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Learn the Tarot: King of Swords

Learn the Tarot: King of Swords

Employ patient listening and ask penetrating questions










General Meaning

Traditionally, representing the energy of a King, this masculine energy form is The Adjudicator, the wise judge or mediator. He helps parties in conflict discover common ground and build upon it, and guides societies to see their greater good. His archetype is Solomon, ancient lawgiver and philosopher of the Old Testament. Sometimes appearing cool and detached, he can be misunderstood as not caring.

But emotional displays are just not his medium, nor is he moved by appeals to sympathy or pity. With the philosophical overview that comes from long experience, he listens deeply, watches closely and speaks last. In the end, his even-handedness and objectivity earn him the respect he receives from his community, and those who cannot work out their problems come to him voluntarily for advice.

Occasionally this man is subtly detailed to imply that he is a woman in male armor. If you notice this theme in your deck, it is a reference to Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, archetype of a devout and inspired woman warrior, who was mystically led to abandon her social role to defend what she saw as the greater good. Although she was martyred young, her model crystallizes the message that sometimes the good of the whole is more important than the good of the individual, and in that case, even if you lose, you win just for being there.

In the Advice Position

Listen to the inner wisdom offered by the wise elder that dwells inside of you.

The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible.

In this position, the King of Swords advises that you research your situation and in the process question existing authorities. It may be time to examine underlying assumptions and bring greater clarity into areas that have been left in the dark. Don’t wait for others to do it. Instead, draw your own conclusions.

Spend time reviewing all the ramifications because this King of Swords requires a thorough, methodical examination of ideas and possibilities. Call forth the sober and wise part of yourself — the elder father figure. Then act on the instructions given you.


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Your Daily Tarot Card for April 27th is The Emperor

Tarot Card of the Day

The Emperor










In the most practical terms, The Emperor Tarot card represents the highest leadership, a head of state, or the most exemplary and powerful person in the realm. This archetypal ruler is responsible for the affairs of a society or community, which are directly proportional to his well being and happiness.

The more enlightenment and cosmic perspective this energy brings, the better life is for all. The Emperor archetype masters the world of matter and physical manifestation. When you apply this card to your situation, acknowledge your potentials for mastery. Reinforce a sense of sovereignty within yourself, despite any self-limiting beliefs, habits, or appearances to the contrary.


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How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Love

How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Love

Discover the covert clues that signal when a Sun sign likes you

Content authored by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

Affection looks different depending on your expectations. If you’re expecting cuddles and chocolates, you’ll be disappointed if you’re with an Aquarius. However, even the Water-bearer has its own way of expressing warmth.Follow these astrological clues to figure out if the person you’re with is “showing the love.”

Will your love go the distance?

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

How to tell if an Aries likes you

Regardless of age or gender, there’s one absolutely infallible way to know if an Aries loves you: they’ll pick a fight. Not a physical fight, of course, but a playful war of words, designed to simultaneously flirt and test your mettle. Aries was the ancient God of War — so, far more than romance, they want a worthy opponent. They also want to count on someone to have their back. Banter, fight back, and play practical jokes on them. Keeping up is tiring, but totally worth it.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

How to tell if a Taurus likes you

Taureans express love the way they do everything else — slowly and thoroughly — so they won’t say the words you’re longing to hear until they feel the time is right. Be patient. If you need reassurance, pay attention to their actions. The wining and dining, the sincere compliments, the unswerving reliability … oh, and the gifts! A thoughtful gift given simply because it reminded them of you, or because they knew you’d enjoy it, or even “just because.” Obviously, you must have been very good this year.


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

How to tell if a Gemini likes you

They’re always funny, but you’ll know they’ve got it for you — and bad — when they’ve gone out of their way to make you laugh. They’ll hang around a lot, too, regaling you with all kinds of trivia. If you’re coworkers and they get in trouble for devoting too much time impressing you, they won’t stop — they’ll just quit. The only thing that will stop them is if you tell them to. But why would you do that? How many people do you know who have their very own charming, brilliant stand-up comedian?


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

How to tell if a Cancer likes you

Stop wondering if the Cancer you’re attracted to — okay, madly in love with — feels the same. Find out by carefully watching for the following rock-solid, classic astrological indicators. First, they’ll cook or bake for you. Of course, they love their kitchens, so a frosted Bundt cake won’t tell you what you want to know. The flowers and compliments, however, indicate the next stage for the two of you, followed by an evening at their place, poring over scrapbooks … an extremely good sign. The clincher? When they not only worry about you, but actually mention it.


Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

How to tell if a Leo likes you

Ever since they tossed you “the eyes” from across the room, which was also the first time you tossed a pretty serious glance right back, you knew the game was on. The thing is, you’re quite smitten, you don’t want it to be just a game, and they’re notorious flirts. So how do you know whether they love you or you’re just their flavor of the month? It’s simple. Their schedule will suddenly be wide open, including lunch, dinner, and even entire weekends. Break a leg, huh?


Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

How to tell if a Virgo likes you

Want to call one of these meticulous creatures your own? Great, but you’d better get your stuff together, because if you don’t, they will. You’ll find them at your place some afternoon, happily alphabetizing your movies or arranging your books by height on the shelves of your freshly waxed entertainment center. Virgos show their love by creating clean, organized environments for those they love because they believe you deserve it. It’s a tremendous compliment, so don’t dare get territorial. Kiss them, thank them, and help them finish.


Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

How to tell if a Libra likes you

Rather than trying to decide whether that lovely Libra is attracted to you, watch them with others. They’re always nice, especially when they’re chatting one-on-one, but that’s their nature. And while we’re on the subject, if you get jealous easily, choose another sign. Seriously. Immediately. Anyway, once you’ve seen them with others, you’ll recognize them being even nicer with you — and that’s how you’ll know they’re in love. The surefire way to tell? They’ll create a pet name for you, and only use your real name for official matters or arguments.


Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

How to tell if a Scorpio likes you

You’ll only pick up on your first clue if you’re naturally perceptive — and you’d better be if you want to keep a Scorpio interested. They’ll watch you intently, for long periods of time. They won’t stare at you directly, though. That would be far too obvious, and these intriguing creatures are born equal parts detective and analyst, which is why you’re so fascinated, right? The absolute dead giveaway will be when you realize their eyes are on you, via reflections: mirrors, sliding glass doors, large windows. That’s when you’ll get the message.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

How to tell if a Sagittarius likes you

If a Sagittarius loves you, it’s because you’ve learned to hold on with an open hand. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when they call (almost) every day, but more so when you’re invited to travel with them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend at a bed and breakfast or a plane ticket for a week in Rome. Either way, it’s the brass ring. Don’t be surprised if it takes a while, though. Freedom is important to Archers, almost as important as choosing the right travel partner.


Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

How to tell if a Capricorn likes you

Rules, regulations, and doing things the way they’re supposed to be done … that’s what Capricorn is all about, so if they’re happily attached, they’re all the way in it. When they’re devoted, they’re impossible to distract. If they’re single, get busy proving yourself to be a worthy partner. You won’t have to do that forever, though. Once they get to know you — or “interviewed you,” so to speak — and have decide you’re worth your salt, you’ll know it. They’ll make their love clear with a serious conversation — and you’ll know that they’re not kidding. When and if they say it, lucky you!


Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

How to tell if an Aquarius likes you

They’ll show their affection by studiously scanning your shoulder, back, or other part of your body and suggesting what type of tattoo, stud, or ring would look really good there. If you weren’t the type to consider agreeing, you wouldn’t want them, but you are, so you do. When they take you to the tattoo or piercing shop themselves and closely scrutinize the artist, you’ll absolutely know they care. But when they ask you to go to a Renaissance fair with them, dressed in period garb that they provide, that’s it. They’re definitely in love.


Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

How to tell if a Pisces likes you

Pisces tends to be more than a tad on the shy side — some of them more than others. So if you’re waiting for them to make the first move and they’re one of the especially shy types, you may end up watching your nails grow. Like all the Water signs, you need to watch them to see if they care. The one and only tip you’ll ever need: If a Pisces loves you, they may find it tough to speak at all at first. But once they get to know you, they’ll be chattier than any Gemini you’ve ever met.



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Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, April 28th

Get A Jump on Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, April 28th




With the Moon in your partnership sector all day, you can be particularly interested in keeping the peace, dear Aries, but it can be challenging and perhaps exhausting to reach a compromise with the Moon in challenging aspect to Mars and Pluto. Try your best not to get caught up in who’s right and who’s wrong. It may be better to walk away and let it go. This can also be a time when you feel overwhelmed by career matters but can’t quite pull yourself away, either! As the day moves forward, you are less distracted and more able to focus and prioritize. You can thoroughly enjoy finding practical ways to make yourself feel secure. Mechanical, business, and financial matters can thrive as a result. Thinking more about long-term security than immediate needs can help you develop excellent plans and strategies.




With the Moon again in your solar sixth house all day, dear Taurus, you can feel particularly sensitive to imbalances in your environment. You can feel compelled to tidy up or handle small problems. However, distractions can be significant, particularly personal interests. As the day advances, you’re likely to want to make some changes that help you simplify and strengthen your life, and this demands a little more deliberation and concentration. The focus is on keeping your life running smoothly, and you’re willing to put in the extra effort towards those ends. This is due to the stabilizing, practical energy of the Sun in your sign in harmony with Saturn which will also carry forward into tomorrow.




