Money Charm

Money Charm


This is more properly a charm rather than a spell because you have formed a different object (the bag) and given it power through incantation. As always, a money charm like this relies on the energy set up between you and the money. If you recognize that money is a resource, you can adjust the spell to ask for resources rather than money itself.


You will need



• • CRYSTALS (such as garnet, ruby and emerald or rock salt)





Hold the three silver coins in your hands. Breathe on them four times and say:


To the spirits of Air I say bring some money my way.

Put the herbs, crystals and coins on the cloth.


Tie the cloth into a bag using eight knots in the thread. (It is probably easiest to fold the thread into two and tie knots round the neck of the bag.)


Hide the bag in a safe, cool, dark place, away from prying eyes for eight days.


After eight days money should be coming in.


Be as realistic as possible, imagining what you will do with the money and how best it will be used. Once you have made the bag, meditate daily on what you want. By using the three silver coins and four breaths you create the vibration of the number seven which is considered to be both a lucky, and spiritual, number.

Money Bottle Spell

Money Bottle Spell


Spell bottles were originally created to destroy the power of an evil magician or witch thought to have cast a spell against the bottle’s creator. The bottles consist of a container, usually glass, filled with various objects of magical potency. All are concentrations of energy, created and empowered for specific magical purposes.


You will need


• • 5 CLOVES





• • 5 10P PIECES

• • 5 20P PIECES


• • 5 PECANS




Put the ingredients into the bottle, making sure the top is secured tightly. Shake the bottle for five minutes while chanting words such as:

Money gain, silver and herbs Copper and grain hear my words.

Place the money bottle on a table somewhere in your house. Leave your purse or wallet near the bottle when at home so that the power is transferred.

You should find that money will come to you, perhaps in unexpected ways.

The number five is used to effect change. In financial matters it suggests movement into another phase of material gain

You can if you wish bury this bottle close to your home rather than actually keeping it indoors. If you do this however it is a good idea to acknowledge it in some way every time you pass it. You can do this by leaving a small gift such as a pretty pebble or some wildflower seeds.

Foot Wash for Money

Foot Wash for Money


This is a folklore recipe and would strictly only become a spell if an incantation or invocation were added. Black Cohosh is better known as a herb to be used at the time of the menopause, but here is used as a footwash which will lead you to money.

You will need






Soak the root in the cup of boiling water for fifteen minutes. Strain the water and throw away the root. Put the liquid in the bottle for seven days and leave it alone.

On the eighth day, rub the liquid all over the bottom of your shoes. Be alert to your own intuition until money comes your way.

It is said that you will either find money, win it, or gain it in some legal manner. This, by its method, cannot really be used to gain a specific amount, but you can bear in mind what your needs are.

Fast Luck Oil

Fast Luck Oil


This oil contains herbal essences, all of which have the effect of quickening up a spell. However, there is need for a word of warning, since many people nowadays have sensitivities to so many substances. Wintergreen if ingested internally is highly toxic so you should be careful when dealing with it and cinnamon oil can irritate the skin. When used to dress a candle however the combined oils are a speedy way of making things happen.


You will need







If you wish you can suspend a small piece of alkanet root (Bloodroot) in the bottle for a deep red color and extra power You can also, for money spells, add gold or silver glitter Method Carefully combine the essential and carrier oils in the bottle. Shake well and repeat as you do so at least three times.

Fast Luck, Fast Luck Bring to me my desire.

Now add the other ingredients if you are using them and leave the bottle in a cool dark place for at least twenty four hours for the oils to blend. After this time you can use the oil to dress your candles. Remember that, as you are drawing luck towards you, you should dress the candle from the top down.
If you are using Fast Luck Oil for a money spell concentrate on money coming towards you, use a green candle and repeat the words above. Use a brown candle if you have a business deal you need to accelerate, but this time it is wise to add a few flakes of silver or gold glitter. To bring love into your life use a pink candle, visualize your ideal person coming into your life and repeat the words above, adding:
If it be right for all concerned.

Let the candles burn out safely.

You should have some indication that this routine is working within about thirty six hours. If there is none, then you must consider what obstacles there are to progress. These may have come to light since you began the spell and you can attempt to remove them before carrying out the procedure again.

Attracting Extra Money Spell

Attracting Extra Money Spell


This is a representational spell since the money in your pocket is representative of a greater fortune. Use this only at the time of a New Moon and make sure you are in the open air. It is said that the spell is negated if the Moon is seen through glass.

You will need



Gaze at the Moon.

Turn your money over in your pocket.
As you do so, repeat the following three times:

Goddess of Light and Love, I pray Bring fortune unto me this day.

