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The Witches Daily Divination Journal for August 2nd

The Witches Daily Divination Journal for August 2nd

Your Daily Tarot Card for Today

Six of Swords










The Six of this suit has generally been associated with the objectivity of scientific method, employed through the generations to sift fact from superstition, build facts into theories, and theories into laws which we can trust and use to improve our lives. One early title for this card was The Navigator — one who has learned enough about the relation between the Earth and the heavens to be able to set a course across trackless oceans and arrive at a chosen spot on distant shores.

At the time of the first Tarot decks, this skill was considered akin to magic, so few were the individuals who understood the principles involved. So the person who draws this card is being typified as a person with special knowledge, an insight into sophisticated techniques that may be powerful enough to effect a rescue in a dangerous time. Other related titles that are common to this card are The Path (out of danger) and The Way Through.

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Your Love Tarot Card

The Devil











Do you feel caught between the ‘Devil and the Deep Blue Sea?’ This card represents insight and ability to rise above and to surmount obstacles in the way of love. The chains that bind the couple on the Tarot card are loose and symbolic of the ability to slip away if they want to. In this light, they are self-imposed limitations. Break free today if this sounds like your situation.


Your Erotic Tarot Card

The Sun











The Sun card shows that you may be feeling a little exposed and vulnerable as parts of your sex life are illuminated, but there is also an overwhelming feeling of warmth and positivity. Once you get over those self-conscious feelings, a wave of self-confidence replaces your fears. No one is out of your reach when the Sun is shining down on you. Embrace your power and don’t be afraid to get naked both emotionally and physically!


Your Influences for Thursday, August 2


Tarot Influence

The Seven of Wands

Courage will bring victory. Success seems certain











Astrological Influence


Capricorn denotes a drive to succeed through a pragmatic approach to life











Element Influence

Earth Reversed

Earth reversed denotes a lack of positive connection with the life spirit–a lost soul. If you are not careful you may miss much of what life has to offer you.










Your Daily Rune for Thursday, August 2


(or Elhaz)

“Al-jiz” – Literally: “Elk” – Esoteric: Protection, Highe

Energy: protective teaching force, the divine plan, Valkyries

Mundane: protection, safety, spirituality

Divinations: Connection with the gods, awakening, higher life, protection; or hidden danger, consumption by divine forces, loss of the divine link, fear.

Strengthening of hamingja (personal gravity, ‘luck’) and life force through courageous deeds
Mystical and religious communication with non-human sentient beings
Communication with other worlds, especially Asgard
Receiving instruction on the magical potential of the runes
Banishing the fear of death



Your Karmic Number for Thursday, August 2


The number 4 means that you are building a strong foundation for your new ventures. Good job! Keep going – build the frame, put up the walls, roof, and seed the yard. It may not be an actual building you are working on, but the structure for your goals is becoming a reality. Taking the time, step by step, means that you have a foundation, protection, and beauty. Use strong people and resources so that you don’t have to rebuild from scratch. In time, you will have a sturdy place to call your own.


The Wisdom of Buddha

The wise ones fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve.

Earth Sky News for August 2nd: Arc to Arcturus and spike Spica


Tonight, or any night in the coming month or two, you can rely on the Big Dipper to star-hop to the bright stars Arcturusand Spica. Just remember this mnemonic: follow the arc to Arcturus, and drive a spike to Spica.

As late summer and autumn come to the Northern Hemisphere, the Big Dipper is found fairly high up in the northwest sky at nightfall. From middle-to-far northern latitudes, the Dipper is easy to spot in the August evening sky. It’s tougher from the Northern Hemisphere tropics, where the Big Dipper sits lower in the sky as darkness falls and swings beneath the horizon relatively early in the evening.

Meanwhile, the Big Dipper isn’t visible from far southerly latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere at nightfall, because it’s below the horizon from that part of the world.

Luckily, in August 2018, you don’t need the Big Dipper to find Spica at nightfall and early evening. Just look westward as darkness falls and you can’t miss the dazzling planet Venus – the brightest starlike object in the evening sky. Then note the king planet Jupiter. From northerly latitudes, Jupiter is in the southwest at nightfall. From the Southern Hemisphere, it’s closer to overhead as darkness falls.

