Wiccan Vision Quest to Find Answers

(This vision quest should not be confused with a Native American vision ques. The two are vastly different and done for different reasons)

Sit comfortably, ideally cross-legged on the floor. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a forest glade. Feel the slightly damp grass, smell the mushrooms and pine needles, notice a slight breeze. It feels warmer than it should in a forest, and as you look around, you see a small fire with a bubbling cauldron suspended over it.

You stand up to walk toward it, and as you do so, you see a magnificent stag. Your movement makes him notice you and he turns his head toward you, looking directly into your eyes. This is the god of the forest. He is strong and wise, and the guardian of all who live within the forest. You spend a long time looking into each other’s eyes. Listen to your mind and your body; he may give you a message this way.

After a while, the stag lowers his head slightly as if nodding and moves off. You walk to the cauldron and as you come closer, you notice many people sitting around it. Once you get close enough to see their faces lit up by the fire’s flames, you see that these are …

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