About Yesterday & Today….

After a note about yesterday, we will get on with today and today’s posts.

Yesterday, Lady A was cut short in our daily posts because the electricity went out. We got the air conditioning fixed as I believe she told you. We had no longer enjoyed it for about four hours and the electricity went out. A major power outage because of the ancient power grid we are on. Lady A waited longer than she should for the power to come back on. I believe she didn’t want to go back to the house and Lynette. Lady A got sick and is at home today, taking a break from the heat.

The reason we are running late is because we had to fight with Lady A to get her to stay home. She got to hot yesterday and she did not need to be out in the heat today, at all! Telling her that is another story. We finally won after we threatened to call the doctor. The spot she has on her arm that has rose up after she was out in the heat has started to grow in length. She goes back to the doctor tomorrow. We will find out what it is then. I have never seen anything like it. It started out below the crease in her elbow and now it is up into the upper part of her arm. It worries me but Lady A tells me it is sun poisoning. I have never seen sun poisoning like that before and I have seen many a case.

Before I make us any later, I will say good day.