Gemstone of the Day for November 3rd is Benitoite

Gemstone of the Day


Benitoite is named for its occurrence near the headwaters of the San Benito River in San Benito County, California.

Hardness: 6 – 6.5        
Specific Gravity: 3.6        
Chemistry: BaTiSi3O9, Barium Titanium Silicate                
Class: Silicates                
Crystallography: Hexagonal; bar 6 m 2           
Cleavage: poor       
Fracture: irregular                    
Streak: white                    
Luster: vitreous

Healing: Benitoite is used to treat disorders of the blood and to ameliorate excessive bleeding. It is also used to expedite the healing process.

Workings: Benitoite is used for astral traveling and connecting with other-world beings. Benitoit is worn to enhance feelings of emotional sensitivity, empathy and understanding. It aids in instances of telepathy. Benitoite is used to help one overcome one’s fear of water. 
Benitoite is associated with the astrological sign of Virgo and vibrates to the number 9.

Chakra Applications: Benitoite is associated with all of the chakras.

Foot Notes: Benitoite is a rare blue barium titanium silicate mineral, found in hydrothermally altered serpentinite. Benitoite is thought to have been derived during a phase of low temperature and high-pressure metamorphism which relates to a blueschist metamorphic facies. The elements that comprise benitoite are thought to have been mobilized from the host rock and deposited in a late stage cooling of hydrothermal fluids in veins fracturing the wall rock of serpentine.
Author: Crick

Herb of the Day for November 3rd is Licorice

Herb of the Day


(Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Medicinal Uses: Licorice is used to relieve respiratory ailments such as allergies, bronchitis,
colds, sore throats, and tuberculosis. Licorice root is often used to prevent and treat stomach
ulcers. Licorice is also used in the treatment of heart disease because of its effects on
cholesterol and blood pressure. It has also been used for over 3,000 years by the Chinese as
a tonic to rejuvenate the heart and spleen, and as a treatment for ulcers, cold symptoms,
and skin disorders.
Licorice is used in treating adrenal insufficiencies such as hypoglycemia and Addison’s disease, counteracting stress, and in purifying the liver and bloodstream.

Persons with a history of congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and liver disorders should not use licorice compounds. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

Magickal uses:

Properties: Licorice is demulcent, expectorant, diuretic, and laxative. It contains glycosides, flavonoids, asparagine, isoflavonoids, chalcones and coumarins. Primary of these is Glycyrrhetinic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory compound.
Licorice Root contains Vitamins E, B-complex, phosphorous, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, lecithin, manganese, iodine, chromium, and zinc.

Growth: Licorice is a mediterranean perennial plant having blue flowers, pinnately compound leaves, and a sweet, distinctively flavored root.
Author: Crick

Deity of the Day for November 3rd is Hades

Deity of the Day



In Greek mythology and legend, Hades is known as the god of the underworld. A brother of Zeus, when the world got split up into portions after the overthrow of their father, the Titan Cronos, Hades didn’t exactly get the best deal. While Zeus became king of Olympus, and their brother Poseidon won domain over the sea, Hades got stuck with the land of the underworld. Because he’s unable to get out much, and doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with those who are still living, Hades focuses on increasing the underworld’s population levels whenever he can.

Although he is the ruler of the dead, it’s important to distinguish that Hades is not the god of death  – that title actually belongs to the god Thanatos.

Hades’ best-known legend may well be his role in the tale of Persephone and her mother, the grain goddess Demeter. Persephone caught the eye of Hades, who took her back to the underworld, and Demeter’s grief caused the crops on earth to die. By the time Persephone got back to her mother, she had eaten six pomegranate seeds, and so was doomed to spend six months of the year in the underworld. In a few modern, more sanitized versions of the story, Persephone is not held against her will but chooses to stay there for six months each year so that she can bring light to the souls doomed to spend eternity with Hades.

This rendering of the tale, however, does not seem to have much scholarly or academic evidence supporting it.

Hades also features prominently in the adventures of Hercules, or Herakles, and they battled each other several times. Hades presides over funeral rites, and those who are laid to rest with the proper rituals and ceremonies are welcome in the underworld. After death, the souls of those who have died must meet the ferryman, Charon, at the River Styx.

Once they have paid Charon for passage, they cross the Styx, and the Acheron, known as the river of woe, on their way to the underworld. Those who couldn’t or wouldn’t pay Charon – or whose bodies were not properly prepared and buried – were doomed to wander the land of the living, haunting the shores of the river for a hundred years.

Of note, Hades’ name has become a synonym for the realm of the underworld. So we have Hades the god, who rules Hades the place. The name, Hades, actually means invisible – in one legend, Hades was given a helmet of invisibility by the Cyclops, to use in the battle against the Titans.

