And You Thought You Got Rid of Me

Still Eleanor, here. When I left Lady A this morning I asked her if I could post some information I was interested in and perhaps others. My interests lay in Vodou/Hoodoo. There is a section here with practically no information in it at all. I want to add to it. Lady A said it would be fine just as long as I used her account and waited till all the daily posts had been done. The reason for using her account, we don’t use any storage up when we do. The reason for waiting till we are through with the daily posts is to give you warning about what I am getting ready to do. That is post information on Vodou/Hoodoo. In case, you aren’t interested, you can leave. In other words, “warn them before you post.”

Lady A and I are both interested in Vodou. I am a practitioner as most of you probably already know. I believe if you have an open mind you will find it interesting. Both Lady A and I study other Paths. We believe that the more you know the better witch you can and will become. I will not post anything offensive. I do hope you hang around to view the information and find it interesting.