Good Sunday Morning, It is April 1st, April Fool’s Day! Happy April Fool’s Day! I need to make a few clarifications…..

Good Morning Fairy
I would like to make a few clarifications, if you have a moment. First off, I have caught hell for deciding to close Magickal Necessities. I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but we quit advertising it in our daily posts sometime ago. I believe in the last two months, the store has average perhaps four sales if that many. Four sales does not even pay for the store itself. When something quit making a profit, it is time for it to go. It is only good business sense to do so. I was hoping that when Spring hit, sales would go up, but they didn’t. Now I found myself in a sticky wicket. What do I mean by that, simple…..I have two tax bills due and also rent on the house I am currently living in. The tax bills are for the office property and my old cabin’s property and the rent of course is to keep me in the house, I am in till my cabin is finished. Building on it has already started and I have no intentions of losing my home or our office property because of a dead store we have on the internet.


I have worked my rump off for two months, trying to provide new merchandise for all of you. Nothing seamed to interest any of you, no sales equal no store. I hate to do it but I am not losing my property because of money thrown at a wasted cause. We now find ourselves needing every penny we can get to pay our taxes. The rent comes first because sleeping out on the street with a full leg cast just doesn’t seem possible at the time. The amount of taxes we owe is currently at $1215.00. In our closing out sale, we have made $75.00. Long way from that $1215.00 we owe. You might think when you open a store, you make a killing, that is the furthest thing from the truth. You have your mark up and if you mark up is too high, then nothing sells. We probably average making $5.00 off of every item we sale. So you can see we aren’t getting rich.


I was happy when the site could support itself because I wanted to provide you with the best quality merchandise at affordable prices. Come to find out, that killed us. The store will close on April 27th. Whether we meet our taxes or not, is another question. But you now know why I am closing the store. The store’s closing does not effect the WOTC in anyway. This site pays for itself. So the WOTC will remain in operation and with the store gone it will give us more time to devote to this site. I know there are days we spent putting merchandise on the store when we should have been here. That will change once the store is gone.


I swore up and down I would never ask any of you for anything else. I am breaking that promise, I do not want to lose my property to my home. Due to that fact, I would ask that you make a purchase or if you feel it in your heart to make a donation, that would be deeply appreciated.


Today the site will be down because I am planning on up-dating it and a few other of our sites. We will back tomorrow in full force. Oh, I should add once the merchandise in the store is gone, it is gone. We will not be restocking it, it would be a waste of time.


I broke down the other night, I guess I was disappointed and hurt. I prayed and meditated and ask the Goddess to show me my true Path now. All the dreams, I have had, have gone up in smoke. I wanted the store to be the biggest and best Pagan site on the internet. That’s gone. I asked Her to show me my Path and give me hope for the future. When you see your dreams come crashing down right in front of you, it does something to you. You begin to wonder if what you have ever done has meant anything. Sometimes I wonder if I have been a fool or perhaps I dream to big. Whatever I do I want it to the best, I don’t believe that is too much to ask. I remember spending sleepless nights working on the store, I couldn’t wait to it opened for all of you. Now, that is another dream shot down. I don’t know why I should expect any different though. I lost my home, I almost lost my life, I have a pup that will never get over the smoke inhalation from that fire, my body is broken and now the store. I won’t say what next because there will always be something, I am sure of that. But enough with my self pity trip. If you would like to make a purchase for the store, please feel free to do so. If you would like to make a donation, it would be deeply appreciated.


I am off to up-date the site and we will see you tomorrow……


Till then,

Lady of the Abyss