‘Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving

‘Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving

Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through the town
Shoppers were hustling carrying groceries in bags of brown
Leaves of red and yellow falling to the ground
A touch of frost in the air
And low and behold what did I see
My two lovely daughters fair
Mercy me, mercy my
What is this tears I do fear
Bags were packed and hearts were broken
Not even a good bye token
No worries my girls it will be alright
We will prepare our dinner and toast to love lost
Let’s get a little tipsy if just for tonight
But not too much for in the morning we need not pay the cost

Cans were opened and packages emptied complete
Along with the bottle of Belvedere
Salt and pepper if you please
Careful not too much or you’ll sneeze!

Suddenly there was a sound
I jumped to feet and almost hit the ground
And to my surprise it was just the alarm clock ringing
It’s four am and the bird must go in!
And all through the house all could be heard was Trace Atkins singing,
Your one hot mama

So wash, cut, peel, and prepare
One more sip do I dare?
With a tear stained shoulder and a loving heart
I checked on the two broken hearted gals
As so sweetly they slept
No worries girls, I whisper as I closed the door
Mama will always be your pal no matter what and that will never depart

Back to the bird stuffing and all
I thanked the Gods as I laid down my head or did it fall?
For healthy safe daughters but can you just do one more thing, a simple wish
For Yule let the rest stay together and find new loves for the two
For this Inn is getting way too full!

Written by Patricia Gale
Published on PoemHunter.com