He is typically portrayed as a dark, bearded man holding a pickaxe or staff that he uses to drive shadows ahead of him, as well as the key to the underworld. Hades is often accompanied by the black horses who pull his chariot, and his loyal watchdog, the three-headed Cerberus.

Interestingly, in addition to being a god of the underworld, Hades is also associated with the treasures held within the earth itself – gold, silver, and other mined bounty, as well as the seed-crops that flourish in the soil. Because of this, he is sometimes seen as a god of wealth and riches. Plato refers to Hades as Pluton, the giver of wealth. In Roman mythology and legend, Pluto has similar aspects to Hades.

References in pop culture include the role of Hades, as hilariously voiced by James Woods, in the Disney animated film Hercules, and the portrayal of Cerberus as a very large dog named Fluffy in the Harry Potter films. In the Percy Jackson movies, Hades is played by British comedian Steve Coogan, and he also makes a brief appearance in Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series, in the book Skin Game. Hades appears in countless video games, including the God of War franchise, the Final Fantasy series, and Age of Empires.




Astronomy Picture of the Day – Seeking Venus under the Spitzkoppe Arch

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2015 November 3

Seeking Venus under the Spitzkoppe Arch
Image Credit & Copyright: Petr Horálek; Rollover Annotation: Judy Schmidt

Explanation: What’s that in the sky? Although there was much to see in this spectacular panorama taken during the early morning hours of a day in late September, the brightest object in the sky was clearly the planet Venus. In the featured image, Venus was captured actually through a natural rock bridge, itself picturesque, in Spitzkoppe, Namibia. The planet, on the left of the opening, was complemented by a silhouette of the astrophotographer on the right. Above and beyond the rock bridge were many famous icons of a dark night sky, including, from left to right, the Pleiades star cluster, the Orion Nebula, the bright star Sirius, and the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. This week, Venus remains visible to the east in the pre-dawn sky, being complemented by Mars, which is angularly quite close.

Your Daily Planet Tracker: Moon in Leo, Nov 2, 2015 to Nov 4, 2015

Planet Tracker

Moon in Leo

Nov 2, 2015 to Nov 4, 2015

The lions are out today. Stand in the Sun and shake loose your mane. Leo is exuberant, courageous, playful and full of heart. It’s a Moontime that inspires heroic feats. What makes a hero? A crazy willingness to do what only you can do. I like how Bob Dylan sang it, “If I’d paid attention to what others were thinking, the heart in me would have died. But I was much too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity. Someone had to reach for the rising star, I guess it was up to me.” More often we’re like that proverbial cartoon figure, momentarily gliding on air, ten stories high, then plummeting the minute we realize what we’re doing-self-consciousness and pride spoil the show. Avoid those egos squaring off around you. Lose yourself in the spontaneity of the moment. Be innocent and happy as a child. Play will nourish your heart. is a Daily Insight Group Site

Your Daily Influences for November 3rd

Your Daily Influences
November 3rd, 2015



The Hierophant
A lover of tradition and ceremony, The Hierphant needs social approval and appreciates the positive aspects of conformity.










Naudhiz reversed may tell of needs met and harmonious relationships. Your passions for someone or something may be at their pinnacle.




Pisces the Fishes
This aspect of your life will be strongly influenced by a person who is escapist and idealistic, secretive and vague, weak-willed and easily led. This person probably relies to heavily upon you to make decisions for them.








Your Daily Influences represent events and challenges the current day will present for you. They may represent opportunities you should be ready to seize. Or they may forewarn you of problems you may be able to avoid or lessen. Generally it is best to use them as tips to help you manage your day and nothing more.

Shuffling the Cards, Your Past, Present, & Future Reading for Nov. 3

Shuffling the Cards, Your Past Present & Future Reading for Today Using the Ancient Symbol Cards


Past Influence whose impact on your life is waning.

The Believer

The Believer represents Faith and the realization that you have an important place in the workings of the Universe. Although The Believer may not always understand why things are the way they are, they none-the-less feel an underlying cosmic rhythm which is moving events in a direction that is good. The Believer rejoices in their celestial role, because they realize their life has purpose on a grand scale.


Present Influence whose impact on your life is very strong.


Altruism denotes the noble act of giving to those in need without the expectation of a return. The act of giving has been seen as one of humankind’s greatest attributes throughout history. It is honored in nearly every culture. To give is a gift to both those who receive and those who give. Giving is usually associated with addressing the material needs of others, but the gift given can take many forms such as wisdom or protection or simply a shoulder to cry on.



Future influence whose impact on your life is growing and will be very strong in the future.


Solitude is represented by a single person standing at the end of a boardwalk staring out at a vast, empty panorama. They are truly alone, but may not feel loneliness. They are at a place in their life where the need to withdraw from the our secular world is strong, because their focus should be on their inner self, their morality, and their dreams. The view before them is empty, but it is a canvas on which they may paint their future–a future restricted only by the size of their imagination and courage. For them Solitude is a choice. They chose to take the walkway that distances them from the rest of us. It is also a choice that can be undone. Just as they chose to take a path that leads them away from us, they may choose to turn around and come back at anytime.

