Your Daily Influences for November 24th

Your Daily Influences
November 24, 2015


Four of Wands
Work will be well done. Peace and harmony will be realized.











The Ice Rune, represents stagnation and a passionless existence. Your life’s course may seem blurry at the moment, but if you persevere you will move onto better days.




The Tusk
There is a good vibration surrounding this aspect. It feels better than it has in quite some time. Maintain your faith in your deity of choice and this good vibration will remain. Waiver from your faith and this good vibration will dissipate.







Your Daily Influences represent events and challenges the current day will present for you. They may represent opportunities you should be ready to seize. Or they may forewarn you of problems you may be able to avoid or lessen. Generally it is best to use them as tips to help you manage your day and nothing more.



Shuffling the Cards, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for Nov. 24th

Shuffling the Cards, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for Today


Past Influence whose impact on your life is waning.

The Lotus

The Lotus represents the spiritual self in its purest form. It reminds us that for most achieving a well developed spirituality is a journey which can be long and arduous. The spirit of the Lotus is not of our secular world, and the presence of The Lotus suggests that what is needed can be found by exploring your relationship with the Universe not as a physical entity pursuing material gain, but as a divine soul in need of celestial sustenance.



Present Influence whose impact on your life is very strong.


Strength denotes an inner power, mastery of will, development of inner might, and the ability to lead effectively. Through mastering one’s emotions and learning from both success and failure the person Strength represents has reached a place where they are influential without applying physical force, able to weather the roughest of storms, and not likely to abandon the less fortunate. Strength also denotes a large capacity for forgiveness and compassion. Strength is not as much about winning as it is about overcoming hardship, and using well crafted persuasion to ease others to your side.



Future influence whose impact on your life is growing and will be very strong in the future.

The Owl

The powerful Owl easily makes its way through the darkest night on muted wings. Often it is only their haunting call echoing across the land that lets us know The Owl is near. Because of its amazing night vision, many cultures have attributed wisdom and the ability to uncover even the deepest secrets to the enigmatic, noble Owl. The Owl’s nocturnal prowess has lead many to see them as a messenger between the material and spirit worlds. Cultures as distinct as the African Zulus and ancient Celtics have ascribed magical powers to The Owl made them a revered companion to shaman and wizards.

Your Ancient Symbol Card for November 24th is The Hand

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Hand

Although the exact meaning may vary, The Hand is a symbol of some form of personal power in many cultures and religions. The presence of The Hand is an indication that your personal powers are at or near their zenith. The Hand suggest a time when you should leave your mark on the world.

As a daily card, The Hand suggest that now is a time for you to leave your mark on the world. Your unique strengths are heightened to a point where you can not only expect to make substantial progress towards your goals, but enjoy recognition for your efforts as well.

Your Daily Witches Rune for November 24th is The Star


f5680-starToday’s Witches Rune

The Star

Meaning: In many cultures, the Star is a symbol of hope, dreams and destiny, and in the Witches Runes this symbol has a similar connotation. When the Star rune appears, it’s green light for you to go after what you want.

Note that the Star does not say you’ll get everything you want without any work. No. This symbol is a not about easy success, but about having faith in what you are doing – and doing it. In fact, the goals suggested by the Star are usually the highest and most significant ones – the ones that are hardest to get. It does not matter what the dream is, but its significance in your life. This symbol also represents ideals, and they can be both individual and collective ones.

In a more down-to-earth way, the Star is related to revolutions, changes, risks, speculation and all things motivated by faith and ideals. It can represent a sudden spark on inspiration, a windfall, a sudden rise to fame or a promotion. Though the sudden changes brought by the Star are usually positive, they are also fast: you can get back to point zero as quickly as you rose. So don’t be afraid to jump forward when the opportunity arises.

The Star urges you to take the risk, to have hope and to trust. After the staleness of Crossroads, the Universe finally begins to move again. If you believe in Higher Powers, this symbol shows that They are guiding you in this moment. The Star is a very positive rune, but in a more negative context it can represent revolution for revolution’s sake and the constant idealization of people and situations. It can also stand for excessive individualism when going after a dream.

In relationship readings, this rune represents hope and an idealistic kind of love. Usually the people involved in the relationship have high expectations about the other. They easily put their partner on a pedestal, only to feel frustrated when reality strikes. The Star can also represent unrequited love, or the love for someone who is unattainable. On the other hand, this rune tells you to not give up love entirely – keep looking, because someone is coming.


