Good Saturday Morning To All Our Dear Family & Friends!

Good morning

I hope everyone is having a fantastic, relaxing Saturday morning. It is hard to believe it is April around here. It is snowing this morning, yeah in April. I can’t believe this weather. Anyway, I wanted to let you know we are taking the morning off. I have put off and put off doing our taxes and I guess it is finally time to do them. To add to everything else, we got a nasty letter yesterday from the sheriff. It informed us when our taxes was due (like we didn’t know) and if not paid by that day, they would be transferred over to some clerk. This clerk would arrange the auction time of our property. If that don’t depress you, I don’t know what would. Anyway, we are only $200.00 away from being able to pay them. We still have time to collect this money and pay our taxes. I have added a few new things to the store. I got to think, how can you sell anything if there is nothing there? So I added a few new things, you might take a look if you are interested in making a purchase. If not, a donation would be greatly appreciated. Right now, $200 seems like it ought to be $200,000. But anyway, that’s the story now.

We will be back on this afternoon to put some information on and also a few spells. But for right now, I am off to do taxes.

Have a great Saturday,


Lady A


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