WOTC Extra – Intent Is Everything


Intent Is Everything

Intent is important but is an often misused word. Intent and intentions are not the same thing. The road to hell is paved with good intentions after all. Intentions are about what you mean to do; intent is more focused. Intent is what you have when you’ve followed “to know” to its logical conclusion. When all your research is complete and your Will, your Divine True Will is completely clear.

A clear intent is important in any working. If there are muddy areas, parts that are not well thought out and planned for or darker motivations that perhaps you haven’t been entirely honest with yourself about, your working will become a mess of confusion. Personally, it means nothing to me if you have those darker motivations, a balanced person will acknowledge and work with them after all. Just know that if you’re ashamed of them or try to repress them, they’ll have power over you. Your spell workings are yours and yours alone, you do not need anyone else’s approval or good opinion (unless you are initiated into a Traditional Wiccan coven which will make a difference, although, you should be talking to your High Priestess and High Priest before you cast any spells). Be completely and brutally honest with yourself before you begin anything.

Someone once said to me “If your intent is pure then that’s the best you can do”. It struck me then as incredibly naive and terribly fluffy. What we were talking about was dealing with spirits of another culture and the strongest person present was adamant that they had to conform to her personal rules of conduct. Pure intent or not, this was going to end badly without some serious understanding of what those spirits considered to be good and bad manners, forms of address and making an effort to know how they operated in the world. But unfortunately, this type of thinking still seems to prevail. Many of the lighter Wiccan 101 books suggest and some even state this silly idea. If your intent is pure that’s fine, but it is not justification for plain arrogance or laziness. It is not the best you can do, it is a beginning. Do your homework. Do some research. Find out what is required and what you need to know before you begin.

Debbie Dawson, The Common Sense Spell Book