Good Thursday Afternoon To All Our Precious Family & Friends!

Good afternoon, my sweets! I apologize for us not being on the net today but we had some business appointments we had to keep. Had one this morning, got through with it and then run in real quick to check the messages. I decided since we have about an hour and a half before the next one, I would apologize for us not being here today. I don’t know why but I always feel obligated to let you know why we are not here. I have noticed others don’t do that but I feel guilty if I don’t, hmm! Now figure that one out, lol!


Ah, crap, who am I trying to kid? I know exactly why I feel guilty when we aren’t here. It is because we consider you a big part of our family and you are. We made a commitment 15 years ago to the Goddess and the Pagan community. When we made that commitment I never dreamed of the events or especially the people we would meet along the way. Over the years, we have made some wonderful friendships. Of course, they come and go, as to be expected. But each and everyone of them hold a special place in our heart. For the friends that have left us over the years, it saddens us and we miss them. But then we stop to realize perhaps we were only suppose to intertwine our lives for a brief moment. We have learned something from each and everyone of them, for that we are grateful. We don’t want to dwell in the past though, we look forward to all the new family and friends we have here. Out of all the place we have been on the internet, this place feels like home more than any of them. The reason it does is because of you. We have extremely good friends we have been blessed with here. I know you hear me say it all the time, “I consider you my family,” and I do. No place else have we experienced the warmth and love that comes from this site. It is funny, over the internet, you would think you wouldn’t be able to feel such things but you can. We can feel the love, the support and the caring that comes from each of you. So this site is just more than a site to us, it is our home. It is our home because each of you. I have always said the WOTC is the WOTC because of it members. Without you, it would be nothing.


So there, I said it! I feel guilty when we are not on net doing our job because of you. Each of you have given so much to us over the years. I just feel you have given us so much that when we aren’t here, we let you down. I never, ever want to let such a wonderful family as you all are down. I never want you to be disappointed with us. The last few weeks have been a madhouse around here as you know. I wanted you to know that some of these meetings are beyond our control. If I had my way, they would take place around 1 or 2 in the morning. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t operate on our schedule. I am hopeful things will be back to normal for us come Spring. So please have patience with us. We love each and everyone of you, that’s the truth. We miss not spending time with you each day. Bear with us, please.


We will be back tomorrow, I promise. Oh, crap, just thought of something……we are suppose to have some bad storms come through the area tonight, good grief! I have my fingers crossed that our internet stays up during and after they pass. That’s one thing we are changing as soon as we get through the fire business, our internet provider. The fire was just a minor sit back, come to find out it might have been for the best. We are going to be able to enlarge our existing building and also purchase some new equipment. Then we will work on the internet provider.


I do have one idea I would like to run by you, where this idea came from I don’t know but it has been haunting me. When something haunts me, I figure something or somebody is trying to tell us something. In this case, I am wondering if there is some of you out there that might need our help or just someone to talk too. Anyway, what would you think about us sitting up one night a week so you could talk to us over Skye? We haven’t checked into the cost of doing this yet, so this might just be a hair-brain idea on our part. We talked it over and decided we could set up a few hours, say from 9 to 12 on a particular night. Then if anyone was interested or needed to talk to us, they could make a small $5.00 donation and we would make them an appointment that night to talk to us. The $5.00 is to cover the cost of the operation, which I imagine is going to cost. If you really need to talk to us and it is urgent and you don’t have the money, don’t worry about. We will talk with you anyway. We aren’t selling witchcraft, we are just trying to cover the operating cost of something like that. So what do you think? Would you be interested in doing something like that? I know we have a chatroom(which we don’t use) but using Skye would be one on one. In case, you had a personal matter you didn’t want the whole world knowing about. We would like to know if this would be something you would like for us to offer or just forget. Like I said this has been haunting me for a while and I personally feel like there might be a need for something like this. So I want your opinion. Hey, we will even try to get Lady Beltane in on it too!


Well it is getting time to run. Let me know what you think about our new idea, seriously, I want to hear from you. And unless we get blown away tonight, we will see you tomorrow.

Till then, my luvs,

Lady A