A Little Humor for Your Day – Home Remedies That Really Work

Home Remedies That Really Work


  1. If you are choking on an ice cube, don’t panic! Simply pour a cup of boiling water down your throat and presto! The blockage will be almost instantly removed.
  2. Clumsy? Avoid cutting yourself while slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold them while you chop away.
  3. Avoid arguments about lifting or lowering the toilet seat by simply using the sink.
  4. For high blood pressure sufferers: Just cut yourself and bleed for a few minutes, thus reducing the pressure in your veins.
  5. A mouse trap, placed on top of your alarm clock, will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button.
  6. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives, and then you will be afraid to cough.
  7. Have a bad toothache? Smash your thumb with a hammer and you will forget about the toothache.
  8. You only need two tools: WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn’t move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn’t move and does, use the duct tape.

Note: When applying these home remedies, remember to be really nice to your family and friends. You never know when you might need them to empty your bedpan.

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Astronomy Picture of the Day – Earthset from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2016 January 4

Earthset from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Image Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State U./Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter


Explanation: On the Moon, the Earth never rises — or sets. If you were to sit on the surface of the Moon, you would see the Earth just hang in the sky. This is because the Moon always keeps the same side toward the Earth. Curiously, the featured image does picture the Earth setting over a lunar edge. This was possible because the image was taken from a spacecraft orbiting the Moon – specifically the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). In fact, LRO orbits the Moon so fast that, from the spacecraft, the Earth appears to set anew about every two hours. The featured image captured one such Earthset about three months ago. By contrast, from the surface of the Earth, the Moon sets about once a day — with the primary cause being the rotation of the Earth. LRO was launched in 2009 and, while creating a detailed three dimensional map of the Moon’s surface, is also surveying the Moon for water and possible good landing spots for future astronauts.

Earth Sky News for January 4th: Latest sunrises at mid-northern latitudes in early January

Latest sunrises at mid-northern latitudes in early January


So you like to sleep late but don’t want to miss the sunrise or the morning planets? (Scroll down to see the chart of the morning planets.) This time of year should be your favorite. Sleep on – if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. The latest sunrises of 2016 – for mid-latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere – are happening around now. For example, sunrise time in the central U.S. – say, around Wichita, Kansas – for the next several days will be around 7:45 in the morning. Meanwhile, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, your latest sunsets are happening around now, assuming you’re at mid-southern latitudes.

Many sky watchers notice this phenomenon, which is part of an unvarying sequence each year. For us at mid-northern latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, the sequence is: earliest sunset in early December, shortest day at the solstice around December 21, latest sunrise in early January. At middle latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere, the sequence is: earliest sunrise in early December, longest day at the December solstice, latest sunset in early January. This natural order is part of what we can expect, every year, from nature.

The December solstice always brings the shortest day to the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day to the Southern Hemisphere. But, clearly, the latest sunrise doesn’t coincide with the day of least daylight, and the latest sunset doesn’t happen on the day of greatest daylight. Why not?

The main reason is that the Earth’s rotational axis is tilted 23.5o out of vertical to the plane of our orbit around the sun. A secondary reason is that the Earth’s orbit isn’t a perfect circle. Due to our eccentric orbit (that’s an orbit shaped like a squashed circle, with the sun slightly off its center), Earth travels fastest in January and slowest in July. Clock time gets a bit out of sync with sun time – by about the tune of 1/2 minute per day for several weeks around the December solstice.

Because solar noon (midday) comes later by the clock today than on the solstice, so do the times of sunrise and sunset. The table below helps to explain:

For Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date Sunrise Solar Noon (Midday) Sunset Daylight Hours
December 7 7:09 a.m. 11:52 a.m. 4:35 p.m. 9 hours 27 minutes
December 21 7:19 a.m. 11:59 a.m. 4:39 p.m. 9 hours 20 minutes
January 5 7:23 a.m. 12:06 p.m. 4:49 p.m. 9 hours 27 minutes

The exact date for the latest sunrise or latest sunset varies by latitude. At present, mid-temperate latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere have their latest sunrises, while the Southern Hemisphere’s mid-temperate latitudes are watching their latest sunsets. At latitudes closer to the equator, the latest sunrise or latest sunset has yet to come. Closer to the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, the latest sunrise and latest sunset have already come and gone.

But in either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, the sequence is always the same:

1) earliest sunset, winter solstice, latest sunrise
2) earliest sunrise, summer solstice, latest sunset

Bottom line: Notice the time of sunrise and sunset at this time of year. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, your latest sunrises are happening around now at mid-northern latitudes. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, mid-latitudes are watching the year’s latest sunsets. Enjoy them!



Karmic Lessons, Anyone?




Karmic Lessons, Anyone?

The numbers missing from your name hold special clues…

Hans Decoz






The average number of Karmic Lessons is two, but four or even five is not that uncommon, and neither is it unusual to have no Karmic Lessons at all — which doesn’t let you off the hook, but more about that later.

