To Keep A Spell From Backfiring

To Keep A Spell From Backfiring

If a Witch is sick and needs to cast a spell, he/she can bind it.

This will keep the spell from backfiring and causing harm to anyone else, most importantly to his/herself. The Witch must procure a thread with a color as dark as the nightly sky.

Light an incense of Sandalwood and Lavender, and as the incense fills the air, he/she must make three knots on the ribbon as he/she intones the words that follow:

“By the Karmic Power of Three

This spell tied and knotted be

To cause no harm nor return to me

As I will it, so must it be.”

The ribbon must be carried when casting the spell as a talisman to keep it from backfiring.


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  1. Lady A.. I know you’ve been incredibly busy with trying to get things up and running smoothly. I HAVE responded here and there.. left you messages.. I think they get buried.. or maybe they don’t show up at all? I dunno. But I’m here.. I pop in pretty nearly every single day.. 2 and 3 times a day. I’m doing alright honey.. struggling with a horrid head cold but that’s nothing compared to what you have to cope with.
    Our winter has finally started to show itself 🙂 FINALLY.. I love watching the snow fall. Today it’s the big fat fluffy kind. I think though that we’ll likely go straight from winter right into summer and skip spring altogether 😦
    I’ve been liking your pod thingie.. it’s so wonderful to hear your voice.. you had commented on your deep southern drawl and I responded with.. don’t you dare try and cover that up.. you are YOU.. drawl and all.. and you’re just so precious.. I love you AND your drawl (((hugs)))


  2. Amen, sister, lol! I believe I know just a little too much about feeling like crap and they are great to have. It is good to see you, Celtie. What’cha been up too?


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