Flashback 2005 – Litha

The Summer Solstice, the zenith of the sun, is an excellent time to do spells for abundance and prosperity. Take three green candles and three gold or bright yellow candles and put them in gold-colored or brass candlesticks. Arrange them in a circle on your altar or on a table, alternating colors. In the center of the candles, arrange money and symbols of money. Coins are good, for example, and dollar coins work especially well because they are gold colored. You might also put pictures or drawings of what form you want your abundance to take, like a new car, a bill paid, or stocks and bonds and other symbols of wealth and security.

cast a circle as you usually would. Then chant, “Sun so high, bring me your bounty, warmth, and prosperity, bring me success. Bring me the means to fulfill my desires, enough and some to share.” Repeat this chant and imagine the pile of coins on the altar growing, and the pictures and symbols becoming real. Hold the thought as long as you can, and as soon as your attention begins to waver, say, “So mote it be,” and quickly blow out all the candles. End your circle in the usual manner.

Magenta Griffith in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2005 Page 79