality is that the spirit world manifests solely for us in our minds, and our perceptions have given us a resemblance of our physical world. In speaking or interacting to any point is to draw the spirit from our manifestation of the realm and into ourselves, upon doing so we find our experiences first hand of the lessons or knowledge that we seek.

In many ways we will not be aware of this interaction beyond speaking within the spirit world, yet upon our return to the physical we will be flooded with images, thoughts, feelings, and dreams of what the spirit we spoke with was teaching us. Within the spirit world we will have to face ourselves to separate from our spirit guide, to return to ourselves this can occur simply as saying “thank you” and walking away, when the release is accomplished and the spirit walks away in our manifest reality, it is leaving us in the physical world and our senses of elevation will be most evident to return to our bodies.

If this does not occur then simply waiting will tire our bodies eventually and pull us back with a guiding path to return with, if we disobey this path back and do not follow our senses of return then we may become lost, and join the realm with our own lessons to teach.

A Return –

Bringing forth the path of return from the spirit world is to essentially drive our spirit from the spirit realm back to our bodies. This can be tricky if not done properly for if we stay away too long in our awkward state, we may suffer brain or body damage and be forced to live with that unless we can heal ourselves.

A way to protect ourselves from having this occur is by keeping many living things of power close to us so when we leave our bodies, the living and positive energies will be available to heal us if we are gone and are unaware of what is occurring. Plants and caged animals serve this purpose well of staying near to us, as will certain large amounts of water in unmoving conditions, candles on surfaces where they will burn out before they set ablaze, and perhaps a window with sunlight or moonlight showing.

Things of living nature are essentially what we want for the spirit world is far from nature, and so nature will ease our return to our bodies as well as provide the nourishment we need to survive without our spirit. After the return to our bodies has taken place it is most essential to drink much water, to warm ourselves and to breathe fresh air, in essence to re-empower ourselves with the elements we have drawn out.

These techniques can of course be modified to suit anyone of any degree, and so just as this writing comes from myself, so will it from you if successfully achieved. If it has not worked then you are simply too attached to what society deems true, and when that falsehood leaves you, your results will be far more positive.

A Ritual of Necromancy

A Ritual of Necromancy

Outside the circle, set up an altar with three candles (the original rite calls for red, white, and black) situated around a black and red triangle, with a picture or representation of the person to be called within the triangle. Burn wormwood and horehound as incense.

1. Make your openings/quarter calls as you feel appropriate.

2. Call upon a force which presides over the dead. The original rite calls upon Hecate with a poetic incantation, followed by an ad-lib request for the deity’s help in successfully completing the operation.

3. Call upon the spirit of the deceased. The rite gives the following: “Colpriziana, offina alta nestra, fuaro menut, i name …….. the dead which i seek, …….. thou art the dead that i seek. Spirit of ……, deceased, you may now approach this gate and answer truly to my calling. Berald, Beroald, Balbin, Gab, Gabor, Agaba! Arise, i charge and call thee.” {The magic words are from the Grimoirium Verum, and though i don’t wish to go track the reference down right now, they are clearly corruptions of latin and hebrew words.}

4. Make an X sign, calling the person’s name. When there is some manifestation in the smoke, Say to it: “Allay Fortission Fortissio Allynsen Roa!” which is also a combination of hebrew and latin. The intent of the words seems to be the giving of strength (fortis) and breath (ruach).

5. Do your business with the deceased.

6. When you wish it to depart, say “Go, Go departed shades by Omgroma Epic Sayoc, Satony, Degony, Eparigon, Galiganon, Zogogen, Ferstigon. I License thee to depart unto thy proper place and be there peace between us evermore.”

7. Close shop.

Incidentally, the rite from the Grimoirium Verum is not nearly as explicit, has different components, and was most likely used to *raise* the dead rather than to evoke them. The process is kept alive today in the caribbean with the aid of certain frogs and fish, and it is possible that the french grimoire records an ancestor of the practice. In both the very real carribbean and the hypothetical 17th century french cases, the victim of zombification is only “mostly dead” and thus the rites fall under the domain of psychological manipulations and not of magic.

Spirit Water

A glass of pure spring water is typically maintained on an altar, to call in spirits and feed the ancestors. Many find Spirit Water a stronger substitute. This is a favorite of the Spiritualist, community and may be used to summon your own ancestral spirits, or in seances or other necromantic spells.

1.     Add one tablespoon of anisette to a glass of spring water.

2.     Place it on the altar instead of, or in addition to, the standard glass of plain spring water.

Lady A’s Spell of the Day for June 10: Scottish Necromantic Spell

Scottish Necromantic Spell

In order to perform this Scottish Necromantic spell, one must arrange to have a room with total and complete privacy.
1. Spiritually cleanse the room and oneself prior to beginning the spell at nightfall.
2. Using a compass, cast a circle in the middle of the room, large enough for you, a table and chair.
3. Place objections of protection on the table. The traditional spell calls for a Bible and/or a crucifix. Substitute as needed. If the Bible doesn’t work for you substitute another lengthy spiritual work, both for protection and to occupy you until the ghost shows up.
4. Light a white candle: this is your only source of light.
5. Sit down and concentrate on your desires. Call the specific ghost you need. Read the book. Wait for the ghost to show up, perhaps in person. Should you fall asleep, be prepared to speak with the ghost in your dreams and remember and record the conversation.