Spell for Today – Rainy Day Spell Use Those Showers for Conjuring Powers

There’s an undeniable power that’s carried in on the dark thunderheads of a summer afternoon rain storm. The magick is tangible as foreboding gray seeps across the sky, sultry humidity brings weight to the air, and nature goes quiet in preparation for the downpour that’s about to begin. What starts as a gentle hum in the distance, a low grumble of strength, quickly grows into a wild display of energy, making trees dance at its feet and the sky split open with fiery intensity.

I mean, not that I pay that close of attention. I could take them or leave them.

Wait, thunderstorms are like boys, right? You gotta play it cool to reign them in?

Of course, this spell doesn’t have to be sequestered to summer. It can be used anytime you notice the sky sodden with potential, readied to exhale raw magick and manifestation upon the earth below. Just do me a favor and exercise common sense. A fried witch is useful to no one, so don’t run outside in the middle of violent lightning. Also, don’t play in traffic.


What You’ll Need:
The earth
A finger (preferably yours) or a stick

How to Conjure:
If you notice a storm brewing and it’s safe to be outside, find yourself a nice patch of dirt that will be exposed to the rain. Get creative if needed! A flower pot. A flower bed. Don’t overthink it. We’re working a spell, not redefining nuclear dynamics.

Draw a rune, a sigil, or simply write a one-word intention in the soil using your finger or a stick.

Once your spell is written in the earth, hold your hands over the word/sigil (palms facing the soil) and envision the word/sigil in neon. Now envision the rain that is soon to come pouring upon your spell. Imagine the intention being driven deep into the soil where it will be nourished by the earth, sprouted like a plant, and manifested into reality. Envision your desires brought into reality—use all 5 senses! What will it look like? Smell like? When that bad boy is palpable in your mind, say aloud with conviction:

So Mote it Be!
And you’re all set! Now get your ass inside, you silly hippie, and know that the rain is feeding your intentions.

Also, brew yourself some tea, because tea is always best with rain. And a book. And a cat.

Happy Casting!

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3 thoughts on “Spell for Today – Rainy Day Spell Use Those Showers for Conjuring Powers

  1. This brings right back to me the night some years ago, that I challenged a storm. It was dark and slowly raining, there were low rumbles and brief flashes of sheet lightning in the distance. I felt excited and stood out on my porch watching to see if there was any forked lightning, and then I shouted “come on then”, is that the best you can do?” It was the worst thing I could have done, a simultaneous terrific crack of thunder and brilliant lightning happened directly above me, knocking me over with the force of it. I got back inside dazed, my landline telephone was making crazy screaming noises, I quickly unplugged it but it was ruined, and the T.v. was totally blown, even though it was turned off, (I never bothered with another after that, they are such time wasters.) I really shouldn’t need to add that I have been much more respectful about storms ever since. Take care. Stay safe.

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