You will know that it has worked when you find extra money in your pocket or your purse or come across money unexpectedly.

In previous times the Moon was recognized as much as the Sun as being the bringer of good luck. This spell acknowledges that and allows you to make use of her power. It is said to ensure that you have at least enough for bed and board until the next New Moon.

Spells and Formulas Record Sheet

Spells and Formulas Record Sheet


TYPE OF SPELL OR FORMULA: This should state very clearly what the type of spell is e.g. blessing, binding etc. When developing formulas for lotions and potions, for instance, you need to be clear as to the exact purpose.


DATE AND TIME MADE: This gives a cross-reference should you wish to use the correct planetary hours or magical days.


REFERENCE: you should develop your own system of reference; this might be, for instance, according to the time of year or alphabetically. Do also remember to keep safely somewhere a record of how you have developed your reference system so that others may benefit from your experience.


ASTROLOGICAL PHASE: if you have an interest in astrology you will probably want to record where the planets are when you prepare the spell or formula. A decent ephemeris (list of planetary positions) can be of great help here though there are also many sources of information on the internet.


SPECIFIC PURPOSE: you should always state the specific purpose of the spell or formula very clearly. This is partly because it helps to focus your own mind, but also because it leaves no one in any doubt as to your intentions. Should you have more than one main purpose, you should also record these.


LIST OF INGREDIENTS AND/OR SUPPLIES NEEDED: Having all your ingredients to hand ensures that you are working with maximum efficiency and not misusing or needing to adjust the energy by leaving the sacred space. Also, when you repeat a working you will need to replicate what you did the first time; even one small change in ingredients can make a tremendous difference to the outcome.


SPECIFIC LOCATION REQUIRED: You may well need to perform some spells within a certain area or setting. Also you may discover that your own energy responds to some locations better than others.


DATE, TIME AND ASTROLOGICAL PHASE WHEN USED: In all probability you will not want all your spells to take effect at the time you cast them. suppose you have applied for a job and wish your spell to work at the time of interview. You would need to carefully calculate the date, time and astrological phase of the interview as well as the time you are actually casting your spell and incorporate both sets of information into your working.


RESULTS: Record carefully all aspects of results you feel are associated with your working. This record should include how successful you consider the spell to be and how it might be improved. There will be some unexpected results, some which appear not to give a tangible result and others which come into play some time after they were expected.


DEITIES INVOKED DURING PREPARATION AND/OR USE: Often a particular god can be helpful in bringing about a needed result for a spell. You will chose the most appropriate for your purpose and can always petition a different one at another time.


STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATIONS AND/OR USE: Often when spell-working, movements and words are intuitive and instinctive; the more you are able to remember what you did the more likely you are to achieve similar results. Also, should you require them for someone to work on your behalf or to undertake someone else’s magical training, you will have an exact record.


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Here you should record for each occasion anything that seems strange, bizarre or noteworthy so that you know what to expect next time.


In each of the spells we give a list of ingredients and special articles which may be required to achieve a result for that particular spell. Because each individual brings their own energy into the process, you may find that you intuitively want to change something, whether that is an ingredient, a container or the words used. This is absolutely fine, and means that your spell has a very personal ‘feel’ to it.

Using Planetary Hours in Your Spellcrafting

Using Planetary Hours in Your Spellcrafting


Each hour of the day and night is also matched to a planetary influence. Planetary hours can be very useful, especially if you can’t wait until the right Moon phase or even the right day to perform your magical working. You can, of course, wait for both the appropriate day and planetary hour, if you wish. Planetary hours are divided into two parts: sunrise to sunset and sunset to sunrise.


Calculating the planetary ‘hours’ once the principle is understood is relatively easy. The calculation goes back to when there were no clocks to measure time. The periods of light and dark were each divided into 12 equal portions which were called ‘hours’.


Therefore if we divide the number of minutes of daylight by 12, we discover exactly how long a planetary hour is. For example, if the sun rises at 7am and sets at 4pm you would have 9 normal hours of daylight. This would then have to be divided by 12 to calculate when each new planetary hour begins. Thus:


9 hours multiplied by 60 minutes gives 540 minutes 540 minutes divided by 12 gives 45 minutes.


Therefore each daytime magical hour would be equivalent to 45 minutes normal time and you would measure accordingly.


From sunset, things would be slightly different – a little thought will show why so many magical practitioners work at night!


Using the example above, we have 15 hours out of 24 left. Thus:


15 hours multiplied by 60 minutes gives 900 minutes 900 minutes divided by 12 gives 75 minutes Each night-time hour would be therefore be equivalent to 75 normal minutes.


