Indications of What Type of Magic You Should Practice

Indications of What Type of Magic You Should Practice

Indications of White Magic:

  • Your practice uses White Light energies.
  • There is a tendency for self-purification before and/or during a spell.
  • You have an affinity to cleanse your area, target, and self.

Indications of Black Magic:

  • Dark essences are being used, primarily.
  • You find power in the emotional negativity of yourself and others.

Indications of Magecraft:

  • Your primary concern is in social politics or what people think.
  • You are constantly trying to understand what people think and feel.

Indications of Nature Magic:

  • Your practice tends to beckon you to nature and the use of natural forces.
  • You can feel a higher presence in things that most would call inanimate.
  • Your magic is an extension of the natural world, not a conflict with it.
  • You feel a different kind of power in nature and feel prone to harness it.

Indications of Necromancy:

  • Your practice centres around degrading health and physical well-being.
  • You find power in the physical suffering of yourself or others.
  • You use servitors but totally control all of their actions at all times.
  • You can sense if a person will die or if they are becoming ill/diseased.

Indications of Healing:

  • You can feel your own internal energies.
  • You can realign your internal energies if injured.
  • You can feel the aura of others and can realign it as well.

Indications of Celestial Magic:

  • You put your situations in the hands of a higher being.
  • You believe in a god or gods and want to, or know how to, communicate with them.
  • Your mystic practices incorporate the use of higher intelligences.

Indications of Satanic Magic:

  • Your power comes from yourself.
  • You are not interested in ever letting power out of your own control.
  • Your methods often include blessing/enchanting yourself.

Indications of Elemental Magic:

  • You are primarily concerned with physical manifestations.
  • Your art works heavily with controlling the environment.
  • It seems natural to you if you change the weather through mystic exertion.

Indications of Enchanting:

  • You are interested in the mystic potential of items.
  • You can sense mana in items that have been handled by another magician.
  • You try to magnify or nullify the powers put into objects.
  • You have skill in imbuing normal things with special powers.

Indications of Summoning:

  • You do not want to use higher powers to control summoned spirits.
  • Your power focusses on calling out to spirits, but not gods.
  • You see or work with demons, yet do not feel afraid.
  • You want servitors but also want to let them think on their own.
  • You can talk to spirits of the dead by feeling their thoughts.

Indications of Divination:

  • You frequently experience Deja Vu.
  • You see hidden meanings in atypical events.
  • You can predict events spontaneously with a high degree of accuracy.

Indications of Wizardry:

  • You tend to see “the big picture” where everyone else is worried about trifles.
  • You have the ability to move outside your body.
  • You use magic to change small things which drastically effect larger things by “domino effect”.
  • Your can project yourself or thoughts of your own design to manifest on this level.
  • Your art seems like a “pure” sorcery.

Indications of Sorcery:

  • You tend to see even mundane things from a mystic standpoint.
  • Your practices are fervent and full of emotion.
  • You step into a dark plane to practice your most potent skills.
  • Your art seems like a “dark” wizardry, or some form of “shadow magic”.


  • You rely on a variety of mystic abilities.
  • You do not have a desire to commit to one path.
  • You feel confined rather than empowered by using a single discipline.
  • You see no need for devotion to extreme mystic abilities.

Note: This is not necessarily a reason to panic. There are times when the practitioner is legitimately not prepared to take on the discipline strains of studying through a single caste. At first, in fact, it is recommended that things be taken slowly and that all paths are given a fair trial to ensure that there is no reminiscing or regret in the future. This is not a problem, nor a sign of weakness. It is a reality that many casters face. Using whatever seems appropriate for a situation and recording it in a journal (Book of Shadows) will eventually reveal trends in your casting that will allow you to see where your talent or need lies.


  • There is a physical solution to your problems.
  • You couldn’t be bothered to study if there’s no immediately achievable results.
  • You already know of a few normal solutions to a problem without resorting to the occult.

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