On Monday, March 4th, We Celebrate The Feast of Rhiannon

Feast of Rhiannon

It is a popular custom for the Wiccans of Wales and Ireland to honor the Goddess Rhiannon this day. Known as “Rigantona,” meaning Great Queen, Rhiannon has been identified with the popular Gaulish mare Goddess Epopna.

Rhiannon’s divine status is indicated by her first encounter with Pwyll, the king of Dyfed. Riding slowly past him on a large white horse, he was entranced and pursued her. But even with the swiftest of mounts he could not overtake her. Finally, in desperation, he called out to her. Rhiannon stopped to converse with him, admitting she was seeking him out. Pwyll won Rhiannon’s love and when she arrived at his court to be married, she brought precious gifts for all the nobles. Thus her image of a generous, bountiful queen-Goddess.