All month long, look for Spica in between Venus and Jupiter. Although Spica ranks as 1st-magnitude star, it’s nowhere as brilliant as Venus or Jupiter. Day by day, watch for Venus to move closer and closer to Spica on the sky’s dome. By September 1, 2018, Venus and Spica will actually be in conjunction.

The Big Dipper may not be visible from the Southern Hemisphere, but it’ll actually be easier to view Venus and Spica from southerly latitudes. That’s because Venus and Spica stay out longer after sunset than they do in the Northern Hemisphere.

Arcturus should be fairly easy to view from the Southern Hemisphere as well. Look for this brilliant yellow-orange star in your northwest sky at nightfall and early evening.

Bottom line: Identify the star Spica between the brilliant planets Venus and Jupiter. Then use this identification to confirm the handy skywatching mnemonic “follow the arc to Arcturus and drive a spike to Spica.”

Bruce McClure has served as lead writer for EarthSky’s popular Tonight pages since 2004. He’s a sundial aficionado, whose love for the heavens has taken him to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and sailing in the North Atlantic, where he earned his celestial navigation certificate through the School of Ocean Sailing and Navigation. He also writes and hosts public astronomy programs and planetarium programs in and around his home in upstate New York.
Published on EarthSky

A Little Humor for Your Day


Remember for all your magickal needs, think Magickal Necessities….

“Because Momma needs to furnish our new home”




A Short Introduction to Celtic/Druid Ogham or Ogma Alphabet and How to Use it For Divination

The Celtic’s used a writing system called Ogham or sometimes spelled Ogma which dates hundreds of years BCE (Before the Current Era). Most of the time the credit for the alphabets origins are given to the Druid Priests. As only they could read the meanings of the “Ogham Staves” when they were thrown. The Ogham alphabet consists of 25 different symbols which in turn are associated with specific trees or shrubs.

The alphabet can either be written vertically or horizontally but the actual marking for the symbol or letter always appears on the same side and location on the straight line that all the symbols/letter stem off of.

The Ogham Staves are used as a form of divination. You can use them the same as you would Runes or Tarot cards. To make Ogham Staves they should be craved into a piece of the tree or shrub they are associated with, all 25 pieces of wood should be the exact same length and when possible diameter.

How to use the staves is simple you hold them together in both hands, and roll them on your palms while you ask your question of them (be sure to keep your question clear and concise). When you feel it is time and with the question firmly fixed in your mind you let the staves drop from about 4 to 6 inches off the ground. Those closest to you are the future, the middle ones are for the present, and those furthest away are read for the past which led up to the present which will lead into the future.

Here is a picture of the alphabet writing, name of symbol/letter, and which tree or shrub is associated to it:

Other examples of the alphabet:

Here is are the symbols/letters on the tree or shrub they are associated with:

This is the first in a series of posts on the use and meanings of the Ogham alphabet and staves. I will also be posting an Ogham Symbol for the day starting Monday, August 13th both on here and on WOTC.

If you have questions about this topic please write to LAdy Beltane at covenlifescoven@gmail.com Please put Ogham Question in the “Subject line”


Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, August 3rd

Get A Jump On Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, August 3rd

Claire Petulengro, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)
One lie will only turn into another this week, so try to think before you speak, or you could end up undoing all of the hard work which life and work have seen you achieve so far.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)
It’s imperative that you show your close ones that you trust them this week Taurus. Any lack of faith you show could only send your relationship with them to a place of distrust. Phone calls bring good news and texts bring closure.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)
Try not to second guess the next move of those around you, or you will only be setting yourself up for a very big fall. It would be far better for you to wait and let others communicate their wishes and needs to you.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)
Your home life comes under the spotlight and you may find yourself having to juggle money this week in order to make yourself look reliable to those you are dealing with.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)
Information you think to be fact, could in fact be more fiction if you are not careful. Use today to do some more research so that you can proceed with confidence in what seems to be one of the most unforgettable months of the year.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)
I know you have made promise to others, but I see how much has changed lately and I see how much you need time to find out if your heart is really in what you said. The chance for a ‘free’ trip comes at a hidden expense.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)
Are you remembering the past as it was, or have you been looking at it through rose coloured spectacles my friend? Only you can admit what did, or didn’t really go on. Truth is, whatever happened you need to move on and learn from events, not be restricted by them.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)
What are you looking for in life Scorpio? Some would say drama with the way you’ve been stirring up your emotions and those of your close ones. Why not try talking about what is really on your mind? It’s the key to you feeling in control of life and love.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)
If you really want to achieve greatness, then stop asking for permission Sagittarius. You should know by now that a sign such as yourself is supposed to lead not follow. Events both today and tomorrow offer you the chance to shine. Think with your heart.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)
There was a time when you would have forgiven your close ones anything, but times have changed and the tables have turned. You now realize that if you don’t make yourself a priority then no one else will. Time spent going over paperwork can save you time and money.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)
Someone you thought you could trust has let you down, but what you realize in the process is that they are actually doing you a very big favour. You start to see from today that you have been treated unfairly and actions you decide to take have the backing of the stars.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)
If you would make more time for yourself then you wouldn’t feel so hard done by. Try to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It’s how you will be able to plan what your next move in life should be.


