Children Of The Earth

Fire in the Night
Children Of The Earth

We know they feared our Pagan ways,
They tried to wipe us out,
They tortured and they burned us,
If they had the slightest doubt,
They took away our festivals,
Replaced them with their own,
But we stood strong and carried on,
We’ve flourished and we’ve grown.

They said we worshiped Satan,
Stole babies and much worse,
And if by chance someone fell ill,
They said we laid a curse,
They took us in for “questioning”,
Tortured till we confessed,
But anyone would say the words,
Under such duress.

With bodies bruised and broken,
They put us on the stand,
The priests said we’d offended God,
And the devil took our hand,
The villagers believed them,
Our guilt was their desire,
Then everybody turned out to see,
The witch burned in the fire.

They never really understood,
And some to this day still,
Do not understand our craft,
We bear no one ill will,
We live a life of peace and love,
At one with Mother Earth, S
o in secrecy the Hedgewitch lives,
Gathering berries, leaves and herbs.

I sometimes think that there are those,
Who live in those dark times still,
They do not wish to understand,
And I guess they never will,
But Pagans all around the world,
Are proud to carry on,
We practice the oldest religion,
In our deeds and in our song.

Be joyful all ye Pagans,
For the road has been so long,
Remember the innocent martyrs,
That suffered in those days gone,
Give your praise to all the Gods,
And the Goddess of rebirth,
For they can never destroy our faith,
We are the children of the Earth.

—Pagan Ways
Alan Faraway



Trying out the account to make sure it works for tomorrow.

It is Wednesday, April 11th and I have good news

I have good news and not so good news. I know Lord Myst said I wouldn’t be on this site again. He was wrong. A lot has happened in a day’s time. First, we were not on the internet because we were at the courthouse paying our tax bill. My deepest gratitude to each of you who donated and purchased merchandise to make this happen. The taxes are paid, construction can now begin on Lady A’s house and all is well on that account. Again, you have all of our deepest appreciation, gratitude and thanks.

Next good news, Lady A will be getting out of the hospital Friday. She is doing extremely well. I believe it has something to do with healer heal yourself. We were there yesterday when the doctor came in and he told her she had made tremendous progress and would be released as planned. Also, the cast on her left leg has been removed. It was removed when they placed the steins in. They put the steins in on the right side but she had been complaining of pain in the lower part of her calf on the left side. The doctor knew how much trauma that leg had been through. He made the determination that possibly a clot could have come from that leg. He consulted the orthopedic doctor during surgery and the ortho doctor told him it was time for the cast to come off anyway. It was then removed. Lady A was trying to be humorous, made a joke about thinking she went to the Summerlands because the cast was off. I am glad she can make jokes. But she is doing great and I am sure it also has to do with your thoughts and prayers.

The next is about Lord Myst and it is not that great of news. Jacob made the post the other day that all of you read. He moved several of you to action and for that we are again grateful. It also moved Lord Myst. He got angry at Jacob and insisted that he had undermined him.  He shoved Jacob into a wall and I heard it and got up to see what was going on. Jacob told me and Lord Myst didn’t have a word to say. They got into an argument about Jacob making the post and Lord Myst told him he had no business even being on the computer to start with. I asked Lord M had he lost his mind, shoving his own nephew into a wall. He told me he was going to shut down everything here and move Lady A and the boys back home with him. Well my reply was, “over my dead body.” He has no authority to do anything. He has no authority to keep me off this site and he has no authority to close anything down. Why he moved the date up on the store closing, I don’t know. But it will not be closing the 16th. More than likely it will not close at all. Lady A trained Jacob and myself on how to use WordPress and the store in case anything ever happened. She told us both we would probably have problems out of Lord Myst and we have. He told me he would go to the hospital and have a talk with Lady A about the entire situation. I have bound him from going near her. I have also bound him from our rented house, the office property and Lady A’s home’s property. I saw the man’s eyes and if looks could kill, his own nephew would have been dead. That is why I took such measures. The bull Lord M was telling you, please disregard.

As far as telling Lady A any of this, we haven’t. She would be outraged that he shoved Jacob and no telling what she would try to do. Right now, she has no business trying to do anything except heal. If she asks about him, we are going to tell her he had to go home for an emergency. And when she gets out of the hospital Friday, I will make sure this post is gone. I am getting ready to make two new user accounts for the site. One will be for Jacob and the other Lynette. Since we have had people asking for our information to continue, Lynette will be doing the daily posts for a while. She knows how to operate a computer and has been looking back on previous posts to see how we do things. Jacob is learning to become a witch perhaps he will share his new Path with us.

I owe each of you an apology. I know I am a difficult person to get along with but I am going to try my best to change for Lady A’s sake. She loves you dearly and it is apparent that you love her. I was wrong. I didn’t understand nor believe such a bond could be made over the computer such as you and her share. But there is that bond and I see it now. I hope you understand, at first I didn’t believe it but now I have seen it with my own eyes. You do love her and for that I am very, very thankful. I promise you no more harsh words or bad temper from me. I will straighten up and fly right, you have my word on that. Please accept my apologizes. I am truly sorry for my past actions.

We all deeply appreciate everything you have done for Lady A. For all the love and caring you have shown for her over the years. I know the stubborn witch, she will be right back in the mix of things before you know it. I hope she at least takes a week or two off anyway but we will have to wait and see on that one. When we told her that the tax bill had been paid, she started to cry. We all embraced and through her sobbing, she told me to tell each of you, “thank you and I love them more than they will ever know.” She is my blood sister, you are her family and you are my family now.

Thank you and my deepest gratitude to each and everyone of you,


After I made the two new accounts, Lynette and the ladies will resume the Daily Digest tomorrow. Things will continue as normal and as Lady A wishes. I will pick her up from the hospital Friday and you will have your daily information.