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Long Term Protection

Long Term Protection

This form of summoning is closer to permanent as we would perceive it. Yet in this for you must still work with a time frame in mind, however distant it may be. Guardian Dragons may be summoned in this fashion for protection of people places and things needing or deserving long term care (such as children, houses, spouses, etc). Multiple objects can be protected with but a change in grammar, but they must be together for a single dragon to protect (the objects become a mini-horde).:

“Dragon brave and Dragon wise,

let nothing escape your eyes.

I summon your from your hidden lair,

(name object here) is entrusted to your care.

Permit no harm to come to (named object)

within your sight, in your presence let all evils take flight.

No baneful creature born of flesh or spirit,

may touch (name object) nor even come near it.

Let those that would bring harm,

be filled with fright and alarm.”

Short Term Protection

Short Term Protection

This summoning is used for short-term goals and needs such as protecting an object being loaned, or anything for a brief period, such as a car ride or elevator trip. Mark the object to be protected with the sign of the guardian and repeat the incantation below:

“Gentle Guardian wise and strong keeps it (me, him/her)

as it (I, he/she) doth belong.

Safe within thy charge and care,

the current problem to fare.

No harm to come or ill to befall

Guarded and safe through it all!”

To Keep A Spell From Backfiring

To Keep A Spell From Backfiring

If a Witch is sick and needs to cast a spell, he/she can bind it.

This will keep the spell from backfiring and causing harm to anyone else, most importantly to his/herself. The Witch must procure a thread with a color as dark as the nightly sky.

Light an incense of Sandalwood and Lavender, and as the incense fills the air, he/she must make three knots on the ribbon as he/she intones the words that follow:

“By the Karmic Power of Three

This spell tied and knotted be

To cause no harm nor return to me

As I will it, so must it be.”

The ribbon must be carried when casting the spell as a talisman to keep it from backfiring.

Shield of Fire Protection Spell



one candle at each compass point


Cast the circle Invocation of the God and Goddess. Statement of intent:

“On this night, I invoke the powers of fire

to protect me from all that would harm me,

whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.”

Start at the south. Light the candle, shouting:

“Nothing from the South can harm me!”

Imagine the flame creating a wall of protection on that side of you Move West, light the candle and shout:

“Nothing from the West can harm me!”

Again, with each candle you light, imagine the wall around you growing in power and intensity North, light the candle and shout:

”Nothing from the North can harm me!”

East, light the candle, shouting:

“Nothing from the East can harm me!”

Hold up the Southern candle to the sky, shouting:

“Nothing from above can harm me!”

Place it back on the earth, shouting:

“Nothing from below can harm me!”

Sit in the center of the circle, watching the candles burn. Know that the fires are burning away all evil and harm that comes your way. Meditate on the flames and feel their power forming a shield around you – a shield you can erect anytime you feel threatened. Cakes and ale (eating bread and drinking wine or juice to restore energies spent during ritual) Release circle Thank the Goddess and God for their protection and presence in your circle

Go to each of the four directions in turn, saying:

“Guardians of the East (South, West, North),

Powers of Air (Fire, Water, Earth),

I thank you for joining in my circle

And I ask for your blessing

As you depart

May there be peace between us

Now and forever.

Blessed be.”

Raise your Athame to the sky and touch it to the earth, then open your arms and say:

“The circle is open, but unbroken,

May the peace of the Lord and Lady

Go in my heart

So Mote it Be!”

Consecrating Your Tools

Consecrating Your Tools


Most magical traditions make use of the familiar magical Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Some traditions have specific tools which are important to them. There is also a fifth magical element – that of spirit. The simplest consecration that can be made is to offer each of the objects to spirit that they may be used for the best purpose possible. You can specifically dedicate any tool using a short invocation such as:

I dedicate this magical tool to the purpose for which it is intended

You can, of course, be as creative with your speech as you desire. Anything else that is done will be according to the traditions of your own belief.

With all your tools, when you first purchase them or have them made, cleanse them before use, then dedicate them by filling them with your own energy as you did with your altar objects. You might also offer them to your appropriate deity.

Casting A Circle

Casting A Circle


Purify yourself first. You can do this by meditating, or taking a ritual bath. One way is to, try to keep the water flowing, possibly by leaving the bath plug half in, or by having a shower. This reinforces the idea of washing away any impurities so you are not sitting in your own psychic rubbish. (Scent your bath water with your selection of a sacred or special herb or oil.) Ideally, your towel – if you choose to use one – should be clean and used only for the purpose of your ritual bath.