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Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, August 2nd

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, August 2nd



As the Moon continues to transit your sign today, dear Aries, you’re likely to feel connected and engaged or crave involvement. However, you may not know how to direct the extra energy that you have today. Try to focus your energy on projects you have that are ongoing rather than beginning new ventures. It’s also a great time to reflect and find your center, even if tensions related to your work or ambitions can surface at times now. Your dreaming world is active, and your ideas are especially bright and creative. It’s a strong time for getting in touch with your emotional needs.


Indulging in some alone time can be very beneficial now, dear Taurus, so if you can, take some time to focus on yourself. With the Moon transiting the sign just behind yours, you can feel very much in need of calm. With less astrological activity overall today, this may not feel like a particularly productive day, and you may not accomplish as much as you’d initially hoped. However, this may be a good thing! Sometimes you need this kind of “down” time to recharge for the busier days ahead. Later tomorrow, the Moon will enter your sign, and you’ll crave more involvement. As well, you’re heading into beautiful energy for connecting with someone special.




There is friendly energy taking over today that helps ease some of the pressure you’ve been feeling, dear Gemini. You’re likely to feel more creative and at ease when it comes to expressing yourself, so let the creativity flow! Today is a day to recuperate and recharge before new challenges arise, so grab opportunities that might appear to rest, recoup, and decompress. You might feel more comfortable removing yourself from the action or intense situations today. However, you are also in need of intellectual companionship or stimulation now, so take the time to enjoy conversations with people around you while keeping things light.


With the Moon spending the day at the top of your solar chart, dear Cancer, your responsibilities come into focus, and you feel more at ease with meaningful tasks than you do with frivolous ones. It’s a time when your obligations, duties, career, and image assume more importance to you. Even so, it may not be the most productive time or a day for making big leaps in these areas. In fact, you can feel a bit stuck when it comes to initiating your efforts to tackle problems or projects, feeling like you don’t know where to begin. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with things to do, focus on starting small and building from there for best results now. Friendly surprises may be part of your day.


Your need for some adventure or new experiences, however big or small, is active today, dear Leo. Your ideas are big, as well. Your emotional energy, however, may not easily find concrete outlets. Although this may result in some restlessness and discontentedness, you can discover little ways to fulfill your desires without jumping the gun. Breaking your ideas or plans into parts can make sense, and can lead to small strides forward, and this is preferable to overshooting and getting nowhere. Avoid putting too high expectations on yourself today, and let yourself explore your ideas and desires without going too far. An intimate relationship may improve now, or your understanding of the layers of a situation increases your confidence.


Today is a day for introspection, dear Virgo, with the Moon in your solar eighth house all day. Your need to observe and reflect is stronger than usual, as processing your feelings and recent events seems important now. Rather than pushing forward with new activities, take the time to explore what is on the inside. Allowing yourself to take a step back to reflect will lead to better choices in the future. You have good intuition for work, health, and research or analysis, and this will heighten further tomorrow, especially if you make space for your intuition to build and blossom now. Memories or dreams today can be motivating and can even lead to new takes on a current situation.


The need to support or entertain others is in the forefront today, dear Libra. While this is wonderful in its own right, it’s also a much-needed diversion after demanding or tense days. You have an increased desire to spend time with others, even while engaging in rather mundane or simple tasks like running errands. Deep, hidden topics of conversation are enticing. Your expectations from life may be higher than usual, and it makes sense to let your curious and optimistic spirit guide your day. A Venus-Uranus creative aspect emphasizes your playful side, and it also inclines you to want to color outside of the lines. A bit of spontaneity can do wonders for your mood.


