August 2018 Astrology & Numerology forecast

Thank heavens for August energy!

We’re still steeped in eclipse season, so there’s some intensity in the air. Yet, you’ll be happy to know there is some light on the horizon.

Here comes the Sun!

We’re in the fiery sun sign of Leo until August 23rd. This sign is ruled by the Sun, bringing some much needed brightness to our lives. You’ll begin to feel this healing energy as you break through old patterns that have been weighing you down, and seeing your life in a whole new light.

In Numerology, August 2018 is a 19 Universal Month – a number of new beginnings and transformation. It’s also the Sun card in the tarot.

You’ll also experience an enlightening, uplifting Solar Eclipse on August 11th. 11 is the number of Illumination and Light. This powerful Supermoon New Moon Solar Eclipse is in Leo. This is a potent day to reconnect with your personal power so you can remember what a bright light you truly are.

Relax and reflect

We also have five planets in retrograde this month! So, even though it’s a time of beginnings, you’ll also need to SLOW DOWN.

In this month’s forecast, I show you how to navigate these seemingly conflicting energies with ease and grace.

Love and lion hugs,