Crystal & Herb Spell – A Grounding and Centering Jar

Blessed Be

Crystal & Herb Spell – A Grounding and Centering Jar


Joining crystals with sacred herbs in spellwork is a great way to amplify the power of each of these Earth-given magical tools.


A Grounding and Centering Jar


After a busy day, it can seem hard to take the time to ground and center enough to perform successful spellwork. Many a Witch has put off spellwork that would be beneficial simply because getting in the right frame of mind seems like so much work!

This spellcraft can become something of a “shortcut,” helping you get to a place of calm and quiet more quickly.

Try meditating with it in your hands for a few moments before preparing for magical work, or anytime you just need a “time out” during your day.

Of course, you must be well grounded and centered when creating and blessing the jar in order for it to continue to give that grounding energy back to you!

You will need:

1 clear glass empty spice jar (or other small jar) with lid

1 tablespoon dried sage

1 tablespoon dried lavender

1 tablespoon dried sandalwood or patchouli

3 pieces of hematite

Place each herb in the mortar and pestle, affirming with each that its purpose is to ground and center you. You can say something like:

“Sage, thank you for grounding and centering me from within this jar.

Blessed Be.”

Do the same with the lavender and the sandalwood or patchouli.

Gently mix the herbs together, and pour them into the jar.

Then, sit and hold the hematite in the palms of your hands and spend several minutes deepening your sense of being grounded and centered.

Place them gently in the jar and close the lid.

Hold the jar in your hands and say:

From now on, this jar returns me to the Earth and to my center.

Blessed Be.”

You may wish to keep the jar on your altar or in your sacred space.

For extra help with grounding and centering, remove the lid from time to time and inhale the scent of the herbs.


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Lisa Chamberlain