• • Wear something special if you can, something that you only wear during a ritual or working. You can always add a pretty scarf or a throw in the correct color for your working. This sets apart spell working from everyday confusion.


• • Decide on the extent of your circle, which should be formed in front of your altar. Purify this space by sprinkling the area with water followed by salt – both of these should have been blessed.


• • Sit quietly for as long as you can inside the area that will become your circle.


• • Imagine a circle of light surrounding you. This light could be white, blue or purple. If you are in a hurry and cannot purify and cleanse fully, reinforce the circle of light by visualizing it suffused with the appropriate color for your working.


• • Circle the light around, above and below you in a clockwise direction, like the representation of an atom. Feel it as a sphere or as a cone of power. Sense the power Remember to leave a ‘doorway’ through which your magic energy may exit. You should always feel warm and peaceful within your circle.


• • Use your own personal chant or form of words according to your own belief system to consecrate your circle and banish all evil and negative energy, forbidding anything harmful to enter your space. Remember, you are always safe within your circle if you command it to be so.


• • If appropriate, invite the Gods and Goddesses to attend your circle and magical working.


• • Relax and be happy.


If you wish, you can use objects on the ground to show the boundaries of the circle, such as candles, crystals, cord, stones, flowers or incense. The circle is formed from personal power. This may be felt and visualized as streaming from the body to form a bubble made of mist, or a circle of light. You can use the athame (ritual dagger) or your hands to direct this power.


The cardinal points of the compass may be denoted with lit candles, often white or purple. Alternatively, place a green candle at the North point of the circle, yellow candle at the East, red candle at the South and blue candle at the West. The altar stands in the centre of the circle, facing North in the direction of power.

A Thought for Today

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To me being a Witch and Pagan is a way of life and spirituality. So I walk the walk not just talk the talk. I rise in the morning take my familiars out and thank my patron Gods and Goddesses and Spirit Guides for another beautiful day being part of the Universe and all the energy it gives and I give to it. At night, I lay my head down and again thank them for being with me throughout the day. If someone asks what religion I follow I proudly tell them I am Pagan and if they I ask I explain to them what that means to me. I understand it is difficult for some Witches to come out of the broom closet but for me it was not a difficult choice to admit to myself and others that I am a Witch. Do not feel bad or be…

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Consecrating Altar Objects

Consecrating Altar Objects

If you are not using completely new objects on your altar – here we are referring to the basic ‘furnishings’ of candle holders etc – you should cleanse them before you dedicate them to your purpose. Treat them in the same way as you would any crystals you use, by soaking them overnight in salt water to remove anyone else’s vibrations and then standing them in sunshine (or moonshine) for at least 12 hours to charge them with the appropriate energy.


When you are ready, hold each object and allow your own energy to flow into it, followed by the energy of your idea of Ultimate Power. (That way you make a very powerful link between yourself, the object and the Ultimate.) Ask this Power to bless the object and any working you may do with it and perceive yourself as truly a medium or channel for the energy.


Hopefully, each time you use any of the objects, you will immediately be able to reinforce that link rather than having to re-establish it. It is like a refrain continually running in the background. Now place the objects on your altar however it feels right for you.


Finally, if appropriate, create and caste your circle so that it includes yourself and your altar. The magic circle defines the ritual area, holds in personal power and shuts out all distractions and negative energies. You now have a sacred space set up which is your link to the powers that be. Again it is a matter of personal choice as to whether you choose to re-dedicate your altar and what it contains on a regular basis

Dedicating Your Altar

Dedicating Your Altar


Now you have turned your space into an altar, dedicate it in such a way that it will support any workings you may choose to do. One good way is to dedicate it to the principle of the Greater Good – that none may be harmed by anything that you may do. (Remember that traditionally any harm you instigate deliberately will return to you threefold, particularly when it comes from such a sacred space.) It will depend on your basic belief just how you choose to dedicate the altar further, perhaps to the Moon deity and all her manifestations, perhaps to the Gods of power.


Try to put as much passion and energy into the dedication as you can and remember to include a prayer for protection of your sacred space. Some people will need to cast a circle each time they do a working, while others will feel that just by setting the altar up in the way suggested that that space is consecrated henceforth. If you wish to follow the principles of feng shui rather than Wicca within your work, your placings will be slightly different, as they will also be if you choose to follow the tenets of other religions.


However, whatever you do, you should take care to dedicate all of your tools and altar furnishings to the purpose in hand. You are empowering them and making them usable only in ritual and magical work. If you try to use them for any other purpose, you will negate that magical power.