A reflective frame of mind is likely today, dear Scorpio, and you’re also inclined to focus on sorting out your practical affairs. You’re likely to feel a strong desire to help or to be of service to others with practical tasks. This is a time for organizing your life in small but essential ways, with a focus on the details, and it’s a time when you thoroughly enjoy piecing things together. Although you tend to dwell on what you still need to do or what is going wrong in your life, it’s better to take things one step at a time. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, narrow tasks down. Even if you don’t accomplish as much as you’d like, the act of starting is better than not starting at all. Others may bring pleasant surprises to your life today and tomorrow.


With the Moon spending the day in your solar fifth house, dear Sagittarius, you’re especially willing to share your generous mood with the people around you. It’s a time for appreciating or making the most of your leisure time. Your magnetism is healthy and a generous spirit is taking hold. It’s a strong day for communications, especially of the non-verbal kind, making connecting personally better than doing so through devices. Your romantic imagination is active and may be best expressed or applied through relationships or artistic creativity. A Venus-Uranus aspect in play now supports innovation in your work. A new method can emerge that makes your duties or tasks more pleasant to perform.


The Moon spends the day in your family and home sector, dear Capricorn, and you tend to withdraw or keep to yourself with this transit that lasts until tomorrow afternoon. Take this time to tone things down, and enjoy yourself. The day does not inspire a lot of energy or motivation to fulfill plans and finish projects, and with the Moon in your solar fourth house, this slower pace works out well for you. You are in need of some peace or calm so that you can center yourself. Make today about relaxing as much as you can, tuning out distractions, and reflecting. The day is also suitable for dealing with home and family matters. The Moon’s square to Pluto in your sign can introduce some tension if you fight the need to decompress, but remind yourself that you don’t have to be “on” all the time.


This is a day for an active interest in learning new things, dear Aquarius, and connecting with others. Despite a potentially busy day full of multiple projects or activities, it may not be the most productive of days. This is especially true if you’re focusing on pushing plans forward or starting new ventures. It may be best to take the time to work on projects that are already in progress rather than pressuring yourself to add to your already crowded schedule. Seek out pleasant activities as much as possible now. A Venus-Uranus creative aspect comes into play as the day advances, and you can find it much more natural to let your hair down and enjoy yourself, particularly close to home or with family. A small change in your domestic life can be refreshing.


Your emotions feel steady today, dear Pisces, and you’re inclined to focus on your physical and sensual needs more than usual. In fact, you can be craving a little more predictability now after possibly stressful times. You are in a practical frame of mind as the Moon continues to transit your solar second house. You’re content with the simple pleasures and comforts of life today, and are not inclined to complicate things unnecessarily!. Although the day may feel uneventful, use any downtime you can muster up to center yourself and savor the little things before life speeds up again. Pleasant and fun communications may be part of the day. Someone special can surprise you.


Astrology Cafe

Zodiac signs – dates and meanings

Zodiac signs – dates and meanings


Things to know about zodiac signs

There are twelve different zodiac signs, each with a planet that relates to the sign. The twelve zodiac signs are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. The planets that they relate to, in order, are: Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, the Sun, Merurcy, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Each of these signs are said to affect a person on a daily basis, as well as possibly even have some sort of relation to the way the person’s entire life turns out and even his or her personality! While a lot of people want to just say it’s superstitious and fake, the truth of the matter is that a lot of the information that is written about the zodiac signs ends up being true in some form or another. Because of that, they are also called horoscope signs, and people all over the world try to Google information about their zodiac sign’s horoscope to see what is in store for them for the day or year.

The general idea about the zodiac signs is that each person’s personality and destiny is affected by whatever planet he or she is ruled by. For example, Gemini are noted to be very lucky and friendly people, as well as being calm and collected. This is accredited with being ruled by Mercury. Likewise, Scorpio are noted to be very aggressive, both in their pursuits in live and in their sexual lives. This is accredited with being ruled by Mars being a very hot planet that is run by the element of fire. Whether or not anyone can say for certain that any of it is true, if you look at the people of these and other Zodiac signs, you’ll find that there are some extremely uncanny similarities to what is noted in the horoscopes about them.