Additional Information About Today’s Witches Rune courtesy of Your Spiritual Journey Australia


Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for November 24 is Death

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Today


First and foremost Death does not specifically pertain to our physical death. The Death card marks ends and beginnings. Although most illustrations of the Death card tend to be morbid, the forces behind the Death card are actually quite exciting. Yes Death does mark the end of something. But ends are often brought about by completion and not loss. Most endings are actually good, and make room for us to begin new adventures.

Casting The Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for November 24th

Casting The Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for Today


bw-eihwazThe Past

Eihwaz represents the Yew tree and its everlasting nature. The Yew may bend, but it does not break. You are on the right course and have the strength and ability to meet your goals. Congratulations!


bw-othalaThe Present

Othala represents a solid, immovable home, prosperity and safety. Good fortune based on your heritage and character is yours to enjoy.


The Future

There may be delays in reaching your goals. You may become disassociated from those around you. Try to keep your lines of communication open.

Your Daily Rune for November 24th is Tiwaz


bw-tiwazYour Rune For Today

Tiwaz is the Warrior Rune. It represents pure, masculine power and the ability to successfully fight to meet your goals. However, you must be careful that costs of attaining your goals overshadow their values.


Additional Information About Today’s Rune, Tiwaz.


teiwaz: Tyr


Creation Date: teiwaz.wav


Phonetic equivalent: t


DIVINATORY MEANINGS: duty, discipline, responsibility, self-sacrifice, conflict, strength, a wound,physicality, the warrior path


MAGICAL USES: protection, victory, strength, strengthening the will, healing a wound


ASSOCIATED MYTHS & DEITIES: Tyr and the Fenris Wolf, Odin’s ordeals


ANALYSIS: Just as the second aett began with the cleansing destruction of hagalaz, so too does the third aett begin with a loss. However, hail is imposed by the Gods to force the sacrifice of those things that aren’t really vital to our development. Teiwaz, on the other hand, represents a voluntary sacrifice, made by someone who understands exactly what he or she is giving up and why. Tyr’s sacrifice of his hand to allow the binding of the Fenris Wolf was a noble one, and notable in a pantheon of deities not known for their sense of duty and ethical responsibility. He is believed to be one of the oldest of the Norse Gods – a Bronze-age rock carving was found in Scandinavia depicting a one-handed warrior – and his position may well have originally superseded Odin.
Tyr’s rune is also one of the oldest in the fuþark, having survived virtually unchanged from the earliest Bronze-age carvings. It represents all those qualities associated with the God: strength, heroism, duty and responsibility. But it also represents a deeper mystery – that of the wounded God. Like þurisaz, the pain of teiwaz focuses the attention and forces discipline. However, in this case the effect is more conscious and the wound carries a greater significance. Uruz has been confronted and bound, and the lessons of teiwaz and hagalaz have been learned. This is the path of the warrior.


Your Tarot Card Reading for the Week of November 23rd




Weekly Tarot Card Reading

A one-card reading gives you a glimpse at what’s coming

Brigit Esselmont is a Daily Insight Group Site

Your Daily Tarot Card for November 24 is The Emperor

Your Personal Daily Tarot Card

The Emperor

The Emperor is blessed with the skills to successfully lead others. He can turn chaos into order and provide structure to that which is unbound. He is quick of mind and confident in his power and right to rule, and does so in a just manner. Although stern by nature, he truly is the ultimate father figure. He will provide as needed, teach those with unanswered questions, protect the vulnerable, set and maintain boundaries. His perfect world runs on schedule and is free of any disturbances. What the Emperor must be wary of is setting boundaries and rules where none are needed. If he isn’t careful not to over use his powers he may well become a tyrant.

Get A Jump on Tomorrow….Your Horoscopes for Wednesday, November 25th




Get A Jump on Tomorrow….

Your Horoscopes for Wednesday, November 25th

by Rick Levine


General Horoscope

Our authenticity is tested as the Moon slips into dualistic Gemini at 12:15 pm EST. Our core beliefs may need to be revised to stay current with incoming information. Our moods shift quickly but our opinions remain more constant when the Gemini Full Moon opposes the philosophical Sagittarius Sun at 5:44 pm. However, we must be careful about allowing unrealistic fantasies to overrule cool logic while mischievous Mercury squares deceptive Neptune.