The desire to have fun and enjoy yourself is strong again today, dear Gemini, although you can have a lot on your mind, particularly related to relationship dynamics and money. It’s better to weigh your options rather than force major decisions with these things today. It can be a challenge to reach an agreement with competing drives. As the day advances, though, a Sun-Saturn trine comes into influence, and committing yourself to solid goals can be just what you need to get out of a funk. You might choose to further business or financial goals, particularly on a research and analysis level. Accepting emotional or intimate matters for what they are aids planning and decision-making, as you don’t feel caught up in a world of fantasy and uncertainty.




The Moon spends another day in your home and family sector, dear Cancer, encouraging the need for comfort, safety, and familiarity. Again today, relationship matters can distract you and keep you on the edge of your seat. Try to keep your expectations of others (and yourself) reasonable today. As the day advances, you can find it easier to commit yourself to the moment. You become more aware of your priorities and can feel right about meeting them as the Sun and Saturn move towards a harmonious aspect. People in your life or a relationship goal encourage you to focus on what’s most important. The ability to rely on a friend or partner is comforting, or a sense that you are working towards the same goals with someone special can subtly enhance a bond. You are in need of a bit more order in your life.




The Moon spends another day in your communications sector, dear Leo. While this transit inclines you to keep things light and play with different ideas, there can be some real distractions again today that prevent you from taking things easy. Avoid getting too worked up about what others are doing or thinking, and try to keep personal and work matters separate. Obligations can eat up quite a bit of your day, so aim to clear up your duties as they tend to hang in your aura if you don’t. As the day advances, you’re more likely to come down to earth and enjoy the process. When Saturn is in the picture, reality hits, but when it’s forming an easy aspect to the Sun as it is now, we generally feel good about getting ourselves (or our lives) into order. A commitment to make improvements comes easily now. Relationships seem to benefit from this as well, as there is less inner turmoil affecting your interactions. Tonight and tomorrow, you can be looking particularly good in the eyes of those in a position of authority. Look for ways to streamline and simplify your life in your daily routines.



You are seeking out comfort and some predictability again today, dear Virgo, with the Moon in your solar second house all day. Once again, though, there can be plenty of interference to deal with. Worries and fears may undermine decision-making in the first half of the day. Others’ expectations can weigh on your mind, and if you assign them too much importance, it can be difficult to unwind. Do your best not to overthink things. As the day advances, you’ll see the benefits of focusing on priorities, and the process comes far more easily with the Sun and Saturn approaching harmony. Creative endeavors might benefit from tweaks and edits. There could be a pleasing sense of loyalty and stability in a relationship or a feeling of strength with your convictions. You can enjoy making long-term plans today.




The Moon spends another day in your sign, dear Libra, and your emotional needs and personal plans are once again on the front burner. However, you may not always discover easy channels for expressing yourself in the first half of the day. In fact, you may find yourself in between others’ dilemmas, whether this is about mediating or overthinking problems. Pressures from family may figure strongly. As the day advances, you’ll find it far easier to prioritize and focus. Tonight and tomorrow are reliable for getting organized and simplifying or downsizing, particularly around the home. Uncertainty tends to disappear at least for the time being, and this feels good. It can be a good time to look into financial support or to research significant purchases. Feeling organized and top of things smooths out your mood.




The Moon spends another day in your privacy sector, dear Scorpio, emphasizing the need to unwind, but it’s easier said than done today! Social drama or your own compelling ambitions are likely the main culprits. There is a part of you that wants to escape and another part that is worried or feeling guilty. As the day advances, you’ll find that you’re far less divided. There could be an opportunity to repair or strengthen a relationship with a sibling or family member, to improve a close partnership, to commit to a learning program, or to work on a long-term goal. Tonight and tomorrow, having your feet on the ground and being productive are most satisfying states with the Sun trine Saturn.




The Moon spends another day in your social sector, dear Sagittarius, and this transit prompts a desire to let go of pressures and unwind in good company. However, a need to be frugal, a reminder of a responsibility or ambition, or a feeling of missing out could undercut your good mood at times in the first half of the day. A situation may arise today that requires cutting your losses so that you can move on. As the day advances, you’ll find it easy to focus on priorities and feel right for doing so. You can benefit from restructuring and organizing your life, particularly when it comes to health routines, financial matters, and your work or projects. You might find ways to improve the management of your material resources. The primary key to success tonight and tomorrow involves accepting limitations instead of fighting them. It can feel good to have a healthy and realistic idea of what to expect.