Your Ancient Symbol Card for November 3 is Chance

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today


The Chance card denotes a period in which taking risks may produce positive results. This doesn’t mean head off to a casino with your life’s savings! What is suggested is that you should make gains by taking a well calculated risk. For the power of Chance to be fully realized it is essential that you pick your risk carefully, move forward with conviction, and above all else don’t get greedy!

As a daily card, Chance implies you are currently in a place where taking a chance is likely to produce substantial rewards. In other words, take a few calculated steps out on the proverbial limb, but remember if you take it too far you are likely to lose all that you gain and possibly more.

Your Witches Rune for November 3rd is The Crossed Spears


The Daily Witches Rune

The Crossed Spears

Meaning: The presence of the spear signifies arguments, negative events, and all manner of strife of an upsetting nature. However similar to the ‘Tower’ tarot card if next to a positive rune it could mean the end of an argument or quarrel. If with the rings it means the healing or renewal of a relationship. If there are military connections it could mean promotion. If illness is within the equation it means a speedy and successful recovery.

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for November 3rd is The Devil

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Today

The Devil

The Devil is the more perplexing cards one can draw in a reading. He represents all that most find undesirable, distasteful. He embodies the seven deadly sins (Lust, Gluttony, Avarice, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride). The Devil is evil personified. However, it is unlikely his presence in your cards means you are most suited to be a child of Satan. Think of the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The more plausible explanation is that you are actually quite moral, and feel a deep duty to oppose the dark forces The Devil embodies. This in no way implies you should establish your own inquisition, but simply that you are acutely aware of the destructive influences in our world and have the strength to resist them.

Casting The Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for Nov. 3rd

Casting The Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for Today


bw-raidhoThe Past

Raidho may mark the coming of a physical or spiritual journey. Whichever the case, changes in your life are soon to come. Spiritual or material goals may be attained.


bw-dagazThe Present

Dagaz represents the fresh light of a new day. You are close to making a breakthrough. You have the will to change whatever you deem necessary. You may see the world with absolute clarity at this time.


bw-perthroThe Future

Mysteries will become known to you. You should be able to see your life’s path clearly at this time. Pethro is often thought of as “Gambler’s Rune.” You are in a lucky period right now. Chance is your ally. Take advantage of it.

Your Daily Rune for November 3rd is Naudhiz


bw-naudhizYour Rune For Today

Naudhiz may foretell needs unmet and friction in relationships. You may be in a time where you should be very careful in whatever endeavor you take on. Also it may be that you are about to learn some of life’s hard lessons and come out the other side of this period a stronger being.

Additional information about Today’s Runes, Naudhiz

nauþiz :need, necessity

Phonetic equivalent: n

poverty, hardship, responsibility, discontent, obstacle, frustration
to represent a need to be filled
Freyr & Gurd, the Otter’s Gold
ANALYSIS:If hagalaz is a flying ladle, then nauþiz is the empty pot. It is a gentle, nudging reminder that all is not as it should be. Life appears to be out of synch, and nothing seems to be going right. No matter how much you have, it is never enough, and there is an ever present desire for something more, something better. On the positive side, this dissatisfaction with the status quo can serve to draw one away from the relative safety of wunjo and motivate towards change.Nauþiz represents an imbalance between one’s desires and one’s assets. How you resolve this situation will influence the rest of the journey, but the awareness of the imbalance itself can also be illuminating.
It causes you to closely examine and perhaps reassess your values and priorities, and forces you back onto the path of your own happiness. Perhaps mythologist Joseph Campbell said it best when he enjoined us to ‘follow our bliss’; in other words, that we will know that we are on the right track spiritually when we are doing those things which make us the most happy and fulfilled. Nauþiz helps us to take the first step on that path by letting us know when we have strayed from it

Your Daily I Ching Hexagram for Nov. 3 is 25: Without Wrong Doing

Daily I Ching Hexagram

November 3rd, 2015


25: Without Wrong Doing






Keep some distance from wrongdoers. Remain honorable and all will be well.
Line One of Your Hexagram is a 9:
If you are sure you doing the right thing, proceed without fear.
Line Two of Your Hexagram is a 6:
Seek a mentor. Work within the boundaries of your current talents.
Line Three of Your Hexagram is a 6:
You may experince temporary setbacks. Remain true to yourself and they will pass.
Line Four of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Have faith in the future.
Line Five of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Do not take rumors seriously. Stay your course and you will succeed.
Line Six of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Be cautious. Do not make a move until you are sure you are ready.

Your Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: November 2015

Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: November 2015

Gratitude is everywhere is a Daily Insight Group Site