While some people like to read the 2019 horoscope signs as a way to have a bit of fun, there are others out there that base their entire philosophy about what is said about their zodiac sign. As a personal example, I have a friend who will not leave her house without first reading what her horoscope for the day is, and she tends to look for any sign that makes what she reads in her horoscope true. Not only will she not even leave the house without reading her horoscope, but she will also immediately find out information about it for the year as soon as the new year has come around. While most people would see this as odd or weird, she has faced a lot of truth that has come with what has been said in her horoscope about her Zodiac sign, and has even based a lot of her major life decisions on them as well without even thinking twice.

So, whether or not you believe the information about your Zodiac sign will control the direction that your life takes, at the very least, you can have a bit of fun by seeing the similarities that your life has to what your horoscope says about it.

The Babylonians were the first interested in the connection between the date of birth, the position of stars and the destiny of the new born.
The Babylonian priests divided the sky in 12 zones, each corresponding to a month of the year. The Sun is the main element of the horoscope. Depending of its position, we can analyze the stars and the influence they have upon the subject.

Initially, the Babylonians established 13 zodiac signs. Those born between the 29th of November and 17th of December were considered part of the Snake zodiac sign. In time, they gave up the thirteenth zodiac sign. We are presenting you the 12 zodiac signs and their interpretation.

Aries, March 21 – April 20

The Aries natives are brave, pathfinders, people who are open to new, innovative things. The children born in this zodiac sign succeed in life, they are enterprising, they know the value of money and are successful in business. The Aries natives succeed in life through their own effort. The people born under this zodiac sign are in need of great attention and love.

Taurus, April 21 – May 20

Security and stability are the first measures taken by those born under this zodiac sign. The Taurus native is possessive, loyal and knows the value of material things.

Gemini, May 22 – June 21

They are fickle, positive and masculine. Cain and Abel are the representative figures of this zodiac sign, respectively, the good and the evil. Gemini natives have a switching energy from good to evil.

Cancer, June 22 – July 23

For those born in this zodiac sign, the family, the tradition and the roots are very important. The Cancer natives assimilate information very fast, they are sensitive and have a high artistic potential.

Leo, July 23 – August 23

The Leo natives are noble, proud, they want to hear gratitude for their actions. Their work is towards greatness, grandeur. They live with the impression of an eternal stability, but things are far from that. They risk to stray away from their goals.

Virgo, August 24 – September 22

Nothing escapes the sight of those born under this zodiac sign. Their main characteristics are order, criticism and analysis. The people surrounding them are a priority for the Virgo natives, because they are necessary in order to achieve their goals.

They have a big mobility and analysis capacity, they can be motivated, but they can’t be forced into submission. They are perfectionists and, usually, they are celibate.

Libra, September 23 – October 23

The natives born under this zodiac sign are reparative. They have the capacity to analyze, to measure, to answer other people questions, they are good psychologists, and they have the ability to communicate fast.

Scorpio, October 24 – November 22

The Scorpio constellation offers the native a subtle spirit, cunning, convincing, prolific, mobile, capricious, dreamy, poetical, often religious. Their will is strong, decisive and persevernt. Their character is full of passion, active, warlike, irascible, rough and sometimes violent.

Sagittarius, November 23 – December 22

Dual, positive, masculine. Spirituality, religion, tourism, travelling, cars, literature, liberal careers are just few of the characteristics of this zodiac sign.
Enthusiasm is scarified.

All that matters is the ideal. The spiritual and moral laws are governing this zodiac sign.
Sagittarius natives have vision and they are in a constant search. They have faith in their own strength and they protect their family of any upcoming evil.

Capricorn, December 22 – January 20

People born under this zodiac sign are ambitious, good politicians and managers. They are individualistic, everything they achieve is obtained through individual work.
Capricorn natives are cold, insensitive and conservators. In general, the Capricorn natives will achieve their goals regardless of the path they have taken. At the end of the road, they wish to be appointed leaders, but, beware… there is also another possibility: not to be.

Aquarius, January 21 – February 18

The Aquarius native express liberation, fight, insurgent, free spirit. They are the true leaders of the world, they create social movements, they are eccentric, unique and they overcome any social frontiers.
They are humanitarian and their politics are accomplished with the help of the masses. They are altruists.