The Moon spends another day in your solar tenth house, dear Capricorn, and you can feel strongly about handling your work or obligations. However, it can be challenging to turn all of your attention to your goals when personal matters seem to occupy much of your time. You may be struggling with a fear of missing out when you apply your energies to the tasks at hand. A lot is on your mind today, and you’re inclined to juggle different topics, worries, and concerns, making concentration on priorities a real challenge now. As the day moves forward, however, you turn this mood on its head. A Sun-Saturn trine comes into play, and you’re more inclined to see where your priorities lie. This transit improves your desire to reason things through, making it easier to accept responsibilities or limits. Channel energy constructively by working on something that you gives you special pride – something that’s totally worth it!



Responsibilities or worries can eat up some of your time again today, dear Aquarius, but you’re in generally good spirits and can rise above these interruptions. It’s not easy to come to the point of clarity on any one thing in the first half of the day with so much that you’re juggling right now, so aim to do your best with what you have and sort things through one step at a time. As the day advances, you come into your own. A Sun-Saturn trine comes into influence, helping you to see your priorities and focus on what’s truly important. This is an excellent time to work on paring down and letting go on emotional levels and the home front, as well. Small changes made now will bring great rewards down the road. You tend to feel supported or confident about your general direction now. Downtime is vital to all of this, so be sure to find ways to catch up on rest.




Imbalances can be a focal point in the first half of the day, dear Pisces. However, try to avoid staying in a state of limbo and instead work on problem areas. Tensions might arise with someone over issues of sharing or power dynamics, and timing in your relationships can be a little off right now. You need some extra time to yourself, although you can struggle with a fear of missing out on a social level. Fortunately, as the day moves forward, energies are strong for prioritizing. Teamwork can be successful and beneficial. People tend to recognize your strength and wisdom. This is a time for giving and receiving solid advice, some of it coming from within. Listen to your inner voice and open your heart to others’ wisdom, as well. A Sun-Saturn aspect helps you gain practical benefits from your experiences now.




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If You Were Born Today, April 27


If You Were Born Today, April 27

You are poised and come across as calm and refined. You are not easy to get close to, and much of your nature remains a mystery to others. Nevertheless, you are charming and others tend to respect you. You are extremely observant and generally think before you speak, and you are a great listener.  Famous people born today: Jack Klugman, Coretta Scott King, Ulysses S. Grant, Sheena Easton, William Moseley.

Your Birthday Year Forecast

Until December, you continue to have a strong, protective, and stabilizing influence with you. It helps you stay on track and meet your responsibilities. Your popularity tends to be strong, and your leadership skills are valued. Work you have done in the past begins to pay off this year–not necessarily in dramatic ways, but in small, measurable ways. You may be recognized or rewarded in some manner for the efforts you put forth. Because you project a more responsible and credible “you”, people in authority are more inclined to appreciate you and recognize your work. This is a year in which you put your life in order in some significant manner. Improved concentration, a more realistic outlook, and a practical awareness of the limits of time all help you to make steady progress, particularly in your career. Your concern for your future this year is stronger than usual, and you may find that projects you start, or investments you make, this year will benefit you for years to come.

Something big is in the works regarding your love or social life. You’ll have a chance to heal old wounds with regards to love this year. You’re also bound to find new ways of making money.

Your ambition is stimulated now, and you are determined to meet or exceed your goals. You can bring great discipline and meaning to your life this year. You might totally revise an important project or area of your life, or you could be bent on getting rid of something in your life so that you can move forward. The tendency to be too willful this year should probably be avoided. You should also watch for overdoing to the point of exhaustion. This can be a compulsive time when power struggles are more likely. On the other hand, it can be a time when you enjoy a strong sense of purposefulness, focus, and determination.

The year ahead can be an ambitious time and a supportive period for reaching your goals. You might solve a long-standing problem, or capitalize upon a resource that was previously hidden.

You might experience some difficulties and delays in communications in the period ahead. It’s a strong year for recognizing flaws and errors. As long as you don’t forget the “big picture”, you could find you are motivated to channel your mental energy into tasks that require structured and organized thought, tackling projects that you may have found too mundane or downright boring in other years. It’s a strong year for polishing your skills and formal learning.

You are determined and focused in the year ahead, and you can move mountains in important areas of your life. As well, this can be a wonderful year for meeting new people or more thoroughly enjoying your current friendships. It’s a powerful year for relationships and excellent for making lifestyle changes.

2018 is a Number Six year for you. Ruled by Venus. This is a year of relative contentment. It’s a time when love is the easiest to attract, and partnerships formed under this vibration have a better chance for longevity. You are especially able to attract others–and material things as well–this year. This is a good year for establishing harmony in the family and the home. Advice – develop existing relationships, be positive and receptive because these kinds of energies help you to attract what you desire.