True or False

Before I talk about the effect Karmic Lessons have on your life, let me point out a few things, including some misconceptions:

Misconception #1: Life is easier without Karmic Lessons
If it were that simple, I would suggest every parent just make sure your kid has every number represented in his or her full name and he or she will be just fine.

Misconception #2: The less Karmic Lessons, the older your soul
I don’t know why this would matter one way or another. (Why do we want to be younger when it comes to our physical bodies, and older when it comes to our souls? And if souls have a specified age, who gives birth to them? Does that mean your soul can die? Do some souls grow and learn faster than others? I can have a blast with this nonsense, so keep an eye out for the subject of souls and timing in some future blog.)

Misconception #3: Karmic Lessons are bad!
Not true. In fact, Karmic Lessons can be a great asset.

Here are some facts about Karmic Lessons that are true:

Fact #1: Karmic Lessons help to give direction to your life (this will become clear later).

Fact #2: While Karmic Lessons point to something “lacking,” they actually “add” to your life (the concepts of things lacking or adding to your life is extremely relative).

Tools of the trade

I often use the following analogy when I try to explain the function of Karmic Lessons. Let’s say that there are nine different kinds of tools: Woodworking tools, metalworking tools, tools to work on electronics, tools for sewing and knitting, tools for gardening, welding tools, and so forth.

Obviously, if you would be in a situation where every one of these tool groups is present, you should be able to tackle any project. On the other hand if you would have access to only eight kinds of tools, missing for example, all the woodworking tools, you can still do a lot, but you would have big problems when asked to build something out of wood. Karmic Lessons are somewhat similar.

In my case, the number 7 is missing. The 7 is a scholarly, studious, spiritual number and I have to admit, I had a powerful dislike toward school. But it isn’t that simple, because there are other aspects to be considered.

Let’s say you have eight sets of tools but you lack all woodworking tools. First of all, if you don’t have any talent when it comes to building things out of wood, you don’t really need them, do you? Or, if you are talented but you are drawn to working with metal, lacking woodworking tools isn’t any big problem.

It gets really interesting when you have a great talent and a matching desire to work with wood, but not a single woodworking tool in your workshop. This is where my name is a good example. I don’t have a 7 in my name and therefore I have a 7 Karmic Lesson. However, I have a 7 Life Path (the most important number in the chart) and a 7 Personality (also very significant). Now what happens?

Imagine yourself as someone who loves to work in wood and is very talented in that field, but doesn’t have the necessary tools. What you do is you go out and get yourself some tools. Whatever it takes, you are going to get the tools you need to express your talent and follow your desire.

Going above and beyond

The same is the case with Karmic Lessons. This is why I mentioned earlier that Karmic Lessons can help give your life direction. Not only does it function like a vacuum, something that needs to be filled, and thereby inspires you to try to fill it, giving direction to your life, it also multiplies your potential in the application of your talents. Because if you have a talent and a desire and the tools, you will probably do just fine. But if you have a talent and a desire, and then have to go out and put forth significant effort to get the necessary tools, I promise you, you will push your talent and your ambition to the absolute limits, and become more accomplished than you would have ever become if the tools had been within easy reach.

Yours truly is a case in point. I am not here to pat myself on the back, but I can tell you that, as someone born in an environment of cynical, educated, and highly intelligent parents, siblings, and friends — all of whom were more or less lacking any and all connection to the spiritual side of life — I started off the same way, but relatively quickly turned into the complete opposite.

The talent to explore the spiritual world was there and the desire to do so even more, since I was very young. I have now spent well over forty years pushing the boundaries, including an hourly regimen of meditation (no discipline required if you happen to enjoy it more than pretty much anything else) and a habit of looking at everything in my life against a backdrop of what it means or teaches me from a spiritual perspective. This is my life. I live and breathe for one purpose only and that is to get closer to the part of me I call my “life.” Which has nothing to do with my allotted time span, other than that it allows for my body to be alive during that time. (I hope this is truly confusing so that you may sit back and consider this statement carefully.)

But let’s go back to the subject of Karmic Lessons. If I did not have the spiritual drive (my 7 Life Path) and the spiritual aptitude (my 7 Personality) to fill the vacuum of my 7 Karmic Lesson, I can assure you that I would not have been remotely as happy and content as I am. By the same token, if I did not have this need to fill the vacuum of my 7 Karmic lesson, which caused a great spiritual hunger I have felt since I was a little kid, my 7 Life Path and 7 Personality would have expressed themselves probably more in the area of scholarly studies and other intellectual pursuits, as opposed to the kind spiritual search that has pretty much been the story of my life.

Ask me if I am grateful for my 7 Karmic Lesson and I will tell you that I can’t begin to express my appreciation for having had the “misfortune” of being born without the 7 in my name. Nothing has brought me greater rewards, greater satisfaction, greater happiness. And I am not kidding here.

Go ahead, look at your own name and tell me what you think. Do your Karmic Lessons make any sense? I hope I will hear from many of you that what was missing on your list of assets actually helped make you what you are today.