Because only the Sun and six planets – not all ten planets – are used as correspondences, you have a chance to use those influences either during the day or during the hours of darkness. Planetary hours are always calculated with reference to the rising sun, so each time you wish to use a planetary hour, you must first know precisely when the sun rises where you are living. The influence can either help or hinder our magical efforts.

Week Day Correspondences for Doing Spellcrafting

Week Day Correspondences for Doing Spellcrafting


The days of the week, because they are ruled by the various gods, create an energy which is best for certain types of magical working. Following is a list which, while not completely comprehensive, will give you some idea of when to perform your spells. Each day’s planetary ruler and optimum colours are also given.

SUNDAY (Sun – yellow, gold, orange): ambition, authority figures, career, children, crops, drama, fun, goals, health, law, personal finances, promotion, selling, speculating, success, volunteers and civic services.

MONDAY (Moon – white, silver, grey, pearl): antiques, astrology, children, dreams/astral travel, emotions, fluids, household activities, imagination, initiation, magic, new-age pursuits, psychology, reincarnation, religion, short trips, spirituality, the public, totem animals, trip planning,

TUESDAY (Mars – red, pink, orange): aggression, business, beginnings, combat, confrontation, courage, dynamism, gardening, guns, hunting, movement, muscular activity, passion, partnerships, physical energy, police, repair, sex, soldiers, surgery, tools, woodworking.

WEDNESDAY (Mercury – purple, magenta, silver): accounting, astrology, communication, computers, correspondence, editing, editors, education, healing, hiring, journalists, learning, languages, legal appointments, messages, music, phone calls, siblings, signing contracts, students, visiting friends, visual arts, wisdom, writing.

THURSDAY (Jupiter – blue, metallic colours): business, charity, college, doctors, education, expansion, forecasting, foreign interests, gambling, growth, horses, long-distance travel, luck, material wealth, merchants, philosophy, psychologists, publishing, reading, religion, researching, self-improvement, sports, studying the law.

FRIDAY (Venus – green, pink, white): affection, alliances, architects, artists, beauty, chiropractors, courtship, dancers, dating, designers, engineers, entertainers, friendships, gardening, gifts, harmony, luxury, marriage, music, painting, partners, poetry, relationships, romantic love, shopping, social activity.

SATURDAY (Saturn – black, grey, red, white): binding, bones, criminals, death, debts, dentists, discovery, endurance, farm workers, financing, hard work, housing, justice, karma, limits, manifestation, maths, murderers, neutralization, obstacles, plumbing, protection, reality, sacrifice, separation, structure, teeth, tests, transformation, wills.

Lunar Correspondences for Spellcasting

Lunar Correspondences for Spellcasting

The Moon represents the feminine principle and is a symbol for the natural cycle of birth, life and regeneration. Her best personification is that of the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) which is an image found in many early religions. The lunar phases (Waxing, Waning or Full Moon) can be made use of when planning your magical work.

It is always useful to have your rituals and spells coincide with the appropriate astrological influences. For example, spells and rituals calling on the Moon and involving the Element of Earth should be performed during a time when the Moon is positioned in one of the three astrological earth signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Spells involving the Element of Fire should be done when the Moon is in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius; spells involving the Element of Air when the Moon is in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, whilst spells involving the Element of Water should be performed when the Moon is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

You could also use the appropriate incenses for your rituals and there are other correspondences in the application of magic which might be utilized as shown below:

MOON IN ARIES Magic involving anything to do with authority, leadership, rebirth, moving on or spiritual conversion should achieve success. Healing rituals for ailments of the face, head or brain are also best performed at this time.

MOON IN TAURUS At this time you can work magic for love, security, possessions and money. Healing rituals for illnesses of the throat, neck and ears are also undertaken during at this time.

MOON IN GEMINI This is a good time to work magic for anything to do with communication, including writing, e-mails, public relations, moving house or office and travel. Ailments of the shoulders, arms, hands or lungs also respond well to healing rituals done during this period of time.

MOON IN CANCER This is the best time to work magic for home and domestic life, and also any nurturing activities. Healing rituals for ailments of the chest or stomach should be carried out during this period of time.

MOON IN LEO Courage, fertility and childbirth are all ruled by Leo as is the power over others, so this is the best time to work such magic. Healing rituals for problems of the upper back, spine or heart all seem to have some success during this period of time.

MOON IN VIRGO At this time magic worked for questions involving employment, intellectual matters, health and dietary concerns is much enhanced. Healing rituals for ailments of the intestines or nervous system are also best done during this period of time.