2019 will be a Number Seven year for you. Ruled by Neptune. This is a year of preparation, chance, and refinement. It is not a time of dramatic changes. Instead, it’s a year when reflection on the past is helpful, and when refinements to your life path should be made. It’s a good year to study, observe, research, and analyze. Unexpected twists to your life story and “chance” meetings are probable. Advice – take stock of your life in order to prepare for more exciting years to come, examine the past and plan for the future, get in touch with your deepest needs and uncover your personal power, don’t strain yourself or actively try to expand.



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Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, April 27th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, April 27th




You may feel a little divided or pressured today, dear Aries, as your need for independence clashes with both your dedication to your career or responsibilities and your desire for companionship. This is a recurring theme in your life – it’s not new, but it’s still a little disorienting! You’re no stranger to the feeling of being pulled in many directions. Today, your desire to go your own way seems to clash with a longing for company. You can be feeling a little torn, but with a bit of creativity, you can satisfy both needs. Emotional or verbal disconnects are entirely possible, especially with people communicating in disjointed ways and not listening well. This has also been a theme for several weeks and is thankfully dissipating. Try to exercise patience in the face of some fickleness in others. With the Moon in your partnership sector today and tomorrow, you are more approachable and personable. You are not always someone who asks for help or company, making it a special surprise when people make the offer on their own.



You can feel both sociable and withdrawn in starts and stops today, dear Taurus, and it can be challenging to find a balance between the two. You can find yourself easily distracted as much as you want to get things done, and this may be a signal that you’re in need of a change of pace so that you can get back into the groove of things. There can be some minor verbal disconnects, and some of the intensity of thought from recent days carries over. Fortunately, your perspective moves forward, and you’re more interested in righting wrongs in the here and now rather than focusing on what happened in the past. Venus in your solar second house until May 19th is excellent for a stronger sense of who you are and what you stand for. It also puts you in a good position to boost your income or to enjoy new things, too.




The Moon in your solar fifth house today and tomorrow can put you in a more romantic, sharing, or creative mood, dear Gemini. This transit can be enjoyable overall, although you may be a little more susceptible to ups and downs if others aren’t reacting or responding in kind. While you may be trying to engage someone’s emotions, they may be taking you too literally. Alternatively, you may wrestle a little with whether to go your own way or divide the credit/work with others. Or, your desire to get close to someone is up and down. Emotional satisfaction can be a bit of a challenge until you work out your feelings. If you aim to overlook minor disconnects, it can be a satisfying day for exploring your creative impulses.




You can feel a particular desire to stick close to home or with familiar things and situations today and tomorrow, dear Cancer. An emotional regrouping of sorts is needed and very welcome if you can manage it. With demands from all directions, however, this may not work out perfectly, but aim to cherish and make good use of the time that you do have for nurturing and comforting activities. Try to focus on what works for you rather than on what others are doing (or not doing) for best results. Otherwise, you can find yourself in an unpleasant state of vacillation. Giving people space right now may, in fact, draw you closer to one another in the long run. Friends can be supportive and inspire some excellent ideas.




You’re likely to enjoy the feeling of being busy today, dear Leo, but you can find it hard to know precisely what you want to do with yourself! The day can be a little hectic at times but should be satisfying overall if the goal is to get a lot of little things done. The general atmosphere is somewhat chaotic, as part of you may feel deeply concerned about the very things you’re avoiding. Even so, if you don’t get the elbow room you need today, you could be feeling quite restless and can have a hard time applying yourself. With the Moon in the sector of your chart that rules variety and connections, you’re inclined to dabble and branch out. These drives can compete with your desire to buckle down and get a whole lot of work done, but it’s important to take some breaks and find some balance now.




It can be challenging listening to your intuition at times today, dear Virgo, with plenty of distractions. You might need to be a little noncommittal with others until you understand what you want and need more fully. The Moon has left your sign and emotions tend to stabilize. Even so, you may be craving extra comfort and pleasure now. You’re inclined to approach the day in an emotionally balanced and steady manner. While there can be some mildly frustrating interactions if others are pushing you to do more or to move out of your comfort zone, overall this is a good time to settle in and enjoy more peaceful activities that engage your senses. Circumstances can be such that you see the value of patience more clearly, or you’re more interested in building upon what you already have than starting something new, and this suits you well today and tomorrow.




The Moon spends today and tomorrow in your sign, dear Libra, upping the emotional volume. Feelings you may have kept at bay now demand your full attention. Energies are temperamental while the Moon is in your sign these days, largely due to its clash with planets in Capricorn, of which there are a few right now! Add this to the fact that you’re particularly sensitive to your feelings as well as the atmosphere around you with the Moon in your sign, and this can be a moody time. There can be huge distractions from your responsibilities now, largely related to a partner, friend, or relationship matter. You have the urge to break with the old and court the new, and if you are stuck doing the same old things, then you could feel emotionally restless. Your enterprising nature is in sharp force much of the day, and you might decide to take up an activity independently that you usually share with others.



