The Witches Magick for January 15th – Breaking a Curse


Breaking a Curse

To do this spell you will need:
1 brown bag
1 black string. You must knot it nine times
1 small square of black cloth about the size of your hand.
1 tablespoon of curry
1 tablespoon of dill
1 tablespoon powdered ginger
1 black candle
A piece of parchment paper and a black ink pen

Once you have collected these things write the full name of the person who you think has cursed you on the parchment paper. Place the paper in the center of the bag. Add the herbs one after another until you have covered the slip of paper.

Now light the candle and drip 10 drops of wax over the paper and herbs.

Concentrate on the person who has cursed you and whisper their name aloud three times as you tie the bag shut with the knotted string.

Now take the bag and bury it on the property of the person who cursed you. Leave the bag buried there until the moon waxes again.

When you dig up the bag burn it completely up.

—Douglas Hensley, A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes

4 thoughts on “The Witches Magick for January 15th – Breaking a Curse

  1. Hi, I love your spell. My son has been stolen from me by curse and/or binding by my ex’s wife and the witch she hires. I want to do this for my son but I can not get to my ex’s property as it is watched by his cameras. Please advise what else can I do?


    1. Is there not a spot in the very back of her property(like a corner) that you can get access too? One of the most powerful ways to get a curse to a person when you have no other option is to mail it to them. Yes, you heard right, mail it to her. Once she opens the package and picks the object up to inspect it, BAM! She is cursed. Works well, I have had to use this method several times and have always had wonderful results.
      Lady A


    1. Truthfully, no. Sorry but this is a very powerful curse. If you buried it any where on your property (even the furthest corner) it might come back on you. That would just add to your problems. You don’t by any chance have a fence separating their property and yours do you? The reason I ask is because I have several spells that you burn then you scatter the ashes on the neighbor’s property. At the house, I have a metal fence between my neighbors and me. They turned out to be a pain in the rump so I fashioned the spell. It was one that required the ashes be scattered. So on the Full Moon, I went to town. I just walked their fence line and scattered ashes every where. About two weeks later, their house was up for sale. And to come to think of it, there are several waters that you can splash if you don’t have a fence. Let me know and I will see if I can help you out. I have had my share of asshole neighbors.
      Lady A


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