Although today many of us don’t think about the power of words, sound or touch, those who have gone before us knew that all these things carried an energy of their own, and to give that positive energy to another was a gift more precious than gold. To bless is to remove any negative energy around a person, animal, place, or thing and instill them with positive energy. To bless another is to empower them. By sound, touch, and thought, we can help the sick, lighten the heart of the troubled, or open a pathway for a better life by removing negative blockages. The mere utterance of a blessing can change  the course of a person’s life. In our modern world, people often scoff at this idea, not believing that such power could be contained in anything so simple.  Many of us are independent individuals and to think that someone else (by mere word or physical proximity) could alter our pattern of living many seem unthinkable.

But they can.

In many cultures, past and present, it is customary to leave a blessing at an individual’s home when saying farewell. It was believe that a magickal person could make words turn into flesh, meaning by uttering worlds with one’s magickal voice you could create a physical manifestation. To have your house blessed  in such a way by a magickal/religious person ensured health and prosperity for the occupants for months to come. You too can give such a gift. Don’t be shy about it. If you believe you can do it, so shall it be. Sometimes the mere presence of magickal individuals can change the course of one’s fate. The more spiritual the person, the more pure the environment. I’ve also noticed that if  a magickal person is involved in a particular type of study, that study can affect those around him or her. One Witch who steadfastly worked on building her prosperity realized after a few months that every time she walked into a store, especially a deserted one, her energy attracted paying customers off the street. Another Witch who worked on protection experienced the same phenomenon. He could walk into any establishment and if there were negative people around, they would quickly disperse. What you work on in the magickal world will affect the world around you.

The mechanism of a blessing is very easy:

  • Think of a white light so powerful that it encompasses your mind, body and spirit
  • Move the white light into a mental pictures of the person, place, or think
  • In your mind, allow the white light to burst through the object (no, this won’t hurt anyone).
  • Intone words of blessing or touch the person, animal or thing
  • Seal the blessing with a hand motion of your choice while pronouncing aloud “It is done.”