Pisces, February 19 – March 20

Water, duality, feminine sign. They are good psychologists, priests, educators. The Pisces natives consider the world as being made up of mentalities and feelings. The Pisces natives have no faith in themselves, they are emotional and impersonal people.


Horoscope 2018

Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for Thursday, August 2nd

Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for Thursday, August 2nd


This is a good point in the Cosmic Calendar to remember that celestial alignments on one day don’t just disappear 24 hours later. Instead, they remain potently influencing humanity on the subliminal levels of consciousness. Therefore, the Vesta, Chiron and Mars-Uranus energies unleashed on Wednesday are still reverberating around the globe. Love vibrations increase in frequency — courtesy of a lunar parallel with alchemical goddess Venus (10:30am). Utilize the magical charms emanating from this friend-attracting and money-magnifying celestial orb to the hilt. Even though Mercury remains in reverse until August 18, a lunar trine to this key planet of communications, literary and educational endeavors (7:53pm) brings illumination to your thought process. At the same time, a void lunar uncertainty zone begins that continues until Taurus moon begins at 12:52pm tomorrow. During this long 17 hour void lunar time-span, it is wise to finish old business while avoiding the launch of any new, bold plans.

[Note to readers: All times are now calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

Copyright 2018 Mark Lerner & Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd.

Originally published on Astrology.com

August 2018 Astrology & Numerology forecast

Thank heavens for August energy!

We’re still steeped in eclipse season, so there’s some intensity in the air. Yet, you’ll be happy to know there is some light on the horizon.

Here comes the Sun!

We’re in the fiery sun sign of Leo until August 23rd. This sign is ruled by the Sun, bringing some much needed brightness to our lives. You’ll begin to feel this healing energy as you break through old patterns that have been weighing you down, and seeing your life in a whole new light.

In Numerology, August 2018 is a 19 Universal Month – a number of new beginnings and transformation. It’s also the Sun card in the tarot.

You’ll also experience an enlightening, uplifting Solar Eclipse on August 11th. 11 is the number of Illumination and Light. This powerful Supermoon New Moon Solar Eclipse is in Leo. This is a potent day to reconnect with your personal power so you can remember what a bright light you truly are.

Relax and reflect

We also have five planets in retrograde this month! So, even though it’s a time of beginnings, you’ll also need to SLOW DOWN.

In this month’s forecast, I show you how to navigate these seemingly conflicting energies with ease and grace.

Love and lion hugs,

August 2018 Energy Report

August 2018 Energy Report

August is here and we get a small break from the roller coaster energy of July. August’s themes are action, alignment, and awareness – you could call this your A-list as you use this month’s energy to explore new potentials that have opened up with July’s eclipses. The choices we made in July come to fruition in August. There is still heavy energy activity and one more eclipse in the cycle but overall, it’s a great month to consider implementing any changes you have been considering and taking your first steps towards them. We are creating new 5D timelines that are acting as 3D disruptors and separating from 3D density, it’s all part of the ongoing opportunity to choose our energy path.

The first aspect of August is the name, which is derived from the Roman word ‘augustus’ which means sacred, magnificent, and noble. Roman emperors’ names included ‘Augustus’ as a mark of honor and to describe their power and omnipotence. It’s also the month of Leo, the lion, king of the jungle and ruled by the sun, our bright star whose light is essential to life on the planet. Consider all of this to understand why this is such a pivotal month in a mastery year.

August is also the 8 month of the year. In this 11 year the overall energy of this month is a 10 or 1, beginnings and fresh starts. July’s 9 energy was all about endings and completion, which is why it was so tough and the eclipses were quite challenging. We have a 9 year every 9 years, so think back to 2009 to see what has been completing for you.

Now let’s talk about choices and the energies of August because this is where ‘the wheat gets separated from the chaff’, to quote the Bible. The wheat is the part that is edible, the chaff is the inedible hard shell that is thrown away. The choices we made in July, whether they were conscious or unconscious, revealed whether we are ready for the next steps and new potentials that August will contain. And whether we are or not doesn’t matter, it is a reflection on our own journey, energetic frequency, where we are on our ascension path, and our soul mission.

