Flashback 2011 – SPell for Today – Better Business Floorwashes

Floorwashes are a traditional–and discreet–method of casting spells. The herbal infusions are used to radiate magickal power, drawing or repelling your desire as the case may be. Floorwashes are used to scrub front steps to provide spiritual protection and attract free-spending customers. Within a building, the term “floorwash” is somewhat deceptive, in general, this is more of a  “floor final rinse.” It is assumed that the floor is clean prior to applying the spell floorwash: the floorwash isn’t rinsed off, but should be allowed to dry and radiate its fragrance and power. The physical labor involved in applying the floorwash also enhances the casting of the spell your effort transmits your intentions and desires.

Applying Better Business Floorwashes

  • Scrub the walkway and the doorway of your business, beginning at the street and moving toward your front door, just the way customers should

  • Scrub the front steps

  • Cleanse the interior floors beginning at the front door and corners and working toward the center of each room

Floorwashes may be created with any of the following or a combination:

  • Boiled cooled salted water

  • Pure spring water (bottled water)

  • Strained, collected rainwater

  • Plain tap water