Fire in the Night


By day i am walking throu’ the sands of time.
Breathing in the sun,warming my soul,
Lighting the sand as if of gold.
I look up towards the sky.
The suns rays reflect down to my naked body,
Shows me the way.
I’m walking,walking towards the castle of life.
I’m walking,forever walking,
Finding my way in this desert.
Finding my way to that castle of life.
That castle,the one which holds the secrets,
The mysteries,the answers to life.

By night i am dancing on the water,
The moon she lights up the darkness,
Shimmers in the water,dances with me.
The misty air surrounds my naked body,
As i breathe it in,
It befriends me,keeps me company.
As i find the chalice by the water,
I lift it towards the moon.
Take a sip of life.
The life force which powers me throu the coming day.
Alone i am in these sands of time.
Yet alone i never am,for she is with me.
She is forever with me and i am One with her.

—Heather Clarke, Author
Originally published on Pagan Library