Aries Horoscope Mar 21 – Apr 19

Being nice to yourself is one thing, but over-indulgence is an entirely different story. The playful Gemini Full Moon activates your 3rd House of Communication, encouraging you to involve others in your mischief. Unfortunately, reality is filtered by your biases today, presenting you with only part of the truth. Nevertheless, you’re still compelled to direct everyone else based on what you think you know — even if your facts are slightly distorted. William Blake wrote, “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”

Taurus Horoscope Apr 20 – May 20

You are dazzled by all the bright lights and brilliant ideas while the witty Gemini Full Moon floods your 2nd House of Self-Worth. But recognizing the value in other people’s perspectives doesn’t have to threaten your own. Thankfully, there’s no reason to go into denial about your feelings just because you’re going along with the crowd. Keep communication channels open and be ready to learn something surprising about yourself. Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest sources.

Gemini Horoscope May 21 – Jun 20

You can sense the cosmic pull of your emotions, but transforming your feelings into action isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. The Full Moon falls in your sign and opposes stern Saturn in your 7th House of Others, magnifying the tension in relationship dynamics. It helps to remember that you can lose perspective now by giving too much importance to your changing moods. Wait until the storms pass before taking any extreme measures. What seems incredibly critical today might be seen as a passing whim tomorrow.

Cancer Horoscope Jun 21 – Jul 22

The current emotional high tides can bounce you around on the seas of change, even if others can’t see your inner turmoil on the outside. You are like a chameleon as you absorb the energy of the reflective Gemini Full Moon in your 12th House of Invisibility. Rather than hiding your colorful dreams from view, reveal a secret to someone close to you. Being vulnerable may feel scary at first, but taking a risk leads to a tender experience and sparks a spiritual epiphany.

Leo Horoscope Jul 23 – Aug 22

You can’t be everything to everyone today, even if you try with all your might. The Gemini Full Moon highlights your 11th House of Social Networking, fueling your desire to be accepted and admired by the group. Unfortunately, you can become too involved too quickly if you let your personal responsibilities slide. Consider a temporary retreat from the situation if you find yourself in too deep. Establish your exit strategy now, but wait a few days before doing anything that might spoil the party.

Virgo Horoscope Aug 23 – Sep 22

The complexity of too many conflicting plans at work may have your stomach tied up in knots. You are hoping the dynamics will return to normal soon, since you’re stretched far enough in too many directions. You want your old life back, but it probably won’t happen for a while because the insatiably curious Gemini Moon accentuates your 10th House of Career. Manage your day by making whatever necessary adjustments you must to keep the peace, but don’t settle for less in the long run.

Libra Horoscope Sep 23 – Oct 22

Sharing your aspirations with close friends is a lovely pastime while the chatty Gemini Full Moon brightens your 9th House of Distant Horizons. Although your emotions may not be consistent now, you still remain doggedly fixed on the general direction of your personal plot. Keep in mind that it might not be productive to make long-range plans today, but it is prime time to dream of all the idealistic scenarios that could stretch across your future.

Scorpio Horoscope Oct 23 – Nov 21

Your mind is hyperactive with so many thoughts today that you can’t discern the useful ones from the superfluous noise. It’s as if you’re compelled to run through every possible trajectory for each relationship in your life. The friendly Gemini Full Moon shines in your 8th House of Intimacy, strengthening your resolve to make the most of every personal connection, whether or not it matches up to your dreams. Don’t try to micromanage the flow of events or you could inadvertently attract the opposite of what you want. A light touch is better than a heavy hand.

Sagittarius Horoscope Nov 22 – Dec 21

Your patience is pushed to the limit by close friends and coworkers who seem to change their minds every few minutes today. You can’t keep up with all the drama while the restless Gemini Full Moon agitates your 7th House of Others. Unfortunately, you are very susceptible to the chaos all around you and might allow it to distract you from your work. But don’t isolate yourself from those who could benefit from your honest opinion. Ironically, you can also learn something significant now, if you’re willing to listen as much as you speak.