Funny that in life, a missing asset can be much more valuable than all those that are present combined — a contradiction if I ever saw one!


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Your Daily Influences for January 4

Your Daily Influences
January 4, 2016


Eight of Cups Reversed
Interest in the material world and success emerges or returns. Happiness and love are possible.










Ingwaz signifies completion, success and fertility. Your present ambitions are about to be met. You are fecund in both mind and body.




Capricornus the Goat
This aspect of your life will be strongly influenced by a person who is practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, patient, careful, humorous and reserved. They could be someone you know in the medical field–a nurse or doctor perhaps.







Your Daily Influences represent events and challenges the current day will present for you. They may represent opportunities you should be ready to seize. Or they may forewarn you of problems you may be able to avoid or lessen. Generally it is best to use them as tips to help you manage your day and nothing more.

Let’s Shake Those Dominoes Up, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for Jan. 4th

Your Past, Present, Future Reading

The three dominoes in this reading represent your past, present and future situations.

That Which is Behind You


Remember that you will reap what you sow. Do not allow yourself to become greedy or totally absorbed in yourself. To do so will leave you isolated and unhappy.



Your Current Place


Allow your feelings and passions to steer you toward the proper path for you. Do not allow your emotions to take a back seat to your intellect. Explore your deepest feelings about every aspect of your life and act to ease any negative feelings you have.



That Which is before You


Now is the time for you to pursue new ventures. If you share your goals and ambitions with a partner, your partnership is extremely potent at the moment. Regardless of how wild some opportunities may seem, at least explore there potential before passing on them.

Your Ancient Symbol Card for January 4th is The Tree

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Tree

The Tree symbolizes spiritual health and growth. The healthy tree is rooted in a rich, nurturing medium, has a strong trunk from which leaf laden branches fan out to capture the sun’s energy. The Tree represents a healthy spirit entrenched in experience and strengthened by wisdom. It is a spirit that is happy with itself, but continues reaching to become even wiser, more complete, happier, stronger. While The Tree represents a strong and independent spirit, it is also a life-force that owes much of its strength and growth to being surrounded by other healthy spirits.

As a daily card, The Tree denotes a time when your spiritual self is especially powerful and open for further growth. Now is a time for you to seek out streams of wisdom and knowledge that you can not only draw from but contribute to as well. Don’t disregard sources that seem improbable, as they often produce the most profound revelations and spiritual expansion.

Your Daily Witches Rune for January 4th is Woman

Today’s Witches Rune


Meaning: The first meaning of this rune is quite obvious: it represents women. Any woman that is important in the question, whether you know her or not, will be represented by this rune. Mother, sister, aunt, grandma, a female boss, friend, lover or even enemy… all can be symbolized by the appearance of this rune.

In a more general sense, this rune is related to traditional female abilities and characteristics, such as giving birth, nurturing, comforting and healing. When this rune appears, you can count on the sympathy of others towards you or your situation. In its most negative aspects, the Woman rune can show over-protectiveness, a patronizing attitude or co-dependency. It often strives to maintain the status quo, refusing to change even if the situation is bad.

The Woman rune is connected to nurturing – nurturing a relationship, a person or a project. Like the Moon rune, it can be related to finding a safe place to rest and heal, but while the Moon implies a solitary retreat, the Woman often shows that you need to go back to the people you trust, the people you feel safe with.

Healing is another strong aspect of this symbol, as well as teaching. You can be both the patient/student or the healer/teacher when this rune appears. This rune is also connected to creativity, but in a way that is different from the Romance rune. While the latter is about the conception of a project – the initial stages of creation – the Woman is about the birth of this project. When your creation is brought out into the world, fully manifested.

In relationship readings, this rune isn’t bad, but rather weak. While it can indicate subtle ties between people, these are usually so, so subtle that the partners can easily drift away from each other. It can show that one of the partners sees the other as someone who needs to be protected and healed, rather than an equal. Usually, the romance is a bit stagnated when this rune appears, or very close to becoming a friendship.




Your Spiritual Journey Australia

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for January 4th is The Lovers

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Today

The Lovers

The Lovers indicates both the most powerful of unions and the most of challenging conflicts humans must face. On one side The Lover’s embodies love and union on a cosmic scale—a love so strong, so inherently good that it actually makes the lovers better, more than they really are. All of the elements are there for the perfect union. The Lovers represent all powerful unions in general, and the elements that create/sustain them. The problem The Lovers face is temptation and the decision to act morally or abandon their ethics to take advantage of other opportunities that would be defined as transgressions.

Casting the Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for January 4th

Casting the Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Reading for Today


The Past

Berkano is the Rune of birth and rebirth. This may symbolize a time when you are capable of great personal growth. Love may be in the air as well.



The Present

Ehwaz represents movement. You may be closing in on reaching your current goals. Your life may be changing for the better. Harmony with others should come easy for you at this time.



The Future

Fehu is the Rune of prosperity, good luck and unbridled creative energies. Being associated with Frey, this Rune is also a powerful omen of fertility. Fehu is one of the three Mother Stones and should never be taken lightly.