Magickal Activity for March 4, The Feast of Rhiannon

Magickal Activity for March 4, The Feast of Rhiannon

App[e on a String (Love Spe[[)

Select a large red apple. Mark sections on the outside peel by scraping lines into the skin. Into each one of the sections, scrape the name or initials of the persons that you wish for lovers. Tie a string to the stem of the apple and hang it from any support. Next, twirl the apple around so that when you release it, it will spin in a clockwise direction. Hold a 3-inch needle in your hand and as the apple begins to twirl, close your eyes, and repeat the following chant:

Bountiful Queen, Goddess of love,
Shower your blessings from above.
As I work this apple spell,
Show me the one who will love me well.

As you finish the chant, push the needle all the way into the apple, steadying the fruit with your other hand. The name in the section were the pin has pierced will be your true lover.