Whispering Woods Faery Lore Course: Lesson Eleven – Tree Faeries

Whispering Woods Faery Lore Course

Lesson Eleven

Tree Faeries


Dryad comes from the Greek word “drus” (Tree). In Greek mythology there are two types of Dryads. There were the nymphs who lived in the trees but could leave them to revel away the night. And there are the Hamadryads. These Dryads were said to have the upper body of a woman with the lower body being that of a tree trunk. These particular Dryads were permanently attached to their trees. When the tree died, so did the Nymph within the tree. Dryads are exceptionally fond of Oak trees.

Shamantin (Tall Ghost) – This African Dryad is married to the evil forest faery, “Sasabonsum”. She is said to be white and is very tall. Unlike her husband, she is benevolent to forest travelers. If you come across her she will teach you the lore of the forest.

Vanadevata – These Indian Dryads make their homes in the trees and are quick to punish those who cut down their trees.

Zina Magdalina – She is a Romanian faery who resides in the World Tree which is thought to support the earth.

Aerico – These Albanian Dryads can be found in old and barren Cherry trees. They are very mean spirited and do not like humans. It’s said that if one were to venture into the shade beneath their branches that one will come away with pain and swelling in both, the hands and feet.

Wood Wives (Wish wives) – These woodland faeries hail from Germany and Scandinavia. They are said to inhabit old forests and sacred groves. They are also said to be extremely emotional, for they will start crying and wailing without warning. They are said to be covered in moss and to have a shaggy like appearance. On occasion they will ask humans for assistance or for food and in return they leave a handful of wood chips that turn into gold. They are said to be the prey of the Wild Huntsmen, though if they can reach a tree with a cross etched in it they are safe from the Huntsmen.

Askafroa (Wife of the Ash) – She is a very evil Scandinavian Dryad. At one point in history she was presented with a sacrifice every Ash Wednesday to keep her appeased.

Barstukken – This is a German or Prussian Dryad that lives in the roots of trees.

Vadleany (Forest Girl) – This forest faery is found in Hungary. She is said to have long hair that drags the ground. She excels at seducing young men in order to drain their strength. When the forest trees rustle it is said that she is about the area.

Baumesel (Ass of the Trees) – This is a German Dryad that lives in the branches of the trees and is considered to be evil.

Bela – These are Indonesian Dryads who live in the trees. If a forester wishes to cut down a Bela’s tree, they must first offer it food and politely coach it to move to another tree. Failure to do so will cause the Bela to inflict illness or cause nightmares to the offender.

Bodach Na Croibhe Moire – This Irish tree faery lives in the branches of trees. He is often depicted as a small, strong old man.

Nats – These are the nature spirits of Burma. They are divided into four different classifications. The Akakasoh are said to dwell in the top branches of a tree. The Shekkasoh dwell in the trunk of the tree. The Boomasoh dwell in the roots of the tree. And last but not least, the Hmin range freely through the forest and are said to violently shake those unfortunate humans they encounter, thus causing them to come down with malaria.

Helike – She was one of the nymphs who nurtured Zeus in his infancy on Crete. She is a “willow-nymph”.

Boruta – She is a Polish Dryad that prefers to inhabit Fir trees.

Lunantishee (Moon Faeries) – These Irish faeries appear as as old bald men with pointed ears. They have long arms and teeth. And they guard the Blackthorn bushes. It is said that they will not allow a branch to be cut on May 11th or Nov. 11th (the old dates for Beltain and Samhain). To do so will result in bad luck. They are said to dance in the moonlight and to have a dislike for humans.

Elder Mother – She is said to be the guardian of the Elder tree. If one wishes to pick Elderberries, they must first obtain her permission. If one fails to do so, then their livestock will become afflicted with illness.

Hongatar – The Hongatar are Scandinavian tree faeries.

Kirnis – These are the Lithuanian tree faeries who guard the Cherry tree.



1. Boruta is a Polish Dryad that prefers to inhabit ____ trees.

2. Vanadevata are quick to _______ those who cut down their trees.

3. Zina Magdalina resides in the _______ tree.

4. Barstukken lives in the _______ of trees.

5. In Greek mythology there are ____ types of Dryads.

6. The Hongatar are _________ tree faeries.

7. Dryads are exceptionally fond of _____ trees.



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