MOON IN LIBRA Magic involving artistic work, justice, court cases, partnerships and unions, mental stimulation, and karmic, spiritual, or emotional balance receive a boost when worked at this time. Healing rituals for ailments of the lower back or kidneys have additional energy now.

MOON IN SCORPIO This is the best time to work magic involving sexual matters, power, psychic growth, secrets and fundamental transformations. Healing rituals for difficulties with the reproductive organs are also most effective during this period.

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS This is the opportune time to work magic for publications, legal matters, travel and revealing truth. Healing rituals for ailments of the liver, thighs or hips are also done at this time.

MOON IN CAPRICORN This is an ideal time to work magic for ambition, career, organization, political matters and recognition. Healing rituals for the knees, bones, teeth and skin are best performed at this time.

MOON IN AQUARIUS This is the best time to work magic involving scientific matters, freedom of expression, problem solving, extra sensory abilities and the breaking of bad habits or unhealthy addictions. Ailments of the calves, ankles or blood receive benefit from healing rituals.

MOON IN PISCES Magic worked on the psychic arts involving dream work, clairvoyance, telepathy and music is enhanced at this time. Healing rituals for problems with the feet or lymph glands benefit from the flow of energy.

Astronomy Picture of the Day – Aurora over Clouds

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2015 November 24

Aurora over Clouds
Image Credit & Copyright: Daniele Boffelli


Explanation: Auroras usually occur high above the clouds. The auroral glow is created when fast-moving particles ejected from the Sun impact the Earth’s magnetosphere, from which charged particles spiral along the Earth’s magnetic field to strike atoms and molecules high in the Earth’s atmosphere. An oxygen atom, for example, will glow in the green light commonly emitted by an aurora after being energized by such a collision. The lowest part of an aurora will typically occur at 100 kilometers up, while most clouds usually exist only below about 10 kilometers. The relative heights of clouds and auroras are shown clearly in the featured picture from Dyrholaey, Iceland. There, a determined astrophotographer withstood high winds and initially overcast skies in an attempt to capture aurora over a picturesque lighthouse, only to take, by chance, the featured picture along the way.

Earth Sky News for November 24th: Moon Heading for Taurus

November 24

Moon heading for Taurus

Tonight – November 24, 2015 – as darkness falls around the world, the almost-full waxing gibbous moon will be traveling eastward toward the constellation Taurus the Bull. Because the moon is so bright on this night, and will continue to shine brightly as it moves through Taurus over the next several nights, it’ll very difficult to view the starry outline of the Bull right now. Still, you might pick out some prominent features of Taurus, particularly the bright reddish star Aldebaran and the Pleiades star cluster, near the moon over these next several nights.

Eventually, as the moon makes its rounds through the constellations of the Zodiac, the moon will leave the evening sky.

Thus by late November, and in the first few weeks of December, you’ll have the opportunity to view the starlit figure of the Bull in all his majesty.

Despite tonight’s lunar glare, you still might be able to spot the constellation Taurus’ two most brilliant signposts: Aldebaran and the Pleiades star cluster. The star Aldebaran will probably be the easier of these two stellar “landmarks” to see in tonight’s moon-drenched sky. For a better view of the sky scene, try blocking out the moon with your finger.

So your sky tonight might look like the chart below.

In previous posts, a few people have questioned our saying that the moon always moves eastward in front of the constellations of the Zodiac. We get it! The moon’s motion is complex and possibly confusing. But it’s true – if you watch you’ll see. The moon always moves eastward through the constellations of the Zodiac, but – if you watch the moon during the night – you’ll observe that it moves westward across the sky, much as the sun does during the day.

Use these two stellar signposts – Aldebaran and the Pleiades cluster – to notice that they, too, go westward across the sky during the night. Keep in mind that the westward motion of the moon and stars across the sky tonight (and the westward motion of the sun during the day) is really a reflection of the Earth spinning upon its rotational axis from west-to-east.

In the parlance of astronomers, the daily westward movement of the stars, sun, moon and planets is referred to as diurnal motion.

To discern the moon’s true orbital (eastward) motion around Earth, note the moon’s change of position at the same time each day, relative to the backdrop stars of the Zodiac. The star Aldebaran is on the Zodiac, too. Notice the moon’s location with respect to this star tonight, and then look again tomorrow night. You’ll see the moon’s eastward motion among stars of Zodiac. This motion is a reflection of the moon’s true motion in orbit around Earth.

Bottom line: The November 24 moon is edging up on the constellation Taurus the Bull, with its bright star Aldebaran and prominent Pleiades star cluster. How to spot them. This post also explains how – even though the moon and Taurus will go westward across the sky – the moon is always moving eastward relative to the stars!


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