Today and tomorrow are days for laying low, generally speaking, dear Scorpio, as the Moon spends time in your privacy sector signaling a need to take the pressure off. Even so, if you’ve recently felt put upon by others who expect you to do more than your share, learning your boundaries can be in store today. It can also be challenging to be truly heard today, as people can be so caught up in what they are saying that they do very little listening. While you can benefit from more time to yourself or with your own thoughts and feelings, this is not to say you won’t be pulled away from quiet activities. In fact, distractions can be plentiful, and the need to take care of business might arise. This makes it hard to concentrate on your priorities now. It may be wise to double check your work, as concentration levels may be low. Possibilities for extra rest, if they arrive, shouldn’t be overlooked.



Routine wears you down today and tomorrow, dear Sagittarius, so aim to take breaks from the daily grind. Group activities and cooperative efforts can be animated now, and you might discover that others are demanding a little more of your time than usual. You are quite open to new feelings and experiences as well as experimentation, which can clash with the need to buckle down and discipline yourself. Your sense of community is strong, and emotional satisfaction can come through your interactions with friends, although they may take you on a bit of an emotional swing at times today. Finding a balance between sticking with the tried and true and dabbling in the new will be essential for peace of mind.




The Moon spends today and tomorrow at the top of your solar chart, dear Capricorn, and keeps your mind on your responsibilities. However, distractions and competing drives pull you away from duties more often than not today. This can leave you feeling on edge until you figure out a way to divide your time or compartmentalize. You might experience a tug of war between your desire to get things done or gain recognition and your need to relax and blend in with your surroundings. Conversations tend to be one-way or self-centered. People may very well be bringing up the same old grievances, or they’re falling back on ineffective communication patterns. You are more aware than usual of your reputation and the expectations of others, and while this can motivate you to do your best, you could feel a little vulnerable to criticism. Look into your heart to learn what truly satisfies you rather than worry too much about what others are doing today.



There can be unexpected disruptions to deal with today, dear Aquarius, and while irritating, they may very well get you thinking in new and useful ways. There can be some restlessness stirred, although you may not be able to satisfy your desire to get out and about as well as you’d like. You are inclined to mull over a particular topic, finding it hard to let go of an issue, but this can leave you feeling trapped and unfulfilled. Aim to feed your spirit today, whether it’s through expanding your mind or horizons. A change of scenery is vital for keeping you engaged and motivated, and staying stuck on a particular problem or point will only serve to wear you down.




It can be challenging to stick to a task and make much headway today, dear Pisces, as you can find yourself easily distracted. This is a better time for freeform or creative activities than monotonous and routine tasks. Conversations may be a little one-sided as people don’t seem to have the time to truly listen to others’ input. Doors are opening to you, and you seem to need to put yourself “out there” with friends, in group settings, or with projects in order to see that they are. However, today requires you to pull back a little and understand yourself and your needs a little better. You’re inclined to feel a bit more deeply or to entertain deeper, richer feelings. You are also more able to observe and come up with answers that may be a little hidden or not very obvious.




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Your Weekend Love Horoscopes for April 27 thru 29

This Weekend’s Love Horoscope: Light Hearts and Deep Souls

Love horoscope for the weekend of April 27-29

Love planet Venus moved into fun and flirty Gemini this past week, giving you a fresh outlook on love this weekend! Curiosity is definitely in the air now, and you’ll have an itch to seek out mental stimulation, engaging activities, and interesting conversations with attractive prospects. If you’re single, focus on being lighthearted and open now — you have a lot of potential to meet many potential lovers! For those in committed relationships, Venus in Gemini can crank up the fun meter in your partnership. Beware, though, that Gemini is a distracted sign that loves variety, so you may find that you or your lover’s eyes start wandering toward other options … it’s up to you to keep the spark alive and keep the attention focused on your existing relationship!

On Sunday a Full Moon will light up mysterious Scorpio, the sign of passion and intimacy. Emotions might be high and intense for some, but luckily Saturn is also in the picture, helping to ground things. Scorpio wants you to connect deeply and share what you have with those close to you, so you have a real chance to solidify your bond with someone special now. But if you’re not looking to get closer right now, know that there’s another important side to this Full Moon in Scorpio: transformation. You may be undergoing big personal changes now that are pulling you into a new phase of life, which can greatly alter your emotional availability, your interest in commitment, and your complete outlook on love and relating.