Capricorn Horoscope Dec 22 – Jan 19

There are so many variables at work today, it’s nearly impossible to map out a sensible strategy. Your associates may be making demands on your time, whether spoken or implied, but you can’t tell what they really want. The scattered Gemini Full Moon’s presence in your 6th House of Details complicates the dynamics even further, but you won’t solve anything by just walking away. Taking a tentative first step is easier once you admit you don’t know where to begin. The truth will set you free.


Aquarius Horoscope Jan 20 – Feb 18

You love riding a creative high, except there’s so much going on in your world now that you might begin to feel panicky. The flighty Gemini Full Moon lights up your 5th House of Spontaneity, but you’re afraid that following your bliss isn’t productive. Instead, your nagging insecurity drives you to put everything in your life back into a manageable order, but regaining total control could be a hopeless goal today. Remember, your current lack of efficiency doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Don’t sell yourself short; your intuitive choices will make more sense in a few days.

Pisces Horoscope Feb 19 – Mar 20

Taking on extra responsibilities is one way of demonstrating your commitment to your peers. But the inquisitive Gemini Full Moon occurs in your 4th House of Foundations, reflecting the light back into your private world. You don’t like feeling the pressure to maintain control of outer events when the inner realms are calling your name so convincingly. Ultimately, it could be beneficial to surrender to the whims of your imagination today. Sometimes the greatest clarity comes from within. is a Daily Insight Group Site

If You Were Born Today, November 24


If You Were Born Today, November 24

Your opinions are strong, and you enjoy sharing them with others. Your imagination is powerful, and you can use this strength creatively in your career, but you may tend to make mountains out of molehills on a personal level. You are an entertaining conversationalist and your mind is active, alert, and interested. Although stubborn at times, you are warm with your loved ones and you are generous with your time. Detaching yourself from situations when you become too emotionally involved can be an important strategy.

Famous people born today: Dale Carnegie, Scott Joplin, Geraldine Fitzgerald.

Courtesy of Cafe Astrology

Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, November 24th





Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, November 24th



Aries Horoscope

You can be feeling up and down today, dear Aries, as you entertain big dreams and something brings you back down to earth. Matters related to education, publishing, the law, or travel may demand your attention, or you could be feeling pressure to make a decision or commitment, yet unprepared for it. Plans may require fine-tuning. General disarray or a lack of clear routine can disrupt your flow or ability to concentrate on your priorities. You cannot resolve this in one day, but you can take some steps to bring a little more order to your life and resolve to do more going forward, one step at a time. Otherwise you run the risk of feeling overwhelmed, which makes you even less productive. This is not the best day for healthy relating patterns, so you may need to seriously consider taking a bit of personal space. Try to muster up patience, and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself.



With Mercury in conjunction with Saturn today, dear Taurus, there can be a strong desire to start fresh on the level of organization and order in your life. However, clarity can be difficult to come by right now, as much as you’d love it. There may be news or worries about financial matters, but not necessarily solid answers or solutions to problems just for now. Matters need some more thought, so try to take some of the pressure off. If you’ve been flippant or neglectful with friends or a love relationship, you could be feeling this creeping up on you now. Someone might want a commitment from you, but if you’re not ready, take more time. Boundaries blur, and confusing circumstances are possible as a result. A relationship dilemma is possible now. Watch that friendships don’t dissolve through unintentional neglect. Keep your mind on the task at hand as much as possible, and aim to sort out social problems slowly but surely, one step at a time.



Relationships can be draining right now, dear Gemini, as there can be quite a push to make a decision, yet confused feelings or confusing signals that leave you on the fence. For some of you, there can be nice progress in a counseling relationship or a mental change in direction with a partner. Nevertheless, a sense that you’re not entirely on solid ground may undermine feelings of progress just for now. If a plan or dream no longer seems feasible, try not to be discouraged, as it may in fact simply need some adjustments. Delays may be blessings in disguise. Today, try not to make final conclusions or decisions based solely on what you’re observing today, as perceptions can swing away from reality, either positively or negatively – or both! Also keep in mind that others may not be revealing the whole story. A general lack of direction in your life is temporary, but it might also be interfering with healthy relationships with others now. Aim to take steps to clean up waste or to put a little more order into your life, one day at a time. The Moon is in your privacy sector all day, and this can point to a need for some solitude or pulling back from demanding situations.



