Spell for Today – Printable

Spell for Today – Printable

Printable Guide to Some of the Daily Magickal Correspondences

Printable Wishes Spell

Spring House Blessing

Spring House Blessing

To encourage the return of Spring, tie a bunch of snowdrops with green ribbon and hang over the main entrance of your home as you repeat:

Candlemas Bells, snowdrops so white,
Cast away shadows, bring forth the light.

Moon Signs

Just as the sun does, the moon travels through the constellations of stars that we call the zodiac; or astrological signs. Whereas the sun take a year to travel through them all, spending approximately thirty days in  each sign, the moon usually spends two and a half days in a sign, thus  passing through the whole zodiac in approximately one lunar month. Does the moon actually travel through these signs? No, of course not. It appears to do so from our vantage point on Earth, however.

Each sign has a different personality that affects the lunar (or solar) energy when the luminary is passing through it. For example, if your spell is to help you meet new people, then you might choose to cast it when the moon is in the sign of Libra, the sign associated with social issues.  The lunar energy you use to power your spell will be enhanced with Libran energy. Here’s a list of correspondences for the signs of the Zodiac. The correspondences are applicable to the moon, and of course to the sun as well:

  • Aries   energy is good for new beginnings and action

  • Taurus   energy is good for manifestation

  • Gemini   energy is excellent for communication and intellectual pursuits

  • Cancer   energy is associated with family and the home

  • Leo   energy is good for success

  • Virgo   energy is organized and practical

  • Libra   energy is terrific for social issues

  • Scorpio   energy is passionate and just

  • Sagittarius   energy is associated with study

  • Capricorn   energy is stable and good for business issues

  • Aquarius   energy is excellent for issues involving groups of people

  • Pisces energy is associated with mysticism and spiritual evolution

Moon Phases – Waxing Moon

Moon Phases – Waxing Moon

This phase occurs when the Moon grows from dark to full. In this phase, the Moon provides the proper energy for magickal efforts requiring growth or enhancement. It is a good time for beginnings, fresh starts, and new love and is of benefit in building businesses, friendships, partnerships, and financial prosperity. The waxing phase also provides suitable conditions for planting herbs, developing psychism, and increasing physical health and well-being.

To seal spells performed during the waxing Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

Oh, Maiden Moon, now hear my plea:

Hearken, hearken unto me!

As you grow, my spell enhance—

And power its magick with Your dance.

Moon Phases – Full Moon

Moon Phases – Full Moon

The Moon’s energy is most intense when She reaches abundant fullness. Any magickal effort, especially difficult ones, can benefit greatly from the potency of this phase. Use the full Moon to amplify magickal intent and to give spellworkings additional power.

To seal spells performed during the full Moon, use this chant or one or your own choosing:

Abundant Mother, Moon so bright

Hear my pleas upon this night.

Your fertile power lend this spell;

Make if potent, strong and well.

Moon Phases – Waning Moon

Moon Phases – Waning Moon

The shrinkage of the Moon from full to dark is called the waning phase, and it offers an energy suitable for recession, peaceful separation, or elimination. Use the waning Moon to end undesirable eating patterns, break bad habits, or to remove yourself from dysfunctional partnerships or stressful situations. Its energies favor any magickal effort requiring decrease or removal.

To seal spells performed during the waning Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

Oh Aging One of grace, now hear:

With your guidance, this spell steer.

Remove all blocks and hesitation,

And take it to its destination.

Moon Phases – Dark Moon

Moon Phases – Dark Moon

Some practitioners use this phase as a period of rest. They find it useful for regeneration, relaxation, and gathering for the creative phase of the waxing Moon.

Others prefer to use it for meditation, psychic power enhancement, or for delving into past life memories to help them better understand current difficulties. Dark Moon energy also lends itself to divination and matters where truth is an issue.

To seal spells performed during the dark Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

I call on You, Oh Crone so wise—-

One Who rules the darkest skies.

Come and be my treasured Guest,

And aid me on this magickal quest. 

Sun Phases for Spells

While almost every witch follows Moon phases for doing spells, rituals, and other magickal works. I also use the Sun phases, especially because my patron God is Ra.

Every day there is a waxing, full, waning and new phases for the Sun besides the seasonal changes. From midnight to noon is the waxing phases, the full phase is from 11:55 AM to 12:05 PM, the waning follows until sunset than at 11:55 PM to 12:05 AM is the new Sun phases. For the seasons spring is the waning, summer the new fall the waxing and winter the full. You can also go by Sabbat dates Beltane-Waning, Summer Solstice – New, Samhain – Waxing, Winter Solstice – Full.

This idea and the phases may seem a bit strange to people but when the Moon is in the wrong phases for something I cannot wait to do I use the daily and if possible seasonal Sun phases. This gives me more options of what I need to do.

Sun Phases – Sunset

Sun Phases – Sunset

The predominant energies of sunset provide a suitable condition for spellwork requiring reduction or alleviation. This phase lends itself to the removal of stress and confusion, hardship, and depression, and the disclosure of deception. It is also a good time for dieting magick.

To seal spells performed at sunset, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

Oh Setting Sun of passing day,

Aid me in Your gentle way.

Take this spell, oh Ancient One:

Give it Your strength as You pass on.

Sun Phases – Afternoon

Sun Phases – Afternoon

As the Sun journeys downward, His energies take on a receptive quality. Use this phase to work efforts involving professionalism, business matters, communications, and clarity. It is also of benefit for spellwork involving exploration and travel.

To seal spells performed in the afternoon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

Aging One of Amber Light:

Hearken! Hear me! Aid my plight!

Take this spell where it must go,

And give it power that it might grow.

Sun Phases – Noon

Sun Phases – Noon

The influence of the Sun reaches its peak at high noon. This vibration is excellent for performing efforts that involved the mental abilities, health and physical energy. It is also of value when charging crystals, stones or metal ritual tools such as athames, censors, and cauldrons.

To seal spells performed at midday, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

Father Sun, of strength and might,

Aid this spell in taking flight

To its target, now please guide—

Increase its power as it flies.

Sun Phases – Sunrise

Sun Phases – Sunrise

Sunrise lends its energies to beginnings, change, and cleansing. This phase is beneficial to magickal workings that involve new endeavors in employment, love or direction in life. Rejuvenation matters such as renewing hope and trust, good health, or even mending a broken heart also benefit from this energy.

To seal spells performed at sunrise, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

Oh, Youngest Babe, so newly born,

Help me on this bright new morn.

Aid this spell with Your fresh power.

And strengthen it with every hour.