If you had experiences similar to mine, you saw that in the way people interpreted your words and actions to suit their belief systems. When they didn’t mesh, you were attacked because your beliefs were different. This is an example of the turning point and the 5D timelines that represent fully integrated 3D/5D energy that can no longer co-exist with the dense 3D energy. This separates out in August and it means that we have to become greater light beacons and examples of the light as we turn towards our own joy and fulfillment and let others use the tools and information we have shared with them to decide what they want to do. We cannot be fulfilled when we are trying to live in someone else’s comfort zone.

If you struggled with July’s eclipses there is one more in August, a new moon solar eclipse on the 11th which expresses the 5D energy of Aquarius, with a theme of  community, cooperation, and connection. We’re coming together as the collective family of humanity as we focus on the kind of world we want to live in. Everyone wants the same basic things, to have a good life, raise their children, to be happy, and to live in peace. This is the 5D Leo/Aquarius theme and it’s no longer a passing thought, it has become a global demand that is being shared and promoted by everyone around the world thanks to the connection and reach afforded by the internet and social media.

This is the end of the sovereign or ruler, and the beginning of sovereignty, where we are self ruling and self aware. Energetic sovereignty, being in full control of the flows and movement of our own energy, is our objective and we are working towards that with great success. We do not want or need to be controlled or manipulated, which happens when we give our power to others. We can co-exist in peace and harmony now, to create the joy-filled, peaceful world we want to live in.

Mercury is retrograde all month, so watch those communications, travel delays, and even lost items. I lost my keys last weekend and they suddenly turned up today, in a place where I know I did not put them. I’m not asking any questions because I am glad to have my keys back but it was a reminder to me to pay attention to where I put important items. It goes direct on the 17th, while the shadow period extends to September 2.

As I mentioned in last month’s Energy Report, Mars is still retrograde and goes direct at the end of August. This happens every 2 years but it can have a damping effect on our plans and energy, a little like trying to drive your car with the emergency brake on. It still moves but not as smoothly as it does when the brake is not engaged. If you’re an Aries you will feel this the most because Mars rules your sign but it impacts everyone, especially since Mercury is also retrograde at the same time. We can take considered action in these times, paying attention to how our actions fit within our intentions and the desired outcomes we have for our lives.

In so much of our lives and actions we tend to live on autopilot, not paying close attention to what is happening until we do something like misplace our keys or an important letter or email gets lost, or we forget an appointment. Then we have to re-consider our actions and pay attention to what we are doing. That is the blessing of Mercury retrograde although it can create quite a lot of chaos and disruption.

With all of the focus on corruption in government lately, and other vile acts committed against people and especially children by the secret groups in power, what happens in the next few months and especially when Pluto goes direct in October is going to be a major turning point. This will culminate in the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 but that energy is building now. When the will of the people and spiritual principles that govern the foundation of humanity are usurped by power, corruption, domination, and greed, the days of reckoning eventually arrive and hard truths must be revealed and acknowledged so they can be changed. Be aware of what you hear about in coming months, as it may be quite shocking.

Also, when Jupiter enters its own sign of Sagittarius, in November, truth bombs are going to fly. Spiritual awareness and corruption cannot occupy the same energetic space. As we become more spiritually aware we reject what is not aligned with higher frequencies. We are also becoming multi-dimensional as we move from polarity to duality, from separation to connection, and from competition to collaboration, community, and cooperation.

This is why our choices are so important now and the August turning point is an energetic accounting of where we choose to stand, what we align with, what our intentions are, what we choose to be aware of, and most importantly, what we commit to in our own lives. We cannot receive energy of a higher frequency than we can embody within our belief system. This message will be repeated through the rest of 2018.

There are many beneficial aspects to the month of August, just remember that beneficial doesn’t always mean good, easy, or fun. What expands our awareness and allows us to increase our energetic capacity is beneficial, and that can sometimes arrive in the form of difficult information that challenges our existing beliefs to the core. It doesn’t mean that what we have done until this moment was wrong but it’s time for a re-think and to consider making some changes.

The best way to use the ‘august’ energies of August is to set daily intentions about the kind of energy you want in your life, how you want your reality to be, and put your energy towards those outcomes. Don’t get distracted by what others do or say, stay in your own energy lane. The infinite energy of the symbol for the number 8 has to be bounded by intention otherwise it gets scattered in non-useful directions. These are powerful times and the ascension cycle is upleveling everyone to new heights of awareness so we can embrace our divinity within every cell of our humanity and learn to soar gracefully into new energies and potentials.