You may feel a powerful drive, or need, to take care of business today, dear Cancer, or to attend to a health, work, or wellness matter. However, distractions can be plenty, particularly if you’ve been questioning your general direction or if you’ve been neglecting your need for experiences beyond everyday, mundane chores. Aim to find a better balance between attention to the here-and-now and to your spiritual needs. You may not know where you’re headed exactly, but it’s nevertheless important to take care of your responsibilities while you find yourself and uncover your direction. There can be a general fog surrounding you such that you might easily misplace items or misjudge time, so take extra care with valuables, appointments, and priorities. Life is not as complicated as it appears now. Clear your mind and schedule as much as possible once you’ve handled your priorities. Enjoy and make use of the support of friends and networks.



Mercury, planet of the mind, meets with serious Saturn today, dear Leo, and you may be taking something especially serious, particularly related to love and creative affairs. You could be feeling some pressure to make a decision or commitment, but there are doubts in the mix and these shouldn’t be ignored. If your prospects seem less realizable or glamorous than you had imagined them, consider working on changes and edits. Examine what it is that is preventing you from enjoying yourself. If you’ve been a little neglectful with financial matters, you could be feeling limited or restricted with current projects. It’s not easy to get clarification from others, particularly in your relationships, just for the time being, and important conclusions or decisions should probably wait until you have more information. Avoid taking on more, and concentrate on simplifying things for yourself so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Living without a firm direction is a temporary thing and is not as bad as it sounds. In fact, with a little time, you’re likely to discover what is truly important and meaningful to you.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

Life may seem more complicated than it is right now, dear Virgo, so make things as simple as possible for yourself so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. You may have been spending a lot of time and energy on a relationship or on tending to others, and recognize now and this week that responsibilities to home and family require your undivided attention. You may need to face the music if you’ve been ignoring problems in your life. Alternatively, disappointments in your relationships can feel draining, while your attention to other matters is needed. This could be a day in which you feel a little let down. If someone is pushing for an answer or commitment from you, let them know that you need more time. Thinking is a little foggy, as much as you want to see things clearly. Allow for some level of free form today, and aim to enjoy creative activities. Avoid big purchases, particularly those that involve borrowing from your future on credit. Take the pressure off and focus on priorities, one step at a time. The Moon in your adventure sector all day helps you to see the bigger picture.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

There could be some pressure to make a decision today, dear Libra, but this can leave you feeling drained. You could be wishing you had tidied up recent disorder in your life or chaotic schedules sooner, as it would give you more leeway under times of pressure or stress. If you’re not ready to face facts, you can find that your mind wanders at crucial moments. If you’re able to swing it, try to take a light schedule and look for healthy escapes from the usual routine. There is stop and go energy with you today, as well as a tendency to doubt yourself. Energy levels may be below par, but this could also be a signal that you are not as sure as you think you are when it comes to pursuing your desires and pushing your plans forward. Keep things simple so that you don’t feel overwhelmed today, and avoid roundabout ways for getting to where you want to go.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

With Mercury and Saturn coming together in your solar second house today, dear Scorpio, you could feel the need to get serious about money or business affairs, or you could be pressured to make a decision. Perhaps you face the realization that a project will require more of your time and energy than you had estimated. Be realistic, but not pessimistic. You might need to deal with recent excesses or circumstances make you aware of areas of your life that you have neglected or put too much of your energy into without results. Take a sudden lack of energy or delay as a sign that your plans need refining. There can be a frustrating either/or energy to the day that could have you feeling that life is a whole lot more complicated than it actually is. Try not to feel overwhelmed, as more than likely, you’ll have a lot of time to work through imbalances in your life. Aim to handle one thing at a time, one step at a time. You’re likely to find that sharing the load works best now.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

You could be feeling a little deflated today and to some degree this week, dear Sagittarius, as certain plans or dreams may not seem quite as realizable, or people in your life don’t seem to be fully in your corner. Keep in mind that your dreams are likely very much still possible – they simply need some refinement. Not everyone is catching on to your needs, and it’s not the ideal day for over the top emotions or for cutting corners. However, you could discover that you can manage things quite fine on your own right now, and you may very well find different outlets for release or escape that are satisfying. People may lean on your for support now. While you should be especially careful that your words are not misconstrued today, try your hand at something creative. You are a person who appreciates direct and straightforward interactions, and today, this may be hard to come by. Allow yourself the extra rest you need, if you are able.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

