Good Wednesday Morning My Precious Brothers & Sisters!

Good Morning
Good morning to all our brothers & sisters of the Craft! I hope you are having a very safe & blessed day. I know most of y’all are getting ready to travel or cooking that turkey, which ever you might be doing be safe. Yes, be safe in the kitchen especially. Heck I can catch a pan on fire by just boiling water. Just kidding I ain’t that bad of a cook.

Since we are now doing our best to operate 7 days a week, we need to take the day off. The reason being is to stock our shelves full of merchandise for this weekend’s sales, hopefully. We have tons of new merchandise and we have the store set so you will save 25% on all of your items in your shopping cart. The price will not show any difference while it is in your cart. When you get to check out, enter the code “Black Friday,” and instantly all your merchandise will be marked down 25%. So if you buy two items, both items will automatically be marked down 25%. If you buy three, all three will be marked down 25%. Each item in your cart will be marked 25% guaranteed. You can save some money on a sale like this. Also this will probably be the only time, we do this. I know we have done something similar to this before but I believe our customers got discouraged. They expected the discount to apply the minute the merchandise hit the cart. No, have patience, go to the check out, enter the code and watch each of your items automatically be reduced by 25%.

We hate to take the day off especially since things are going so well here but we have to support the WOTC one way or another. I know we have had some generous donations but we don’t want to have to depend on you to support us continuously. So please understand why we are taking the day off,  to save you money.

We will be back tomorrow on Thanksgiving to resume our regular posts. 

Well if I don’t get it in gear, we won’t never get that merchandise on the shelves for you tomorrow. The next post will explain the sale we are having fully. I hope everyone has a very beautiful Wednesday. If you are traveling, be safe and we will see you tomorrow. Till then….

Love ya,

Lady of the Abyss


In case you want today’s horoscopes and a few other tidbits, I will be doing some brief postings on The Commentary Gazette. The reason I am posting over there is because it is faster and quicker. I don’t have to post as much there as I do here. I feel like y’all are special and deserve the best I can give you. Later on this afternoon, I will be wrestling with a huge ring of bologna to see if I can shape it into a turkey for the boys. Wish me good luck!