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Different Types of Spellcrafting: Banishing


In many traditions of Paganism, banishing is done to get rid of negative or unwanted energy, or even people who may be causing problems in our lives. While some traditions frown upon banishing as manipulative magic, on the theory that it impacts the free will of another, if your tradition has no prohibitions against such things, then there’s no reason you can’t do a banishing spell.


There are a number of different methods to accomplishing a successful banishing. Which one you choose will vary, depending on how comfortable you are with the different techniques, and what you’re trying to achieve.


Disclaimer: The spells contained here are collected from years of personal experience, folk magic traditions, and various occult sources as noted. They are posted with the intention of being helpful to those who are looking for spell resources, and may need to be adjusted to fit your individual need. Please bear in mind that if your particular belief system prohibits you from casting certain types of spells, you should probably not do so—however, it’s important to recognize that not all magical traditions follow the same set of guidelines when it comes to spellwork.


If you’re here, chances are good you’ve already read about the basics of banishing and getting unwanted metaphysical entities out of your life. However, sometimes, we have actual people in our lives that cause problems, and this is where a banishing spell comes in handy. There are a number of different methods you can try – just make sure that the one you use doesn’t violate any of your own personal moral or ethical guidelines.


If you’re trying to get rid of an unwanted spirit, one of the most effective methods is to simply give it its marching orders. Be firm and blunt, and say something along the lines of, “This is not the place for you, and it’s time for you to leave.” You may wish to offer a blessing or well-wishes if it makes you feel better about things, and say, “It is time for you to move on, and we wish you the best in your new place.” Frequently, this will do the trick and eliminate whatever problems you may have been having.


Elemental Banishing
A popular method of banishing is the use of the various elements, such as fire or water. Fire can be used as a method of purification and cleansing, by way of destruction. Water is used in a number of religions for a variety of purposes, including banishing. You can make your own consecrated water for use in rituals.


Salt is also a great tool for banishing. In some magical traditions, it represents earth, and has been used for centuries to get rid of negative energy. In some folk magic traditions, black salt – a blend of sea salt and another item such as charcoal – is used as a protective barrier.


Use fire to burn a symbol of whatever it is you wish to be rid of, or earth to bury it.


Ritual and Spellwork
In some circumstances, banishing may involve more than simply sprinkling some salt and telling someone (or something) to go away. If you have a person, for instance, who is harassing you, it may be time to do a full fledged banishing ritual. A banishing ritual usually includes a combination of the following:


The name of the person you wish to banish from your life
A specific and active description of what you intend to happen. For instance, “Make Susan a better person” is rather vague and passive – instead, try “Susan will stop harassing me at work.”
A magical link, or taglock, connected to the person you wish to banish
A great deal of magic relies on symbolism, so use this to your advantage in a banishing. You can freeze someone’s behavior by magically binding them, or even reflect the negative behavior back at them. A couple of simple methods include:


A basic binding which metaphysically ties the hands of the individual. Try the tongue-binding spell if you’re dealing with someone who is spreading nasty rumors about you.

Use a box with mirrors inside it to reflect negativity back to the individual who is harassing you.

You can create a banishing spell using the basic Spell Creation Template, and perform it as necessary. Feel free to make your banishing ritual or spell as over-the-top and extreme as you wish – getting rid of someone who is causing you pain or heartache is a pretty significant thing, so unleash as much magical mojo as you feel you need!


Banishing Folklore
To Make Someone Leave You Alone


This one comes in handy when you’ve got someone in your life that you can’t avoid—a co-worker or classmate—but you’re tired of being harassed by them. They’ll still be around, but they’ll stop bothering you.


Write the individual’s name on a piece of paper. Burn the paper around the edges using a black candle (black is associated with banishing magic), and as you do so, let them know that you are burning away whatever feelings (animosity, lust, jealousy, whatever) they may have towards you. Burn as much of the paper as you can, until all that’s left is their name.


Take the last bit of paper to the place where you normally see them— work or school or wherever—and dig a hole and bury it. You can also tear the paper into tiny pieces, and blow it away or scatter it to the winds.


Another option? Use the Chill Out spell, to get the person to chill out and move on.


How about some balloon banishing? Write the person’s name on a small piece of paper, and insert it into a balloon. Fill the balloon with helium, and then take it far away and release it into the sky.


The Get Out of My Life Poppet
This is a good one to use when you not only want to be left alone, you want the person completely out of your life. Light two black candles (black for banishment!), one on each side of your workspace.


Create a poppet out of whatever material you prefer to use (cloth, clay, wax, etc). As you assemble the poppet, make sure you tell the poppet how much you dislike it, and how your life would be a heck of a lot better if it would get out. Make sure you use a magical link so the poppet knows who it represents.