Your mind can take you between the past and the future, and rarely focused on the present today, dear Capricorn. Guilt and worry are the culprits, but they take away from the moment. In moderation, both things are useful if they prompt you to make changes, so aim to take a lesson and avoid wasteful mindsets. Mercury aligns with your ruler, Saturn, and this generally helps you get organized and consider priorities. However, today, Mercury also forms a challenging aspect with Neptune, causing you to see-saw emotionally or mentally. Be clearer than usual in any business or even personal communications early today, or you might find yourself committed to something you don’t intend or later regret. Try not to focus too much on what you’re lacking, and instead consider ways to adjust your plans or goals in order to gain a stronger feeling of direction and meaning. This can’t happen all in one day, so take the pressure off, but do something small to make yourself feel more secure.



Mercury and Saturn align in your sector of friends, hopes, and dreams today, dear Aquarius, and you may need to have a serious “think” about any of these things, or you could feel some pressure to make a decision or commitment. However much you would like to see things clearly, a Mercury-Neptune square is also active now, and your thinking can see-saw from optimistic to pessimistic. If there has been some neglect or wastefulness with money, you could be feeling the pinch and wondering if you can swing certain plans. Be particularly vigilant when it comes to spending or lending, and watch what’s communicated with a friend or in your network, as things can be too easily misconstrued today. Indecision about where you are going is likely now, but while some dreams or plans may not seem as realizable as they once did, in all likelihood, they simply need some adjustments. Right now, you could be feeling a little drained or overwhelmed, but life is far less complicated than it appears in your mind right now. Good energy is with you for pulling back and spending time with yourself or with familiar people. This is a time when sticking with relatively familiar routines can be comforting.



What you communicate today could have more impact than usual, dear Pisces, but there can be some misunderstandings, so it’s better to take extra care with what you say or put off important conversations. As much as you’d like to, or need to, get your facts straight, it can be difficult to see things clearly. You’re more inclined to swing between imagining what you’d like to be true and imagining the worst. It will be important to rephrase or add details if you see that you’re not being understood, instead of brooding or questioning whether others are truly interested in your needs. You could find that you are attracting hangers-on or people who seem to expect a lot from you, and this can be overwhelming and draining. Drawing some boundaries may be necessary. Work might also demand more of you than you feel you can muster up now, particularly as you may be a little confused about your general direction for now. Focus on simplifying rather than taking on more tasks or responsibilities. Finding a dream to latch onto can take a bit of time, so give yourself some! Try to find a better balance between personal needs and responsibilities.

The Balance of the Elements & the Signs for Tuesday, Nov. 24th





The Balance of the Elements & the Signs for Tuesday, November 24th


Stable and enduring, strong values, unyielding, earthy, acquisitive, strong desires. Can be stuck, stubborn, overly possessive, self-indulgent.
Even-handed, harmonious, artistic, diplomatic, balancing, strong sense of fairness. Can be over- compromising, appeasing, judgmental.
Inspiring, broad vision, enthusiastic, goal seeking, truthful, adventurous. Can be reckless, unrestrained, tactless.


Fire is enthusiastic, dynamic, and spontaneous, but lacks reflection. We are more courageous and adventurous now, with a tendency to act before thinking. There is little concern about what happened in the past. We are competitive and possibly impatient or bored easily.
There may be some insensitivity or lack of empathy now. We may be out of touch with what we’re feeling or with our emotional needs. We may be tougher than usual now, and more inclined to follow mental or practical considerations than we are to listen to our intuition.


The modes are balanced.

Astrology of Today – November 24, 2015





Astrology of Today – November 24, 2015


We may need to face the consequences of letting something go, or wastefulness in some area of life, with Mercury in alignment with Saturn and forming a square with Neptune. Saturn and Neptune are approaching a square, and we’re likely to be feeling some of this energy now. There can be a search for meaning with this influence, as we may need to adjust our goals or refocus. This cannot be done all at once, so it’s important to take the pressure off and simplify so as not to feel overwhelmed.

  • The Moon is in Taurus all day (until Wednesday, November 25th, at 12:15 PM).
  • The Moon is void from 8:25 PM forward (until 12:15 PM tomorrow).
  • The Moon is waxing and in its Waxing Gibbous phase.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurred on the 19th, and a Full Moon will occur tomorrow.

Cupid’s Knocking On The Gemini Full Moon

Cupid’s Knocking On The Gemini Full Moon