Personal Request – Getting a job Spell

Pentagram_by_artgeza_IIGetting a job Spell

Use a square of green cloth. Fill it with bay laurel, lavender, and High John the Conqueror Root. Add four other herbs governed by:

Mercury- for a job involving communications

The Moon-for a job involving healing, women’s work or health, or psychology

Jupiter-for a job involving leadership and responsibility, or the law

Mars-for a job requiring aggressive, assertive action

The Sun-for a job outdoors, in agriculture or nature, or for an easygoing, enjoyable job

Saturn-for architecture, history, or any job where you will be limiting others’ actions or freedom (police work, for example)

Add a silver coin, for wealth, and picturees of any important tools your friend might use in the work they are seeking. Tie it with a purple thread and then give to your friend looking for the job.

Crafty Witch, How To Make Potions & Spells That Really Work: The Beginners Guide To Real Witchcraft