If you’re in a hurry to get the person out of your life, you can “light a fire under their butt” with the candles (important safety tip here, make sure you only SINGE the bottom of the poppet rather than actually lighting it on fire). Take it to the edge of your town, and bury it outside the city limits… if you make it out of clay you can smash it instead of burying it. Allow the candles to burn down until they are gone.


Four Thieves Banishing Spell
In some Hoodoo and folk magic tradition, an item known as Four Thieves vinegar is used. You’ll need to brew up a batch before you get started. Use the recipe here: Four Thieves Vinegar


Use this spell to keep someone bothersome away from you.


Write your target’s name on a piece of paper—some traditions recommend you use brown paper, or parchment. Soak the paper in Four Thieves Vinegar. Fold the piece of paper up as small as you can, and bury in the dirt somewhere. One school of thought is that you should bury it in a pot, preferably under a plant like a cactus, so no one will ever disturb it.


Banishing Spellcrafting


Banishing spells are spells designed to send something or someone away or to prevent their return.


To banish something means to send it away or drive it away from a location. In the mundane world banishment implies that whoever is banished can never return or is no longer welcome, but magical banishment is a little different.


Banishing Rituals
A banishing ritual is often performed at the beginning of a ceremony in order to rid the ritual area of negative or unwanted energy or entities that may interfere with magick or unbalance energies that will be raised or summoned during the ceremony. Most magical paths prescribe a banishing ritual of this type prior to any spellwork or magick of any sort.


A banishing may also be performed at the end of a ritual to banish any entities that were evoked or invoked during the procedure or to clear the energy that has been raised from the ritual area to allow it to return to mundane use. For example, you would banish the energy from the love spell that you performed in your living room so that it can return to normal living room use and not affect everyone who comes in there innocently trying to watch the evening news.


A banishing may be performed on the ritual space or on the magic-user(s) or both, however, when you perform a banishing ritual on an area, you do internalize it somewhat automatically. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is a basic banishing ritual that is a primary requirement of initiates into the Golden Dawn. It is used to prepare a ritual area and also to prepare the magic-user by focusing their mind and energy on the task at hand, creating a magical atmosphere and an altered state of consciousness.


One may banish summoned energies and entities as well once their presence is no longer required. Although the word “releasing” is most often used, the Watchtowers that are evoked at the four corners of the Circle in many rituals are, in fact, banished at the ritual’s end.


Introduction to Banishing Rites by Phil Hines

Banishing Spells
Banishing spells are designed to drive away anything the magic-user feels is a threat or a nuisance; a person, an obstacle, a debt, a disease, an addiction, a bad habit, etc.


A banishing may be performed on a home, to drive away unwanted energies, discord, stress, etc. undesirable entities, such as ghosts and troublesome faeries and other spirits.


A banishing spell may be performed on a person to banish an addiction, an affliction or an influence another person has over them.


Banishing spells are also performed on objects to rid them of connections to prior owners or any energies picked up during their use, often in preparation for programming or charging them for a a new purpose.


The term cleansing refers to a banishing done to remove unwanted energies from an person, location or object. The term exorcism is used to describe a banishing for an unwanted entity, especially an uncooperative, unfriendly one.


Performing a Banishing Spell
While banishing spells can be performed at any time, they are most effective if performed during the waning phase of the moon while the moon is in the sign of Capricorn or Scorpio. Saturday is a good day for general banishing spells. (See also Spell Timing as there are better times for the banishing of specific things.) The best time is at the dark of the moon, but before the new moon appears.


Some say that your movements should be widdershins when performing a banishing spell, but some believe that it’s bad luck to move in any direction other than sunwise while performing a spell.


For many banishing spells, an object is chosen to represent the person, idea, thing or energy to be banished. This item is then charged or programed to represent the target using various means and then symbolically sent away. Running water, such as a river, a sewer drain or even a flushing toilet is often utilized in this way. It is important that the item be of safely biodegradable nature so that your spell work does not bring harm to the environment or clog up the pipes.


Banishing of energy or entities may take the form of a more complicated ritual involving fumigating or asperging an area, person or object. If you are banishing energy from your person, a ritual bath may be in order.


These Herbs are Useful for Banishing Spells
• Angelica
• Anise
• Bay Laurel
• Black Cohosh
• Cyclamen
• Devil’s Claw
• Garlic
• Heliotrope
• Hellebore
• Holly
• Mistletoe
• Nettle
• Pine
• Pokeweed
• Rosemary
• Rue
• Solomon’s Seal
• Stinging Nettle
• Thyme
• Vervain

These Minerals are Useful for Banishing Spells
• Black Salt
• Bloodstone
• Jet
• Smoky Quartz
• Tourmaline
These Incense are Useful for Banishing
• Dragon’s Blood
• Pine Incense and Oil


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